Alan is watching the snow fall as the servants set the table for Thanksgiving. He changes his clothes and carefully writes a letter to Lizzie to go with the gift he's gotten her. He sets photos of the family around the table and talks to them before Jeremy (the butler) is given instructions to pick up Lizzie and deliver her gift. Beth comes in and tells Alan that she doubts that Lizzie is actually coming. Alan tells her that he just wants them to feel like a family again; they've lost too much this year.

Alone again, Alan flips through the book he kept of Beth's pregnancy. He imagines what it would be like if that baby had survived; the baby may have brought everyone together and guaranteed the family a future. Back in the dining room, he begins to rehearse his welcome speech before being interrupted by Alexandra. Alan-Michael arrives behind her. They have drinks and trade barbs before Beth's return interrupts their casual insults. Alan goes out to the garden to have a cigar and remember Lizzie and Philip before Beth follows him out. She lets him know that she wants Lizzie back just as much as he does. He asks her if she ever thinks about their baby and how different things would have been if he'd have survived. Beth doesn't want to talk about it.

Alan's butler arrives at Cross Creek and gives Lizzie her gift. She opens it: It's her baby blanket, which she believed had been lost long ago. She touches it thoughtfully before putting it back.

When he hears a car pull up, Alan rushes back inside to see if Lizzie's arrived. Instead, he finds that she's returned the gift and refused to come; she's spending the holiday with the Lewis'. Alan laughs. 'One night with those incestuous yokels and she'll come back here where she belongs.' While he's convinced of this, Alan-Michael isn't, and uses the opportunity to excuse himself, but not without pointing out to Alan that, the only time he wants something, is when he knows that he can't have it. Beth slips out into the snow and calls Rick. She doesn't want him to avoid her anymore, but he insists that he will spend the day at the hospital. Inside, Alan and Alexandra are giddy to see Lillian, but are let down when she informs them that she has been called to the hospital. Alexandra tells Alan that she'll be leaving with Lillian on her way to see Nick. They walk out on a disappointed Alan as Beth walks back in. He is still hoping Lizzie will come, but Beth assures him that it won't be happening. Having Lizzie and her baby in his life won't give him back what's been lost. Beth is leaving too; she's going to the clinic to help Rick. Alan is not amused and begins berating her, before breaking into begging her not to leave him alone. She leaves anyway, saying that she'll be back, 'I always am.' Alan sits down dejected.

Lizzie's baby is kicking up and she has to lay down while Reva paces around and Jonathan lists all the awful things that might happen at the Thanksgiving dinner fiasco. Reva asks Lizzie if she'll be okay without seeing her family. 'I am seeing my family,' she says.

After ringing the bell and announcing dinner, Alan invites the servants, Hilda and Jeremy, to sit down and eat with him. He starts to pour them wine and call them 'friends' while they avoid his eyes with baffled stares. After a failed attempt to tell them a joke, they remind him that they have family celebrations of their own to attend. He apologizes and tries to wish them a happy day, though he can't remember anything about their families. They leave and Alan throws the meal onto they floor before stopping and looking sadly at a photo of Philip. He wanders to the hospital and, depressed, watches Beth and Rick before walking back into the snow as people play with their families. Eventually, he arrives at Cross Creek and peers in the window at Lizzie before Reva finds him and asks him if he's there to kidnap her. He's surprised that she's shoveling the walkway after almost dying. Reva tries to be friendly and offers him some tea, telling him how happy she is to have Lizzie around. It's good for Lizzie to finally have the baby to focus on; it will be good for all of them. Alan wonders what Reva's secret is; everyone loves her, he can't even get people to his house for a meal. She says that it must be 'tough to be kinglonely.' She's felt alone too, but she never gave up on life. Alan says that she's also had a lot of support and he has nothing.

Alan returns to the estate and sits down wondering what went wrong before Lizzie appears. He's ecstatic at first, until he realizes that she's brought Reva and Jonathan with her. Reva convinced them to come, 'we're all family' after all; besides, they were trying to avoid Cassie and Josh. Jonathan brought a pizza because he knows how often food ends up on the floor in the Spaulding house. They sit down with wine and Alan tries to make nice, telling Lizzie that she should name her baby Tatania. Jonathan bursts out laughing and Reva tells him that he shouldn't be picking out names. Then, he tries to get Lizzie to start making plans for the child's boarding school, but she's reluctant. Both she and Jonathan were the products of boarding school after all; she also burnt hers down. As Alan gets more frustrated, he begs them to promise to allow him to be part of the baby's life. Changing the subject, Reva gets everyone to toast to the things they're grateful for. Lizzie begins toasting to Reva giving her the home she always wanted and Alan becomes angry at her 'being taken in by them.' Everyone starts shouting and Reva and Jonathan start to leave when Lizzie's water breaks.

Next on GL:Josh, Cassie and the family wonder what could have happened to Reva. Lizzie and Jonathan get trapped in a blizzard while she goes into labor.