Buzz is hopping around the room in bunny ears before answering the door for a bewildered Coop. Buzz is playing with Emma and they beg Coop to put on some ears and join in but he's not biting. Buzz tells him that he was reading a story about bunnies to Emma and she was sad that she didn't have a papa bunny. Coop is there to give Buzz the ring; he still wants to go through with his proposal to Olivia. Soon, Coop gives in and joins into playing bunny with Emma until the babysitter arrives to take her to the park. Coop tells Buzz that he's brave if he's going to ask Olivia to marry him in the present situation; he should wait. But Buzz insists that it's because it is a bad time that he's proposing now; she needs to know that she has someone to rely on.

Jeffrey arrives at work late and the DA begins to berate him. She just got call from a reporter about an altercation he was involved in with a woman. Jeffrey's sick of dealing with her and tells her that he 'quits' just as an associate rushes in with a newspaper. He's on the cover: 'Temp mayor arrested for Assault Again.' He says that he'll sue the paper and the DA tells him that he can do that after he cleans out his desk. The office has already been flooded with concerned calls. Jeffrey realizes that he has to do some damage control. He's going to call a press conference where he will tell his side of the story in full detail.

Olivia finds Ava at the bar and offers to give her a character profile of her father. Ava says that she already knows that he's a 'scumbag.' Still, Olivia believes that Ava will want to get to know her father and he'll draw her onto his side. But Ava rejects this; she knows that her father is as miserable a person as her mother is. Olivia continues to warn her off Jeffrey when Ava turns around to see him on TV giving a press conference. He announces that he will be setting the record straight. Olivia can't believe what she's seeing. 'No one was hurt, now or in the past,' Jeffrey begins. He continues, pointing out that no charges were laid and he hasn't had any more problems with women than most men have. He gives details about his service for the government, how he was blackmailed into it by being told that he was guilty of terrible things he hadn't done. He's paid his debt, he insists. Buzz is in the crowd and begins to yell at him until Jeffrey and his handlers close the conference down. Ava shuts the TV off and asks to hear the whole story from Olivia. They sit down and Olivia tells her about how the pregnancy destroyed her relationship with her mother, who would eventually have a stroke during one of their fights. Jeffrey took her innocence and her mother. Ava says that she's sorry as Olivia walks away. Coop comes to get Ava and she just wants to go home.

Reva goes to see Billy because she's worried that Alan is out to fight her again. She finds a glass of alcohol and asks Billy if it's his. 'It's mine,' says a young woman (Sheila) coming out of the bathroom. Reva smiles broadly while Billy passes out introductions before Sheila leaves. 'You probably figured I would just hang out here waiting for you,' Billy says. She answers 'no,' she's just worried about Alan and she needs his help. He thought that she didn't want to be reliant on him anymore. Isn't that why she kicked him out? She says that she needs him; he's the best friend she's ever had. He fell for her, more than he knew he could, and his dreams came true, but then she let him fall; he needs distance and asks her to go. Reluctantly walking out the door, she tells him that she'll be back. He closes it behind her.

Cassie is trying to work out a seating plan for Thanksgiving that won't lead to mayhem. She thinks that they should cancel but Josh won't hear of it. She was looking forward to Thanksgiving until she realized what a disaster it would be. Josh says that, no matter what, they can still be thankful that they have Reva with them. They begin to go over the menu when Reva appears. They ask her to dinner and she asks who else is invited. Josh tells her that she needs to come; the one thing that they're most thankful for is her. Reva decides to pass anyway; she's not ready to spend her holidays with them as a couple. She then tries to give Cassie back Sarah's cameo, but Cassie rejects it saying that she doesn't give things away and then expect to get them back. 'Neither do I,' Reva says before walking away. Josh is losing his enthusiasm and tells Cassie that she seems to have contracted the fever that makes women believe that they're Martha Stewart. They're thankful for each other anyway and they kiss. Just then, Wanda calls and tells Josh that he needs to meet a donor at Towers. He goes off as Cassie spots Jeffrey on the TV in a window. Someone lurks a few feet away from her but keeps out of sight. A moment later, she runs into Billy and asks him to Thanksgiving. The answer is no. She's tired of everything in the family being a mess and wants to start healing. 'What did you expect?' he asks her before walking away.

Olivia returns to her home and finds Buzz setting the table. She tells him she loves what he did for her today. She loves him more than she's loved anyone in a long time. He can barely stay seated; he's too excited. He puts her jacket on her and says they need to go out; this is too ordinary.

Coop takes Ava home and tucks her into bed. She doesn't want to talk, she just wants to be alone and sleep. He tries to tell her that things could be worse. She just needs to remember her real mother and that will get her through this. He leaves, telling her to call him if she needs anything. Meanwhile, Jeffrey's conference didn't go as well as he'd hoped. He's convinced that there are some things that you just can't fix. He goes knocking on Ava's door. When she answers, he tells her that they need to talk.

Reva returns home and looks at Lizzie's sonogram. 'It's almost time. You'll be starting a brand new life and so will your grandma.'

Josh arrives at Towers for his appointment, but to his surprise finds Reva waiting at his table. She tells him that Lillian told her to meet her there for a cancer survivor's meeting. They turn around and find Marah greeting them.

Next on GL:Marah tries to bring her parents back together. Lizzie and Jonathan send conflicting signs. Jeffrey tries to explain himself to Ava