Marina still can't believe that Blake was the blogger. Gus is still trying to make sense of it himself and Harley never suspected, even though she was Blake's best friend. 'Sometimes the people you know, you don't know at all.' Harley wonders what Blake's motives could have been for stabbing her friends in the back. Just then, Mel calls to say that Blake has regained consciousness. Gus and Harley rush off to interview her. When they arrive at Cedars, Mel tells them that they're still draining the poison out but she's awake. Gus promises to be gentle. Harley however, insists on doing the interview. They explain to Blake that she was poisoned, but that the poison was meant for Jeffrey. Then they tell her that they know that she was the blogger. Gus says that, perhaps the poison wasn't meant for her, but it should have been. Harley calms Blake down and assures her that, no matter what, she still loves her. Blake begins to explain herself: Nobody took her seriously after Ross died and all her friends abandoned her. Even Harley is now closer to Dinah than she is to her. She felt like she had to do something to make herself matter again. She used to have all the power, back before she simply became a wife and mother. Once she started the blog, she couldn't stop; she felt like she had power again. She begins to become distraught and Harley runs off to get Mel. When they're alone, Blake tells Gus that she didn't let his secret out; it's still safe. He's bewildered.

When Harley and Gus return to the station, they tell Marina the whole story and Marina feels sorry for Blake. Gus reminds her that what she did was still wrong. Harley says that she should have spent more time with Blake. Maybe then this wouldn't have happened. Gus tells her that Blake was keeping a secret about him, but he can't figure out what it was. Harley thinks it must be about his sister going into witness protection, but he's not sure.

Buzz is on edge worrying about Olivia when Coop returns from Chicago. Buzz tells him that Ava has left him a not; she'll be gone for a few days. A jeweler arrives to show Buzz wedding rings. Coop is appalled; this is a bad idea. Everything with Olivia is a mess and Buzz is crazy. Buzz says that he's only trying to prove his love to Olivia and asks Coop to be his best man. After some badgering, Coop finally breaks down and agrees, saying that he hopes it goes well, but he won't be calling Olivia 'mom.' Buzz runs around trying to get the place ready for Olivia but is so anxious that he can't stay put. He rushes out, a little drunk, with Coop following behind.

Alan-Michael takes Ava to a graveyard. She looks at a tombstone and wonders if that man could have been her father; if he'd known that she existed at all. He tells her that he'll try and get her all the information she wants. She says that she feels like she's missing something inside her and just reading about him isn't enough. He offers to track down people she can talk to, but she'll have to stay with him a few days because it will take time. A woman arrives at the grave and asks what they're doing there. Ava says that she thinks the man might be her father. The woman says that's impossible because she was married to him and he was sterile. Ava asks to see Alan-Michael's information, which he reluctantly hands over. Instantly, she recognizes Olivia's handwriting and accuses him of collaborating with her to throw her off and using this to get her alone. Alan-Michael insists that Olivia is just using him and she can trust him and, if he wanted to take advantage of her, he could have done that when she came to his room drunk. She half believes him, but says that they have to go back right now so that she can talk to her mother.

Olivia is trying to ignore all of the messages she's receiving from Buzz. Emma comes in and gives her a hug, telling her that she's 'a good mommy' before they go. Jeffrey's men have already tracked down Olivia's records and tell him that she didn't abort the baby; she had it adopted. Olivia returns to her room to find that Jeffrey is waiting for her. They exchange threats before he lets her know that he's already discovered that she lied about having the baby aborted. This isn't just about her anymore. He finds his St, Jude's medal; she says that she's kept it as a reminder to never trust anyone. He doesn't remember things the way she does. He admits that he had bad judgment, but didn't mean to hurt her. He assures her that he doesn't want anything to do with their daughter and won't look for her. She's better off not knowing him and he's never wanted to be a father, particularly since he now has a town to run. Olivia doesn't believe him. That night, he says, he lost everything and became a no one. Now, he finally has a chance to be someone. Olivia says that she won't say a word; she just wants him out of her life. He walks out and makes a call to set up a press conference. Olivia storms out to interrupt him, believing that he is trying to whitewash what happened between them. They begin to wrestle back into her room and he falls on top of her just as Ava walks through the door. Ava asks what's going on and Olivia blurts out: 'Your father is trying to hurt me again.' At that moment, Coop and Buzz arrive as a startled Ava calls the guard in to take the shocked Jeffrey out. Ava can't believe that Jeffrey is her father.

Next on GL:Marina continues to be jealous of Mallet. Dinah goes to the fair with her sister to have her fortune told. She may have another chance with Mallet.