Mallet and Dinah have been in bed reconciling for the past few days. She starts to wonder if they're just trying to avoid being a couple in the real world. She starts trying to get dressed, but he keeps dragging her back into bed, reluctant to leave their little world. After pacing the room frantically, she manages to convince him to come out with her.

Gus and Harley arrive at the hospital to get yet another fertility test done. This time, it's for an embarrassed Gus. He's reluctant to go into a cubicle and do his 'business' with a cup, but Harley cheers him on. While she waits, he calls her on the phone and asks her to come in and help him. She promptly does so, just as an old man walks into the room catching them in the act and faints. The sample doesn't make it into the cup and the nurse sends them home to complete the task.

Marah walks into Outskirts and starts to talk to Jonathan. It takes him awhile to figure out who she actually is. She cuts to the chase quick: What are they going to do about Reva and Josh? He's reluctant to say or do much of anything about it at this point. She begs him to come to Thanksgiving dinner with her. He already glimpses that she's trying to set up a disaster that will push Rev and Josh back together. 'They say that I'm a bad influence,' he teases her.

Alan pays a visit to Lizzie at Cross Creek. After his usual vague threats and promises, he hands her a set of photos that were taken of Tammy and Jonathan the night before. She tells him that he should know better than to gossip and continues to insist that Jonathan is devoted to her and the baby. On his way out, Alan reminds her that she should be with her real family for Thanksgiving: That's where her future is. Once she's alone, Lizzie looks through the photos and becomes angry. Jonathan soon returns, finding the photos Alan left spread out on the table. He looks up and sees that Lizzie has packed his bags. He has to get out and she will stay with Reva on her own until he's proven that he can be a good father. He tries to explain himself and tells her that he only kissed Tammy once and things didn't go further. He refuses to move out; this is what he really wants. To prove it, he gets a tattoo on his chest with room for the baby's name at its center. She runs her fingers over it and tries to kiss him but he doesn't reciprocate.

Alan-Michael is having dinner with Alan who has him there under false pretenses. Alan-Michael says that Alan will have to beg him if he wants any kind of help. Alan does, asking him to come and spend Thanksgiving with the family, a request which causes Alan-Michael to burst into laughter. Alan is serious though; this is about the future of the family. Alan-Michael starts to point out all of the problems the family is having, but Alan is more worried about Lizzie's baby falling in with Reva and her family. He wonders what they would tell Philip when he comes back if they let that happen. Alan-Michael finally agrees to dinner and Alan leaves him alone as Beth crawls out of the woodwork with a proposition for him. In exchange for a donation to her new hospital (where she will be in charge of Rick) she will help keep Ava away from Coop. Alan-Michael shrugs in agreement and leaves as Rick and Mel enter.

Beth is surprised to find Rick with Mel, acting as his lawyer while they negotiate his contract. Beth wasn't expecting Mel to be playing such an active role and asks them if they're back together. Rick gets a call and reluctantly leaves them together. Beth accuses Mel of being a prude and Mel calls Beth an 'old nympho'. Beth suggests that Mel should have an affair of her own; that would be just revenge. Mel gets tired of dealing with Beth and walks away as Rick returns. He is annoyed by the whole situation. Beth tells him that she gave Mel something to think about. Meanwhile, Mel is on the phone calling Jeffrey.

Gus and Harley walk into Towers and find Mallet and Dinah at the bar celebrating their reunion. They get a table and Mallet asks the waiter for some paper and a pen. Gus takes some paper and they each write little notes to their dates which they place under their glasses. When the waiter comes to clear the table, he knocks a glass over and the notes get mixed in the kafuffle. They ladies pick up their notes and excuse themselves separately. Gus and Mallet part company to find them. Since the notes have been mixed up, Gus surprises Dinah with a kiss before they, embarrassed, return to the table and Harley manages to veer away fro Mallet's lips just in time. Gus and Harley are uncomfortable and run off, stopping the elevator as it goes down while Dinah and Mallet run out to the terrace to be alone.

Alan has plans for Alexandra. He wants her to go away to a spa for the holidays. She's highly skeptical of his generosity and wonders what will happen in her absence. He tells her that he needs an excuse to get Lizzie there and her 'failing health' would be one. She's reluctant, so he offers to send her to see Nick instead and she, grudgingly, accepts. However, she warns him that he is only going to succeed in pushing Lizzie away. Nonchalantly, he assures her that she'll be living with them again by Christmas.

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