Springfield as we see Dinah trying to make her way through the carnival grounds. The gypsy stops her and grabs her by the hand. She remarks that Dinah will have a great love in her future. Dinah snatches her hand away and says that this is all fake: She grew up in a carnival and fortunetellers only sell false hope. She strides back to Vanessa's apartment to get a picture of her father before leaving town. Vanessa is worried about what she's up to. Dinah tells her that Mallet tried to set her up for Jeffrey's attempted poisoning, but Vanessa suggests that he may have just been trying to protect her. Dinah can't believe her mother isn't taking her side. She has to get away because no one trusts her and no one loves her without doubting her. Clarissa comes in from the other room. She's worried that Dinah will abandon her while her mother is in the hospital. Dinah worries that Clarissa hasn't been getting the protection she should just as Vanessa tells her that Clarissa has a hearing that day with a social worker. It seems that Doris the DA has taken a special interest n Clarissa. Dinah is not amused and thinks that Doris will try to exploit the situation. Vanessa has to leave so Dinah offers to take care of Clarissa.

Dinah goes to the hospital to see Blake. Even though Blake is unconscious, Dinah begins to speak to her. She tells her that she won't hurt her because her father wouldn't want her to. She tries to imagine how Blake must have felt after losing Ross, but she still can't understand why she would do what she's done when she has children that she should be protecting. Dinah just doesn't want to end up like Blake. She wishes her well and leaves.

Mallet is worried that Dinah has left town. The camera crew arrives to follow him but he tries to fob them off on Marina and runs off. They begin to question a blushing Marina about her relationship with Mallet. Mallet goes to Vanessa's door and asks where Dinah is. At first, Vanessa tells him that she's sleeping and he begins to explain to her that he didn't set her up, even if she thinks he did. He's sure she's innocent and is worried what she will do. Vanessa tells him that Dinah and Clarissa have left and then tells him about the hearing that was planned for that day. Mallet rushes off to find her.

Dinah and Clarissa are seated at a bench with their luggage ready to head off to Florida. Mallet tracks them down and they send Clarissa off for food while they begin to argue. Dinah is already ratcheting up the melodramatics and slaps his handcuffs on as the camera crew arrives. They try and get away but the crew follows. He takes the cuffs off her as a call comes in from the DA looking fro Clarissa. Dinah begs him for help, so he tells the DA that he's got Clarissa for questioning in her mother's poisoning and she won't be able to see her today. The crew starts asking him questions about the case and dealing with minors. He explains that he has to gain her trust and take her to a friendly environment. Clarissa asks if she can go to the carnival and Dinah reluctantly agrees to take her before threatening the camera crew to stop filming her sister. Mallet says that he should come along to keep up the show.

Dinah is already melancholy and states that this is just 'one big empty promise of something magical.' Mallet, knowing how uncomfortable she is, suggests that she go home and he stay to look after Clarissa. Dinah says that, when you go a long time without a place called home; you simply stop looking. The fortuneteller approaches and tells her that she has great love coming, but Dinah waves her away. She hates all of this. However, soon, she and Mallet are playing ring toss and fighting over the rings. He confesses that he's sick of arguing with her, but he's even more sick of missing her. Dinah just wants all of this to be over. She knows that he loves her, but he set her up anyway. He insists that only Marina thinks that she's guilty; he really believes her. Dinah walks off to check on Clarissa. She's upset because some girls were teasing her about her mother being the blogger and coming from a family of freaks. Dinah can't know how hard this is for her, she says. Dinah says that she's right; she grew up in a carnival and it was nothing like going to school, but all she ever wanted was to be normal. Clarissa should never be sad because she has a home and a family that believes in her; not everyone's got that. Mallet has listened to the whole conversation and smiles at Dinah. The camera crew returns, bored that nothing is happening and wonder if they fake a mugging; that's how real reality television is. Dinah, thinking of the videotape that links her to poisoning Blake, jumps in front of the camera and declares that she's being framed. They ask her if she's really a suspect and Mallet says emphatically 'no' because her word that she is innocent is the best evidence possible. Dinah deserves better than all of this, better than simply hoping that next time around she can finally stop running away and come back. Dinah kisses him.

Dinah and Mallet bring Clarissa home. Once she's inside, the crew tries to get Mallet to come with them to bust some underage drinkers. He begins to feign and injury and says the he'll just be doing paperwork all day. They get fed up and walk away. He carries Dinah to his room where the crew has been lurking. They run past them and slam the door. He tells her that he's meant everything he's said, but this has to go both ways; she needs to believe in him too. Neither of them is perfect, but, from now on, leaving can't be an option. He begins rambling before asking her to promise not to leave him. She kisses him again and promises. He asks her to move in and have a home with him. She looks out the window, not to escape, but to see the moon. They stare out the window before climbing into bed as the carnival closes.

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