Reva and Jonathan are about to leave Alan's Thanksgiving gathering when Lizzie's water breaks. Jonathan flies into a panic and runs out to get the car while Reva tries to reassure her that it will be a long time before the baby comes. Alan paces around, agitated that Jonathan ran off. They call out for him until he bursts through the side door and tries to carry Lizzie to the car. Alan is angry that Jonathan drove his car straight up the lawn to the door. Jonathan helps Lizzie into the car and drives off, leaving Alan and Reva to wait for his car. He tries to tell her that he only wants what's best for the baby and she begins teasing him, telling him that they are going to name the baby 'little Reva.' She wishes Alan would give Jonathan a chance. 'He'll make a better father than you ever did,' she tells him. Alan smiles, 'There's the Reva I know.'

Jonathan's car soon gets stuck at the side of the road. He promises that he will help her out. He's about to get out and push when another car sideswipes them, sending them careening off the road. Slightly in shock, he tries to stay calm and makes a call for the ambulance. Her door is jammed so he can't get her out. He goes to the back and tries to push, but to no avail. She begins talking to her baby, telling her that her daddy will get them through it; he's not afraid of anything.

Alan and Reva arrive at the hospital demanding to know where Lizzie is. They hear the ambulance call come in and realize that she's in trouble. Alan goes into a panic and wants to get a helicopter to go out and find them. He tells Reva that, if anything happens to the baby, it's her fault.

Coop brings Marina her dinner in a quiet police station. He suggests that things may finally be looking up for the Coopers'. She says that he should be quiet or he'll jinx it. Then he teases her about being single, but she insists that she's happy that way and begs Coop not to let Frank hook her up with any men from the old country.

Cassie and Josh are in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the turkey. They are starting to wonder if anyone else will make it. Cassie almost hopes they won't. Josh is still trying to be optimistic. In the other room, RJ asks Tammy for help in saying grace, but Marah doesn't think there's much to be thankful for. Tammy reminds her that her mother is still alive. Marah mopes by the kitchen, suggesting aloud that Reva must not want to spend her holidays with her husband and another woman. She continues trying to call Reva before Josh takes her aside and asks her not to try and ruin things for everyone. She starts to remember all their past Thanksgivings and wonders why they aren't at Cross Creek this year. Soon, she begins to berate Josh and Cassie for how 'messed up' this whole situation is. Tammy cuts in and tells her to 'give it up.' Things have changed while she was away; she should just happy Reva's okay. Everyone starts arguing and RJ just wants to eat.

Rick walks into a virtually empty Outskirts. Only Billy is there. Rick tells him about his troubles and how Mel didn't invite him to the family meal. Rick tries to commiserate with Billy, but Billy is reluctant to talk about his problems. Rick lost his second chance. He asks Billy if he feels like he lost his with Reva, but Billy still won't talk about. Before leaving, Rick tells him that, if he had a family to go to, no matter how much it hurt, he would be with them now.

After things calm down a bit, Tammy tries to tell her mother that this dinner was just too soon. Remy arrives to take her away; she's going on a ride-along so he won't have to spend the holiday alone. Cassie doesn't want to be abandoned, but Tammy insists that she 'can't do this.' They walk out the door as Billy walks in. He almost runs away when he sees them leaving, but Cassie drags him in. Meanwhile, Josh is telling Marah that she 'isn't helping', but she insists that she's the only one acting like an adult in this situation. No one is really thinking about what's going on. Her mother is still recovering. She reminds Josh that, if Reva got sick again and he wasn't there to help, he'd never be able to forgive himself. He tells her that the family that they had, no longer exists, but the family they have now, might work out. Billy interrupts and begins defending Marah until RJ starts yelling that the turkey is burning. Through the black smoke, the turkey appears black as coal. Marah puts on her coat to leave. She apologizes to Cassie and Billy offers to give her a lift. Josh is upset that they're leaving, but Billy knows this has been a mistake. Josh gives Marah a tight hug before letting her go. Seeing that he's upset, Cassie embraces him before he takes the food out to the trash. The night's proven that the new family is 'a car wreck.' Billy was right, he can't pull a family together the way HB could. Dejected, he goes out the shovel the driveway alone.

Tammy and Remy sit in his patrol car eating chips. She tells him that she's glad he got her out of the dinner. He says that she deserves a peaceful holiday. To make up for what she's put him through, she offers to cook him a real Thanksgiving meal later. They get a call and drive over to find Jonathan in a panic while Lizzie's contractions are speeding up. He tries to tell her that she's doing great and she says that their baby is already being rebellious. Then Tammy appears to ask her how she is and Lizzie starts screaming. Jonathan is worried and steps away for a moment. Tammy tries to reassure him that he won't let the baby down; he's already proven his devotion. He returns to Lizzie and promises that, if the ambulance doesn't make it, he'll deliver the baby right there.

Next on GL: Jeffrey is out of a job as Olivia begins her revenge. Tammy and Jonathan help Lizzie through the birth.