Josh is making a rambling toast to Reva finally getting out of the hospital and being on the road to recovery... and to he and Cassie having something of their own together. Cassie downs the glass in one throw and tells him to 'get out.' She is sending him to see Dr. Colin. Josh is confused about why she wants him to be involved in Reva's recovery. She says that getting involved will prove to her how committed he really is to her.

Harley still can't believe that Blake was the blogger. She and Marina spot Jonathan and congratulate him. He's surprised to learn the Reva was already let out of the hospital. He cheers and hugs them both before running off. Harley goes to visit Cassie and ask her if she had any idea about Blake. Then, she starts to ask her what she thinks will happen with Reva next. Cassie gets angry when Harley accidentally calls Reva Josh's wife. She insists that, no matter how they got together, they are together now and in love. 'If Reva goes after Josh now, cancer survivor or not, she's going to have a hell of a fight on her hands.'

Dr. Colin is giving Josh advice on how to look after Reva. Colin believes that it was Reva's love of Josh that has helped her recover so well and is glad that they're back together. He walks away but Jonathan has overheard the conversation. He asks Josh where the doctor could gotten the idea that he was back with Reva. Josh tries to say he didn't have time to explain, but Jonathan accuses him of trying to be 'Cassie's bed buddy while keeping Reva in his pocket.' He shouldn't be rubbing all of this in Reva's face, which is exactly what he's doing by putting himself at the center of her recovery. He wonders if Josh just feels guilty now because he realizes that Reva loved him enough to give him up.

Billy brings Reva some toast and tries to make her more comfortable. She gets agitated; she's had enough: She doesn't want any of this. 'Why?' asks Billy holding up a picture of Josh. 'Are you waiting for this guy?' Reva is already admitting that she regrets pushing Josh and Cassie together and may have made a huge mistake. Billy tells her that she wanted Josh happy; he is. Reva wonders if Billy is happy though. He tells her that he just wants to look after her and begins making plans for a vacation before being interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Lillian. She will be moving in and acting as Reva's nurse for the next couple of weeks. Billy is dismayed while they plan out their schedules and Lillian gives Reva advice about keeping the people she loves close. Lillian goes off to the pharmacy, leaving a none-too-pleased Billy behind. He knows that Reva is about to kick him out. She says that she hasn't been fair to him and just wants to give him his life back. He reminds her that he's always been there by choice, but she tells him that she can't give him what he wants from her. 'I don't know what's worse: Losing you to Josh or losing you when you try to do me a favor,' he says as he walks out. While he walks down the street, he runs into Cassie. He tells her that Reva just threw him out and a look of panic crosses her face.

Mallet catches Dinah packed up and ready to go. He thinks that it's 'funny' that she was the first to learn that Blake was the blogger and is now trying to leave town while she's flat on her back. He asks her if she trusts him, but she's reluctant to answer. He tells her about the video and how guilty she looks right now. She confesses that she hated Blake because she took away the thing that meant the most to her in the world, but she didn't try to poison her. She needs him to believe her this time. Her confession continues: She hated Blake and wanted to kill her; she even told all of this to her unconscious face, but realized that she couldn't do it. Blake is the only link she has left to her father. People will think she's guilty anyway, but Mallet says that he believes her. 'Then I trust you,' she says as he puts his arm around her. He convinces her to come down the station with him.

Marina and Remy are going through the evidence when they realize that Jeffrey was the target of the poison, not Blake. She rushes off to tell Mallet that Dinah must have been trying to kill Jeffrey. Mallet refuses to believe it though. Dinah overhears this and slaps him across the face, accusing him of trying to lay a trap for her. He cuffs her to the desk and tries to get her to calm down. Marina tries to flash the evidence against Dinah, but Dinah starts screaming at her and demands to be released or arrested. When they don't arrest her, she tears the drawer she's cuffed to out of the desk and walks out, disgusted that Mallet's betrayed her. Marina begins to protest since Mallet refuses to do anything. She says that what Dinah is doing is classic guilty behavior. Mallet accuses her of acting jealous. He insists that Dinah is innocent. She is just tired of being accused of things.

Jeffrey is in Blake's room when Olivia catches up with him. He claims that he's just there trying to figure out what was going on with her. Olivia says that he must just be looking for a way to take 'acting' out of his 'acting-mayor' title. 'I guess you know me pretty well then,' Jeffrey glibly states while rifling through papers. 'Better than you think.' She shudders when he moves past her to shut the door. He tells her that none of this was planned. She's uncomfortable and reminds him that there is a party going on downstairs. The thought makes her flash back again. She asks him if he's ever gotten a girl drunk at a party, back before he was what he is now. He's not following. Ashlee interrupts and threatens to call her mother since they're in Blake's room, but Olivia says that Jeffrey has warrant and Ashlee leaves. Olivia continues to rant at an uncomprehending Jeffrey. 'You always land on top don't you?' 'Practice makes perfect,' he says turning around while she grabs a letter opener from the desk. When she tries to stab him, he manages to wrestle the letter opener out of her hands and demands to know what she's doing. 'Something I should have done twenty years ago.' Jeffrey steps back as dread creeps into his features,. She begins to tell him about the rape and asks him if he remembers any of this. He wants to know who told her all of this. It was one of his 'associates.' Jeffrey's appalled. 'You want me to take responsibility for something that happened twenty years ago? It was only one night.' She says it was more than that for her; she got pregnant, but got rid of it. There's a knock at the door. It's Harley. She tells Jeffrey that the poison was meant for him. Does he know of anyone who would want him dead?

Next on GL:Olivia vows revenge. Billy and Cassie worry about what si going to happen. Reva confronts Josh.