Marina and Harley prep Frank for a blind date, doing his hair, picking out his clothes. Frank heads out on a date with a woman named Teresa. She tells him this is such an amazing first date looking around the roof top lit up with candles. Frank is being assisted in his date by Marina & Harley via an ear piece. He stumbles and asks if she's seen the ...west wing...? Harley repeats ...the west view, VIEW....

Teresa asks him about the chief of police and his father competing for the same woman, Olivia is it? The girls whisper in his ear to deny it! Teresa continues to ask Frank whether this Olivia was with him or his father first? He tells her he doesn't talk about ex-girlfriends and asks her what she does for a living? She replies publishing..., admitting she works for the Springfield Mirror. Frank stutters whoa, what, he states she's a reporter?! The girls tell him ...ABORT, ABORT...! ...Throw her off the roof.... He shows Teresa he's wired for but it's a long story and asks her to start over and they'll call it even.

Coop tells Ava he cannot get out of working tonight because of the new waitress Ashlee. But Ashlee tries to tell him she has everything under control, just to go on their date - as she spills food on a customer.

At that moment, in walks the health inspector very unexpectedly. Coop asks if he was suppose to show up tomorrow. Surprise says Mr. Cook! Coop turns to tell all the customers that due to the inspection, he has to close early but offers all the food to go ...on the house....

Olivia makes Buzz put on a chef hat for the competition, wishing him good luck. In walks a world renowned chef Petrovsky to take on the challenge. Buzz, shocked, looks on wondering what to do. No time to think, he heads to the stage. TV host announces 30 seconds to air as Olivia whispers to keep his eye on the prize! Buzz feeling like he's going to throw up telling her this Petrovsky is a member of the French culinary institute.

TV host announces the chefs in the competition, making fun of Buzz against the undefeated chef Petrovsky! Olivia tells him she believes in him and has the support of the whole town.

The competition starts with hilarious antics by both sides. Buzz tries desperately to keep up to Petrovsky. Bell rings and the TV host tells them that time is up and to put everything down. Everyone listens to what each chef created.

Suddenly everyone looses it, in walks Ava, Coop and Frank asking what's going on having a world chef like this guy here as they glare at Olivia?! Frank and Buzz start to argue, everyone is screaming at each other when Buzz picks up his ...creation... of Sheppard's pie and tries to smush it into Franks face but gets Olivia instead. Buzz yells at Frank some more all the while the TV is still rolling and refuses to apologize for being with the woman he loves as he grabs Olivia tight!

The TV host cannot believe what is happening and wants them to stop all of this arguing but instead everyone jumps in for the food fight of a lifetime. Harley shows up blowing the whistle, telling them all to stop it! Harley asks who the tall dude is and he replies ...I'm the famous Petrovsky... and asks Buzz for his Sheppard's pie recipe.

Harley corals all of them down to the jail. Sitting in jail, Buzz makes fun of Frank all dressed up asking him what's going on? He tells Coop and Buzz that that the girls set him up with a blind date. Buzz chuckles and asks how that's going?! Frank says how do you think, she's down the hall in jail?!! Coop asks what he's going to do on the next date and they all break out with gut wrenching laughter!

Meanwhile, the women are trying to clean up in their jail washroom. Teresa tries to talk with Ava but Ava snaps why should she talk to her, she's just a reporter sucking Ava for information. Teresa tries to tell them that's not her intention and she actually really likes Frank and would like to date him again. Ava warms up to her a bit.

Harley returns to release all the jailbirds. Buzz kisses Olivia and they head out but Olivia forgets her purse. Frank tells Teresa he's so sorry about this but she kisses him and says she thinks she's made out pretty good on the deal and walks out.

Later on, Ava and Coop head to the roof top to enjoy the view and the quiet. They passionately embrace and make love.

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Alan continues with his plans to drive Lizzie crazy. Mallet is caught in the middle of Dinah and Harley's fighting.