Olivia tells Buzz that, when she looked at Jeffrey, though his face had changed, she suddenly recognized his eyes. Still, he denied everything, but she's not afraid of him anymore. Buzz looks at the poster of Jeffrey on the wall and says: 'You're lucky the cops got you when they did, or you'd be a dead man right now.' Olivia convinces Buzz that she needs some time alone. Once he leaves she heads out.

Coop tracks down Ava who is trying to do research into Jeffrey's life. So far she's convinced that Jeffrey makes Olivia like Mother Theresa. She's disappointed that there is no good in her father either. Now she can understand why Lizzie wanted Coop to be in her baby's life; to balance off the bad with some good. He should get away from her before the bad DNA kicks in. He doesn't believe that and kisses her. Coop says that she shouldn't do this to herself: She is who she is because of her adoptive mother and he loves her.

Marina takes Jeffrey into the interrogation room while he reminds her that he's the mayor. He just wants to get this over with quickly, but she says that she's only there to do the fingerprints. Mallet walks in: He's in charge of the case. Mallet begins to whistle and slowly shift through papers while Jeffrey gets more tightly strung. Jeffrey doesn't think that Mallet should be handling this case. Mallet smiles smugly and tells him that he's ruining the plans he had with Dinah that night. Jeffrey continues to insist that he was only trying to calm Olivia down and, without a statement from her, there is no case against him. Just then, Olivia appears in the doorway. Mallet leaves them alone for a moment to talk. Jeffrey, sick of playing games, sits down and offers to write her statement for her: 'Once upon a timeI hooked up with the devil. His name is Jeffrey O'Neill.' None of this impresses her. She says that she won't be pressing charges; she just wanted him here to waste his time the way he wasted hers. She wants the punishment to actually fit the crime; she's going to ruin the rest of his life. Mallet returns and is dismayed to learn that Olivia won't charge Jeffrey. Mallet begs her to help him find a way to keep him in, but Jeffrey smirks and walks out. As he enters the hallway, Buzz grabs him and punches him in the face, throwing him into Ava. He gets up and apologizes before walking off. She tells Coop that she doesn't want Jeffrey to know that she's digging up information on him. Meanwhile, Olivia has watched all of this and imagines Ava going to Jeffrey and he gaining her confidence. It disgusts her. Then, a reporter comes to her, saying he got a tip about Jeffrey assaulting her. She tells him that, if she can remain anonymous, she will tell him all about the new mayor's past history of violence against women.

Tammy goes looking for Remy because he forgot something at the apartment. She finds him running out of the shower. He blushes, surprised to see her. She starts to tease him before tossing him some clothes and smiling coyly to herself.

Outside the cabin, Alan wants to go in and see Lizzie but Jonathan is stopping him. Alan is none-too-pleased about their plan to move in with Reva and sys that, raising a child in that environment only proves that Jonathan doesn't care about the child. Jonathan laughs and says that watching Alan get upset and try to hold it in makes it all worthwhile. He can't go in anyway, the restraining order still stands. Alan reminds him that he never loses before trudging off as Jonathan shouts 'Loser!' at him. Inside, Lizzie offers to accompany Reva on a power walk if Reva will help her tie her shoes. When Jonathan comes in, he offers to go with them, but Lizzie says that it's for ladies only. They leave him waving them off.

As Reva and Lizzie walk along, Lizzie wonders how Reva is and Reva wonders if Lizzie is just trying to cozy up to her to impress Jonathan. Lizzie says that she shouldn't be so judgmental about her trying to get along with her in-laws. Reva takes the point, after all, she married hers. Reva let's her know that she believes that Jonathan and Lizzie can have a great future together, as long as they can keep Alan away. Reva then asks to be left to walk home alone. Lizzie reluctantly lets her. Once she has left, Alan appears, fresh from a visit to Lizzie's gynecologist in an attempt to find out her due date. 'Look at you! Back from death's door!' he calls out to Reva. 'I have a feeling you'd like to send me back,' she shoots back at him. He warns her that she seems to be looking for a war with him. She tells him that she just fought the biggest war of her life. Now she just wants to hold onto a little good. That's what the baby is for her.

Jonathan is assembling a stroller and puts a doll in it for a test drive. The doll quickly spins out as there's a knock at the door. He picks it up off the floor, embarrassed, before answering the door. It's Tammy; she's there to see Reva. Jonathan asks her in anyway. She sits down uncomfortably and they try to make small talk but this doesn't go well. She asks him if he's excited about the baby and he admits that he's having nightmares about it. He tries to sit next to her but she moves away before she leaves, tired of the awkward spaces between them. She glares in the window from outside while he stares at the baby's stroller.

When Lizzie returns, he's upset that she's left Reva alone, but Lizzie insists that she'll be okay. He shows her the stroller and she gets excited and begins wheeling it around the room. With a dejected face, he tells her that Tammy was there and he wanted her there. He can't promise that won't happen again. Alan was there too, earlier, and knows that they're living with Reva. None of this news makes Lizzie happy. She tells him that he's starting to sound like his father. He angrily tells her that he's nothing like Alfred; he has enough to worry about without her being jealous. She tells him straight: Tammy left him so he could make a choice, but he still hasn't made a choice to really be with her and the baby. She's sick of watching him torture himself. 'Pick one of us and mean it, for your own sake.'

Remy and Marina are waiting for Tammy in the newly renovated Towers. Tammy goes out to the balcony and Remy follows her, sensing that she's upset. She asks him to help her gather up all the things that meant something to her and Jonathan so that she can get rid of them. He tells her that she'll have to do that by herself.