At the penthouse, John and Marlena greet each other with a big hug and kiss. Marlena has been gone to New York for a few days, for seminars. They talk about their time in Europe, and at Green Mountain Lodge. Marlena apologizes for all she put John through, but he tells her it's over, when Belle walks in! Mother and daughter share a cheerful reunion.

Belle tells her parents of all the changes in her life with the pregnancy and Shawn being the father! John and Marlena are stunned and have a difficult time believing it. She shares Phil's concerns that someone has done this on purpose, and admits her happiness at being pregnant with Shawn's baby. She believes it's a sign that they should be together. Marlena disagrees, stating facts that Shawn is married to Mimi and that it's not a sign. John agrees, and the two ask her to find a way to come to terms with things and move on with Phil and their children. Belle is emotional, and realizes she has messed things up, but unsure of how to move on. Belle knows what she needs to do, and leaves.

At the office at the Garage, Abby meets with Shawn. She's looking for work filing papers, and making coffee! Mimi shows up, and Abby goes to wait for Max in the garage. Mimi pulls Shawn into a passionate kiss. Shawn apologizes for kissing Belle, in the hospital, but Mimi believes he is committed to her, but tells him that commitment doesn't mean much if there is not love. He restates his love for her, but she still fears he loves Belle more. She admits she doesn't trust Belle anymore. She proposes that they go to court to arrange visitation rights.

At home, Sami and Austin are working. Sami is in a bad mood. She doesn't like that the competition 'Carrie and Lucas' are living with them. Lucas and Carrie overhear their conversation and tell them that it's okay, because they're moving out. Shown is EJ, spying! Lucas decides they'll stay at a hotel, because the contractor is taking them for a ride, and they feel they don't want to overstay their welcome. EJ enters, with a proposition, to offer his help in speeding things along with the construction! All agree, and they go off to their apartment. Sami is relieved, but Sami notices Austin's disappointment, although he insists he's not disappointed in the least. Sami is thrilled as Austin agrees to move the wedding date up! Right away Sami starts planning the wedding, anxious to get things rolling!

At Lucas and Carrie's, the three start renovations. When EJ leaves for a meeting, Carrie and Lucas discuss how they both want to concentrate on each other, and their up and coming honeymoon! They're interrupted by Sami and Austin, sharing their news about pushing up the wedding date. Carrie seems surprised!

At the garage, Mimi and Shawn discuss custody arrangements and schedules, when Belle drops in unexpectedly. She's upset, thinking they should all discuss it together, but Mimi tells her that she's discussing it alone with her husband first, and doesn't trust Belle anymore, ...and Belle interrupts to tells them both that she has come to say goodbye to Shawn. Mimi leaves the two to talk, alone. (With Mimi listening in behind the door.)

Marlena tells John that after taking time to think, she realizes that she is not the strong woman she once thought she was. She wants to learn to lean on herself, and has come to a decision. Marlena tells John, ...I need us to separate.... John is angry, asking if she felt this way when they were at Green Mountain, but she stops him, promising him she loves him with her whole heart. She just needs space, to find herself. John understands, having lost his strength himself, but doesn't think that she needs to do something so dramatic as leaving, to find herself. Marlena isn't budging. He pulls her into a steamy kiss!

EJ shows up at the Garage, and since Max isn't there, he chats with Abby. He shares the excitement of a race and even asks her to work on his crew! As he departs for Carrie and Lucas's place, Abby smiles to herself. She has a crush!

Next on Days:

Marlena tells Roman ...John and I are separating....
Philip, to Mimi, ...I'm araid somebody did this to us on purpose....