Beth and Alan are walking along when he receives a call informing him that Jonathan and Lizzie never arrived in Chicago or even made an appointment. Alan realizes that Jonathan's offer to move into the mansion was all part of a plan to escape with the baby. He spots Tammy sitting with Remy. 'I'm going to get some answers,' he vows before Beth tries to stop him, telling him that this is a bad idea. Jonathan and Lizzie hated each other until Alan gave them something to hate together: Him. But Alan isn't listening. He's determined to get Lizzie and the baby back and have Jonathan taken care of for good. When Alan confronts Tammy, she's shocked to hear that Jonathan has run away. Alan garbs her and Remy pushes him away, threatening to have him charged and tells him to stay away.

Tammy checks her messages and finds one from Jonathan telling her that he's just trying to do the right thing. She can't believe that he's actually gone and believes that he won't come back. Remy tells her that, if Alan was after him and his baby, he'd run away too. Seeing that she's upset, he offers to take her home for the night before he goes back out. He's in his prime years and he can't spend any more of his time pining for someone who is pining for someone else. Tammy's not convinced that Remy is going to go out womanizing; he's too much of a geek. He reminds her that he's always been there when she needed him, but things are going to change.

Reva and Marah are at Cedars saying goodbye. Marah tells her mother that she made one final attempt to make Josh see that light but it failed. Reva's dismayed by Marah's attempts; she's not even sure that she wants Josh back. Marah now believes that there's no chance of them getting back together. That's why she's leaving, despite Reva's attempts to convince her to move back to Springfield. She insists that Reva will only be truly recovered when she's back with Josh; then she'll come back. Marah's still not convinced Reva's done the right thing, but Reva tells her that she would do it all again exactly the same. She gets teary-eyed and sends Marah off to the airport.

Cassie and Josh are flirtingly finishing up the Christmas decorations on the outside of the house. They go inside and talk about Marah lashing out at them for the past several days. Josh tries to tell her that, at least Marah was being evenhanded. 'No one ever said getting used to us would be easy,' Cassie reminds him before there's knock at the door. It's a veteran. They welcome him in and he tells Josh his story and how thankful he is for the Veteran's hospital; he's going there to get a new leg. When he had his surgery, his family was able to stay with him in the family wing and they all send their thanks as well. He tells Josh that he's grateful to him; he must have had to make a great sacrifice to accomplish something like that. After he leaves, Cassie is amazed that he actually tracked Josh down just to thank him; she's very impressed. Josh however is distracted as he looks through the scrapbook of the Veteran's hospital project that Cassie made for him. He feels like there's something missing. Cassie hands him a picture that the vet left of a winged horse. 'This is your happy ending. I'm so proud of you.'

Lillian finds Reva in the hallway and they begin chatting about their children. Reva's just there for a checkup and Lillian wants her to join a survivor's group, but Reva's reluctant; she just wants to live right now. Alan storms in; seeing Reva, he begins shouting and accusing her of helping Jonathan run off with his granddaughter and her baby with a heart condition. Lillian and Reva both tell Alan that he drove them away, but to Alan, this is the sort of behavior he'd expect of Reva. She selfishly runs away from all of her problems. Josh and Cassie walk in as he says this and Josh runs over to push Alan back shouting that he 'doesn't know anything about this woman!' Alan smugly says that it's been a long time since he saw Josh come to her rescue. Josh says that Reva has been completely selfless and then tells everyone about the veteran who came to visit him. That made him realize that the help that man was getting was because of her. This is all gibberish to Alan and he leaves. Reva runs off in tears and Josh tells Cassie that he needs a few minutes alone to talk to Reva. He goes out and finds her crying in the corridor. She thanks him for what he said. He meant every word. They walk together. He explains that meeting the veteran helped him to finally understand what she did when she tried to sacrifice herself to save everyone else. He's not angry anymore. Cassie meanwhile, has left the hospital in search of them as the settle on a bench together.

Ava and Alan-Michael are up to their usual lascivious banter and games as he tries to convince her to come out for a drink with him. Meanwhile, at Outskirts, Jeffrey has been awaiting Ditkins arrival. When he comes, Jeffrey asks him for work; he needs back in and wants to go back to dangerous work. Ditkins listens, unimpressed, and refuses to take Jeffrey back; he's damaged goods. 'Don't you want to stay here and get to know your daughter?' he asks before moving off. Jeffrey tries to grab him but Ditkins throws him down and calls his existence 'a mess,' that is all his own doing. As he leaves, Jeffrey throws a glass at him which misses and shatters against the bar. Shards of the glass pierce Ava's cheek as she walks in. Alan-Michael cleans her up and Jeffrey tries to apologize but Alan-Michael won't hear it; he's not impressed by failed fathers. Ava however, offers to buy Jeffrey a drink which he refuses, but she insists. Alan-Michael tells her this is a bad idea, but she really wants to talk to him.

Jeffrey tries to leave. He doesn't believe that he'll ever be ready for something like this and has no right to interfere in her life. She won't let him leave. For Jeffrey, there's nothing more to say. Ava tells him about her adopted mother and how she never really had a father; she doesn't expect him to make up for lost time, but maybe they can be friends. He's not the man she needs, he tells her. Meanwhile, Alan has arrived and he and Alan-Michael are arguing because Alan-Michael is refusing to help track Lizzie down like a 'deer in the woods.' Overhearing this, Jeffrey offers to help Alan track them down and do 'whatever is necessary,' an offer which upsets Ava. Alan-Michael tells her that she should be glad she's finding out what kind of man her father is.

Next on GL: Cassie interrupts Josh and Reva's reunion. Alan goes to the DA to get custody. Lizzie tries to settle in as a mother.