Olivia finishes telling Jeffrey her whole grueling story. She assures him that she got rid of 'the girl.' He's still thrown back by all of this and she lashes into him again: Why did he have to be there that night? There is a knock at the door. It's Harley. She tells Jeffrey that the poison Blake drank was meant for him. Can he think of anyone who would like to see him dead? He turns around and looks at Olivia before saying 'Who doesn't want me dead?' Harley tells him to think about it some more and to be careful before leaving. Olivia asks him why he didn't say anything about her to Harley. He's still trying to figure everything out. For Olivia, there is nothing to figure out. Now it's time for Jeffrey to pay. Jeffrey accuses her of trying to poison him. 'You poisoned my life,' she spits back at him. Jeffery's sure she won't turn him in though because it would be declaring her own guilt. Now, neither of them feel like they have any control. Olivia can't even look at him anymore and walks out.

Ava and Coop are playing football. She throws the ball at him but it manages to hit Olivia in the head while she's approaching. They get ice for her head. She tells them that she's just there to see Buzz. Coop walks off, leaving them alone and they agree not to fight. Ava still wants to know her father's name; she needs 'closure.' Olivia won't tell her anything and assures her that she is only setting herself up for pain if she keeps looking. After Olivia walks away, Alan-Michael appears. He offers her a little black box, which she refuses, because he says that she needs some cheering up. He tells her that she doesn't need Coop protecting her; she's doing great on her own. Coop returns and walks her away. Once they're gone, Olivia returns to make Alan-Michael an offer.

Later, Alan-Michael calls Ava and tells her that he has a lead on her father, but she's going to have to come with him to chase it down. She eagerly accepts. This trip could change her life forever. When she turns around, she bumps into Jeffrey. She tells him that she voted for him. There is something about him that she trusts. Jeffrey walks off to prop up at the bar. A woman sits beside him and gives him the come on, but he turns her down. He can't stop thinking about what Olivia told him and begins to wonder 'how could she have known the baby was a girl unless' He sets his people to work to try and find out if Olivia ever put a child up for adoption.

Remy and Tammy are trying to finish shopping for their apartment when they spot Cassie and Billy having, what appears to be, a serious conversation. Cassie is trying to reassure Billy by telling him that Reva just needs time. Billy's unconvinced; they both know exactly what is going to happen next. Tammy interrupts and Billy wanders off. Cassie assures her that there's nothing to worry about before excusing herself. Tammy and Remy decide to head over to Outskirts to pick up the rest of her stuff.

Lizzie is trying to wait tables to help Jonathan out in the bar, but she keeps forgetting orders as soon as they're given. Jonathan tells her: 'Welcome to the life of being my wife: It rhymes and will make you cry.' Tammy and Remy walk in. Tammy's taken aback to see Lizzie there, taking her place. Things get worse when Billy walks in and changes the music; Tammy and Jonathan's song comes on and he shuts it off while her eyes start to well up a little. There are some uncomfortable stares. Tammy is uncomfortable seeing Lizzie filling her position, but Jonathan gets a call and drags Lizzie away with him. Tammy tries to hide her feelings, but Billy sees through her. 'It sucks to do the right thing doesn't it?' he says.

Reva walks into Cassie's house and finds Josh in the bedroom. She says flatly that she is only there to see him; she is always doing what she shouldn't be, but she's not as fragile as he thinks. Josh knows that she's there to get him; he doesn't even have to finish his sentences. She explains that she's let Billy go; he deserves someone else. They quickly rehash their situation before Josh confesses that he can't go back and act like the last few months haven't happened. She's exhausted him; life doesn't have to be this complicated. With Cassie, he's experienced 'a different way of livingCassie makes me happy.' He doesn't love her the way he loves Reva, but he does love her 'very much.' Reva begins to fondle the wedding rings strung around her neck and admits that she doesn't know what she wants or expects. She can't think about tomorrow when she didn't know that there would be a today. She thinks they still have something though. Josh closes to this instantly; he isn't going back: Cassie is his future. Reva becomes faint and he takes her hands just as Cassie walks through the door. The sisters embrace and glare into each other while Cassie tells her that she shouldn't be there; she should be looking after herself. Reva looks at Josh and says that she's just trying to figure out what to do with her second chance. She walks out and Cassie tries not to talk about any of this, but tells Josh not to have intimate conversations with Reva in her bedroom. 'Our bedroom,' he breaks in. ' We'll see,' she answers skeptically. Josh tries to explain himself but Cassie knows what Reva is up to. He says that, just because Reva wants something, doesn't mean she'll get it. She begins packing his bags. If he wants to help Reva, he should go and do it because she's sure that he'll come back to her. He says that she's wrong. He wouldn't come back because he's not going anywhere. No matter what Reva did or didn't say, he still loves Cassie.

Lizzie and Jonathan arrive at Cross Creek and he tells Reva that she looks like hell and shouldn't be out of the hospital. She tells them that she's in remission and they're ecstatic. She has to stop Jonathan from hugging her, lest he crush her. Reva has a plan: She wants the pair of them to come and live with her. This way, they can all help each other and really annoy Alan. Jonathan asks what happened to Billy. She tells him and then asks him to promise to keep an eye on him; she's till worried about him. As for Joshshe'll tell them another day.

Next on GL:Jeffrey continues looking for his little girl. What will happen when Blake wakes up?