Lizzie is going into labor and Jonathan is telling her that he'll deliver the baby himself if he has to. Tammy's there to help; they can be a team just like they were before. 'I won't let anything go wrong. Trust me,' he promises. While Lizzie goes further into labor, Jonathan tries to convince her not to push and just to pant like her dog Roxie. He starts panting and she threatens to punch him in the face before she starts pushing again. Quickly, she pushes the baby out into Jonathan's arms. He wraps it up and holds it close, noticing that her breathing is erratic. Lizzie passes out and he starts to worry just as the ambulance pulls up to take them off.

Frank walks in on Jeffrey clearing out his room. He asks Jeffrey if it's true that DA Doris fired him. Jeffrey says that he quit; he has to look after the mayor's office. 'Until Blake gets better,' Frank reminds him. Jeffrey still believes that people will forgive him after his confession; they like to feel superior to their politicians. 'They like justice better,' a drunken Doris proclaims as she waltzes in. she informs Jeffrey that his appointment has been rescinded by the governor. His news conference didn't go over well with women voters and the governor caved in to their protests; he's got an election coming up too. Jeffrey tells Frank that he should leave him: 'Losing can be contagious.' As Doris walks out into the hall, she meets up with Olivia and tells her that they're plan went perfectly. Doris was the one who set up all the protests. They toast to Jeffrey's destruction.

Josh is shoveling the driveway and trying to imagine HB in this situation when he discovers a saw in the snow. Inside, Cassie is trying to order a pizza for a disappointed RJ when Josh rushes in and tells them that he has an idea. He takes them out to the woods to pick a Christmas tree. Since 'Thanksgiving was a bust' they'll have a month long Christmas celebration to make up for it. RJ eagerly picks out a tree, but as soon as Josh starts to cut it down, he manages to cut his hand open.

Coop and Ava are playing football in their underwear. They collapse on her bed and he begins to wonder if buzz has proposed to Olivia yet. If she says 'yes,' that will make Buzz Ava's father. She's irked so he tries to promise that he will not speak about her parents. There's a knock at the door. When Coop looks out for the hot chocolate room service left, he sees Frank walking down the hall. Frank tells them all about what's just happened to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is in the bar drinking. He's about to throw a bottle when Olivia grabs it from his hands and tells him that he can't afford to do that now that he's unemployed. He tells her that she's 'just another bitter, angry loser' like him and then begins to make toasts to everything that he's lost. He asks her to drink with him, just like on the night they had together that they both wish they could take back. As he says this, they turn to see Ava and Coop standing a few feet away. Ava walks over to Jeffrey and Olivia tells her to leave him to pickle himself, but she takes his booze away instead. She knows what has happened to him and feels bad so she offers to take him home. He declines. He'd rather 'walk to the guillotine' and wanders off. Coop tells Olivia that, just because Buzz proposed to her, doesn't mean that she has any right to tell them what they should do and she should stay away from Ava. From the look on Olivia's face, it's obvious that Buzz didn't propose and she's shocked to hear it. She strides away while Coop shrinks in embarrassment from his mistake. Meanwhile, Jeffrey wanders the streets arguing with passers-by before he finally collapses in the snow.

Reva hands a homeless man some money while she's waiting at the taxi stand. She slips and falls, but Alan helps her up. Across the square, Lillian and Beth are walking around on their break from the clinic when Mel finds them. Soon they find Alan and Reva arguing about who should have driven what. Alan tells them what's happening with Lizzie and they all get worried. Mel tells them they should go back to the ER with her to wait. Beth hits Alan saying 'how could you let this happen?'

When they all arrive at the hospital, Mel runs into Rick who asks her how the dinner was. She's not very talkative. A distraught Beth watches them while Alan tells her to go cry on Rick's shoulder. Billy walks in with a drunk from the bar over his shoulder that he offloads to Rick. He finds Reva anxiously pacing in the corner waiting for news. Then, Josh, Cassie and RJ walk in with his bandaged bloody hand. Somewhat surprised by the crowd in the waiting room, they have to get out of the way as the ambulance arrives with Lizzie and Jonathan. Lizzie gets taken in while Jonathan goes down with the baby to ICU.

Alan is already blaming Jonathan and Reva for Lizzie not getting to the hospital in time. Josh tries to defend Reva and Billy starts in as well. Alan accuses Reva of bringing 'the entire incestuous Lewis clan' there to fight with him. Rick interrupts the fracas to tell them that they're doing everything that they can for Lizzie. Everyone gets quiet again and Beth clings to Alan.

Tammy goes down to see Jonathan and the baby. He seems to blame himself for all of this. She tries to comfort him when Reva arrives to check in. Mel is still checking out the baby and they shut the drapes to work. Tammy wanders back to her mother who tells her that she should be proud of helping out. While Josh paces beside them, Billy laughs and reminds him that he's not HB and he shouldn't have been out cutting down trees. Alan begins an argument again but everyone stops when Jonathan returns. They stare at him for a moment until Mel brings the baby in, all cleaned up and doing great. Alan says that the baby looks exactly like Lizzie did. Lillian appears to say that Lizzie is doing excellent. Alan and Beth want to see her, but Rick says the baby needs to see her first. Tammy tells Jonathan that she knows he'll be a good dad. He takes the baby and goes in to see Lizzie. She sits up and he lays her in her arms while a look of ecstasy dawns on their faces. Tammy stands back alone. Remy arrives with food for everyone and Josh starts to make a speech. Thanksgiving isn't over yet, so this will be theirs, after all, they're all family now and they have a lot to be thankful for. He reads them a prayer and they all join arms (except for Rick, of course, who's left staring at Mel).

Next on GL:Olivia asks Buzz why he decided not to propose. Olivia and Jeffrey go through their past and make a discovery.