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Abort Finn/Paris NOW, writers

No one wants this Paris infatuation with Finn. Come on now, writers. Just get rid of Paris and bring back Nicole and/or Sasha instead.

Big no to Paris being in love with Finn.


Unless it’s one-sided and Paris turns psycho scheming to get him. And let’s face it she’s got to be a little psycho for moving into a young couple’s home.


That’s how I feel as well. I’m okay with it being one sided and Paris pulling the whole deranged obsessed angle that ends with her leaving the show and Steffy learning a very important lesson about trusting too easily but I am absolutely not okay with an affair, I do not want Finn ruined just for the sake of a little drama.

However, it seems like Paris is Bell’s newest pet which has me really afraid he may have Finn actually fall in love with her :face_vomiting:

I don’t understand why B&B has such a hard time writing for minorities, other soaps do it just fine yet B&B makes majority of their minority characters completely unlikable. Bring back Sasha, she was great at mixing things up while still staying likable.


Bell needs to view British soaps which give better storylines for minorities.

He tends to ruin storylines for blacks-Maya, Justin, Carter, etc.


Sasha was one of my favorite characters-despite Bell throwing her under the bus for Nicole and Zende. I would love for her to return -with her child from Zende from their last hook-up. She was one of the most beautiful girls on the show, she could act, she had “sass”, and had a lot of potential for future storylines, yet she was just thrown away for Zende and the Hope clone -it was so disappointing. Bring her back to give Thomas a new love interest, and to cause Paris some major angst.


I’m all for Nicole and Sasha returning. Sasha had so much spunk. Plus someone for Thomas.


I second that emotion. Will steffy ever be happy? No,if the writers have their way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Paris is a psycho. She has the Zoe gene. What is she doing with Steffi and Finn? Please get her out of their house!


Ewwwwww, today she was actually saying to Zende what a catch the handsome doctor is. OMG, what a train wreck.


When I see Paris on screen my face looks like I smelled 2 month old curdled milk. LOL


Writing for minority characters is just like writing for any other soap character. At least. that seems to be the case with soaps that successfully blend minority characters into their casts (GH, Y&R, Days).

I don’t know why these writers would struggle with it. Paris can be the regular soap vixen out to make trouble. She is beginning to remind me of that sneaky snake Tara over on Y&R.


Exactly. My mouth fell open when she said, “She landed a real catch. A handsome doctor is pretty hard to beat.”

Is Paris still romantically involved with Zende? Today they seemed like two co-workers chatting…with romance no where on the horizon.


no to Nicole and Sasha returning . Just write Paris out. too many women already

Maybe just maybe the lovely Paris wants to “try” on Finn for size before she commits to Zende. Now where have we heard that before…hmmmm :thinking: Oh, I know…Zoe.


I know right, :joy::joy::joy:


That should be the case but Bell fails to write minority characters like real people just like he fails to write women with any sense of respect.


Why would anyone want to stay with a young couple who just recently got engaged and had a baby and still in honeymoon mood even though they are not married but still.
… and There she is in the middle of it… all… this is very weird situation…Paris is stupid… why didnt she move in with Zende…

Im sure Eric would have welcomed her with open arms… she such a scuzzy…
it’s written all over her what she is up to… she is not any better than her stalking crazy sister… Zoe, Carter never cheated on her… yet she kept on saying that like he did…

and she was the one who did the chasing after Zende and here we have lil sister following her foot prints… out to get her a Finn… poor Steffy can’t she see through this… I hate where they are going with this… Rip Sinn apart…


Bell has made Paris very unlikable…very similar to a self righteous Brooke Logan. Paris and Brooke are hard to watch and impossible to root for.

The entire storyline of Paris always reading the riot act to Quinn and Carter was so unrealistic and silly. This would never happen in real life.


I can’t believe she said that. I new from the first time she was up in their house it was something there. I saw the look. Now the writers are making this tooo obvious.

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