Again with these masks

I’m sorry but this storyline with Sarah has bugged me from the get go last year. I suspend belief with soaps all the time. Villains falling out windows 50 feet high onto rocks below and surviving (ahem Kristen). A therapist beloved in the town getting possessed by the devil TWICE and still maintaining a thriving practice. Xander and Gael both unemployed but staying at a fancy hotel for months on end. See I suspend belief. But donning a mask to fool half the town when you’re twice the age of the intended target, almost a foot taller was unbelievable the first time. But having Ava and Gwen take turns dressing up like Sarah is ridiculous! That cock and bull story Maggie was given as to why Sarah was away was tepid. When Maggie asked where she was going to be so she could reach her, she said “I won’t tell you with him here!” Maggie could have said “Xander go into the hall for a minute!” None of this makes sense and I’m sure “Sarah” will tell Abigail some ridiculous story! Or Ava will come along and distract her long enough to leave. All of this to keep a man? Desperate much?


the way it’s going, the writers might as well make this “PASSIONS 2”…

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And I wouldn’t complain. Loved that show. Miss it every day of my life.

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That’s wonderful but this Days and sporting a mask to fool people in the nighttime is one thing but in broad daylight is ridiculous and silly!


never mind, height, weight, body type! and we are talking people who KNOW and in some cases intimately these people who they are being “fooled” by… AND the whole town knows it has been done before (ala kristen in her nicole mask, kristen in her Kate mask, etc)…


I think the writers are on vacation. This ‘mask’ thing going from person to person is now ridiculous. Are they not able to write a new storyline?


i’m literally waiting for a Salem man to wear a female mask and fool everyone! that is how utterly stupid and ridiculous this all is at this point! Even for a soap opera!..


Remember Sami posed as Stan for months while Allison Sweeney was on maternity leave?

That’s what is unbelievable about this story. Kristen posing as Sarah would be somewhat plausible if the two were similar in age, weight and height. But Kristen is in her 50’s, about a foot taller and a larger body size (Lindsey Godfrey is super tiny) and she just happened to get a small detail like the infinity tattoo embedded on the mask? Please


But this is a new storyline. I will never understand critics of the mask and possession stories who claim (erroneously, frankly) that it’s the same story. It’s not.

The mask, whether one likes it or not, is part of the rich fabric that makes up the tapestry of “Days of Our Lives.”

If someone uses a mask to deceive someone, it’s no different from writing a story about a Sarah Horton returning to town, or Rex returning to town. The show is just mining its history to bring back a familiar element and tell a new story.

Now, if Kristen were wearing a Nicole mask and doing everything she did before when she wore the Nicole mask, then critics would have a point.

But this, I repeat, a brand-new-story. It just involves the mask, which is as much a character or scene element from the show as the Brady Pub and Julie’s Place.

So expect to see more of it!

lol I will quote this…a leopard never changes its spots…It may be a new storyline with a new twist on it but it’s the same original deception. When things always went wrong in Salem, I remember even Stefano himself saying, it’s always my fault, everything is always blamed on me…I’m flattered you think it is my fault but the truth is, I had nothing to do with it. They never did believe him until they learned the truth. The problem with the masks is it corrupts the character wearing it. Ava is forever corrupted and now Gwen sadly is as well. Kristen has been corrupted long before this, though.

The other problem with these masks, people are sick and tired of it. They want REAL stories, not farces like face changes by masks that never make any sense bc you have to suspend all believability bc they aren’t the same size, same height, same hands, etc… If Ron was writing and Stefano was still alive, he would probably make Stefano put a chip into someone’s head, then make Ava do the same thing to Rafe, then make Gwen doing the same thing to Xander…so on and so on. You just corrupt the character to the point of no return and make it all plot driven and not character driven.

Ava was always corrupt as well, but they actually made her better (as she said she was doing it for her son, Tripp)…so now that’s all off the table where she just helps anyone and everyone deceive them all? It all makes no sense. There is no huge fall out for anything except to destroy the character for nothing.

It’s the same thing when they brought Laura back just to destroy her character and then killing her off. It had no fall out and no reason. That’s why people are tired of it. Back when you had villains, they were off doing their own thing. Now all of the villains seem to be doing the same exact thing. Just makes no sense whatsoever.


IMO, the “rich tapestry” of Days’ masks is unraveling and quickly. The writers of the mask monotony need to thread the needle to return to what most viewers want.


I get all of this, but the fact remains it’s still a different story. The exciting twist is that the person behind the mask could be ANYBODY. That’s why it was fun to see Kristen call Abby right when she thought she was onto her. Then it was fun to see Abby see Gwen pop up out of nowhere when she was so certain that Gwen was the one behind the mask. This is a new story, through and through, because no one knows who’s behind that mask. (In fact, as a viewer, I was shocked and surprised when Gwen popped up out of nowhere and we, the viewer, realized it must have been Ava behind the mask. WHAT a twist!)

I just saw the preview for next week, with Ava and Gwen and Abby having a showdown and must say… I’m quite looking forward to it!

Geez! More mask mania on the horizon. Yikes!

I completely disagree. It would be nice if it was a different story but it’s really a repeat of the same plot device, aka the masks. That’s all Ron knows how to do are plot driven stories and these masks are all he seems to know how to do now. Where are the character driven stories? How would Ava or Gwen ever be redeemable? Even Kristen isn’t redeemable and now they are on par with her. It’s horrible writing.


I’m sorry but this wasn’t a twist in my book. A twist is something you never see coming. But this was obvious to me. As soon as I saw Gwen I knew Ava was behind the mask. If it were a twist then Gabi or dead sister would be unveiled!

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Abigail has been really smarter than the average Salemite with her detective work. Brady should have hired her to look for Kristen. Can’t believe neither Steve nor Kayla thought that Kristen might be aware that they were at the convent. But, if I were Abby now, I would demand that faux Sarah go to the hospital with her to check that there are no masks. She has no way of knowing about Ava unfortunately.

Side note: I keep my closed captioning on. If you want to know who somebody really is, they’ll show it there. I knew it was Ava, not Gwen, because of cc. Didn’t have to see the end of show for that.


I’m at the point that I really don’t care who is behind the mask because it’s all a bunch of crap. There is nothing exciting about the far out story of a mask that changes everything about a person. I saw a picture of on one of these sites with Sarah standing right next to Gwen and the difference in size is unbelievable. So don’t play me like a fool that I would enjoy something like this that is so ridiculous that it’s almost laughable. I also saw the picture on the spoilers when Abby rips off the mask and she’s holding a mask with the lips sealed closed like a regular Halloween mask would be. Dumb. Not to mention how someone kissing the person with the mask on doesn’t notice it. Enough with this nonsense.


I never even thought about the kissing part. You’re absolutely right as soon as you kissed it’d be obvious. But Brady not kissed “Nicole” but slept with her!

We are knocking our heads against the wall thinking that Days will have traditional soap opera elements. Instead, I think that TPTB want to lay claim to starting a new daytime genre, which is essentially classic comedic farce.

As we are shaking and/or knocking our heads against the wall, TPTB may be laughing all the way to the bank, for all we know. There’s GOT to be some method to this madness!