Jeffrey is knocking on Ava's door. She ambivalently allows 'Mr. O'Neill' to come in. She lets him know flat out that she doesn't want anything from him. She was raised right, she says, and Jeffrey is glad that she was so lucky. He's awkward and confused. He tries to make her laugh, but it doesn't work. He tries to ask her questions, but she just pushes him away; she doesn't need him. The door is open and Cassie peaks in after hearing Jeffrey's voice. Ava uses the opportunity to leave while Cassie asks him what he's doing with her; she's a little young, she suggests. It's nothing like that, he tells her. It took Cassie a long time to learn to trust him again after all the lies he told her. She wants them to be friends, but she doesn't want to hear his side of the story. He tells her that all he wants is to fix things; that's something he needs to do.

An anxious Buzz is dancing around Olivia as he takes her out for coffee ready to pop the question. Olivia however, still can't get Jeffrey and Ava out of her head. He tries to change the subject. She gives him joy. She finds that hard to believe; she thought she was only trouble. She makes him feel like a good man he proclaims before getting on a table and shouting about how much he loves her. Olivia laughs into his arms, while he takes out the ring and looks down at it. He gets her to sit down so he can do this properly, but just as he's about to pop the question, Ava walks by and she and Olivia begin to argue. Ava caps it by telling her that she shouldn't be so negative all the time while she has Buzz in her life and then walks off. Buzz asks her to try and let all of this go, but she won't; she won't rest until Jeffrey is destroyed and she refuses to let him have a relationship with Ava. Buzz starts to have second thoughts about the timing of his proposal. Olivia rushes off to throw Jeffrey out of his room.

Beth is surprised to find Lizzie waiting tables. She tells her that she should be off her swollen feet and worries that Lizzie has already begun to live in a fantasy world as far as Jonathan is concerned. Lizzie insists that she and Jonathan have something real; he really understands her. Even with Coop, who she loved, it couldn't have worked. With Jonathan, there is a chance. Beth is less convinced, but offers to take Lizzie home to Cross Creek. Lizzie says that she's happy there and her mother tells her that she's glad. Lizzie forgot her purse and vitamins at the bar so Beth offers to go and get them.

Tammy is walking down the street before she is set upon by a rabble of reporters asking her if Jeffrey was violent when he lived with her and Cassie. Jonathan interrupts and warns them off before talking her way with him. They walk into the bar just as Beth and Lizzie leave. They talk about the life they shared there and Jonathan asks her to have a drink with him to toast to that life. He says that he'll love her forever, but she reminds him that he'll be sleeping beside Lizzie every night from now on and, quickly, things will change. She needs to go, but as she heads to the door, he kisses her. She pulls back and tells him to go home to his wife. Once he turns around, he finds Beth sitting at the bar watching him. He asks her what she's going to do. She admits that she wishes Lizzie wasn't with him, but, to his surprise, she wants him to commit to her daughter and the baby. 'There are worse things in this world than a wife at home who loves you,' she tells him. He goes home to Lizzie and shows her presents her got for the baby. Meanwhile, Tammy runs into Remy who is ready to comfort her on yet another of her Jonathan related jags.

Reva and Josh are wondering who set them up when Marah appears, thrilled to see them together 'like they're supposed to be.' She feels as though she's never left, but Reva reminds her that much has changed in the short time she's been gone. They go over the sordid history of the past few months. Marah allows that Reva just wanted to let everyone say goodbye to her in a relatively happy way, but Josh and Cassie is something else altogether. He tries to explain that he and Cassie never meant it to happen and Reva reminds her that it was her fault as well. Marah tries to understand but won't admit that it's not wrong. None of that should matter now though; Reva is better so it's not too late to fix things, like they always do. But Reva says that it's not so simple and they aren't getting back together this time. Josh says that he'll always love her mother butthen Cassie appears and apologizes for interrupting. Marah tells her it's a little too late for apologies; she needs to admit that what happened with Josh was a mistake and things need to go back to the way they were before. Cassie will never admit that what she has with Josh is a mistake. Reva tells Marah to stop talking like that. Things are different now and she doesn't even know what she wants anymore. Marah still says that they are all making a huge mistake. Changing the subject, Reva says that they should all have Thanksgiving together. Cassie is happy to hear it; Josh, not so much.

Jeffrey waits in the hallway outside Ava's room. She returns and walks past him, shutting the door in his face. Olivia finds him there and tells him that he's being evicted. She begins to yell at him and tell him to stay away from their daughter before Ava walks out of her room and tells them to stop behaving like children. Ava goes off to help Buzz clean up for the night. They both feel like the world is upside down. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Jeffrey again that he has to stay away from Ava. He asks her if that's really going to make up for a life full of hate.

Next on GL:Mallet and Dinah spend the day reconciling. Marah goes to JOnatahn for help. Alan has a surprise fro Lizzie.