Reva is already complaining about being stuck in bed all day. Billy tells Josh that she's getting better by leaps and bounds. Rick comes in with Reva's test results as Billy takes her hand. Rick says that he had to double check everything butshe can go home. There's no sign of cancer, but it's still too soon to say 'remission.' Her immune system was so weak, they couldn't tell that she was getting better from the bone marrow transplant. If she'd gone to her doctor's appointments, she would have known a lot sooner. Reva is jubilant and wants to go outside right away and breathe some air, play in traffic and have people stare at her and say: 'Aw hell! I thought she was dead.' Rick reminds her that she's going to have to be monitored all the time now; it isn't remission until five years have gone by. Rick gives her a hug and goes off to get the discharge papers ready with Billy and Josh. Cassie stays behind to help Reva dress and pack.

While Josh and Billy are filling out Reva's paperwork, Billy says that she'll be going to live at the cabin, before turning to Josh and asking him if he thinks that she 'should be going home with you?' Josh asks him if he thinks she's ready to get out at all. Billy says no, but it is 'inevitable' before reminding Josh that, when she was sick, she turned to him, not Josh. Josh says that, in doing this, Billy betrayed him. He only wants what's best for Reva now. Billy assures him that he is what's best for Reva.

Cassie thinks that Reva should be coming home to stay with her. Reva won't have this and instantly begins laying into her about Josh. She could imagine Josh taking up with Olivia, but not with her own sister. Cassie refuses to argue with her; getting upset will only make her sick again. Reva tells her that her world has just been turned upside down and she's only now learning to breathe again. She asks Cassie if they should mud wrestle for Josh and Cassie tells her to stop being so over-the-top. Reva can't help herself and continues to poke at her, but Cassie isn't about to give him up.

Reva is finally discharged, reluctantly climbing into a wheelchair with the sign from Cross Creek in her hands. She thanks everyone and apologizes for being such a pain. She thought that she was sparing them, but they spared her in the end. Billy wheels her out and they stop in the hallway so she can prepare herself for the fresh air. She asks him to take the long way home so she can say hello to all the things she said goodbye to before. When they get back to Cross Creek, she finds that Billy has had the place redecorated. 'New things for a new life.' He promises to fill every day of her life with joy.

Josh takes Cassie's hand and says 'let's go home.' When they arrive, they get out some wine and Cassie asks him if he wishes that he were bringing Reva home. He promises her that his home, where he belongs, is with her. But Cassie isn't convinced. Maybe the only thing that really pushed them together was Reva. Josh insists that what they have is theirs. 'Reva didn't create it and she can't take it away.'

Jeffrey is accepting the mayor's position is Blake's absence while Olivia clutches at her St. Jude's necklace. She can't take this anymore and tries to call in the assault. She refuses to leave a name or any details and gets fed up when the operator insists. She hangs up and says that she'll take care of this herself. She continues to flash back to her attack while Jeffrey tries to finish his press conference. She gets in front of the crowd and announces that there's something 'everyone should know about the real Jeffrey O'Neill' and claims that she knows everything that he's been trying to hide. He tries to make light of it and suggests that she's just accusing him of stealing towels from The Beacon. Before she can go into details, Mallet interrupts and takes Jeffrey away while Buzz rushes to Olivia and tries to calm her down. Jeffery thanks Mallet, who then flatly accuses him of 'dancing on Blake's grave.' Jeffrey seems surprised to hear that Blake was poisoned. Mallet says a man like him knows how to pretend to be surprised. Jeffrey says there is no reason for him trying to kill Blake. Mallet is just after him for sleeping with Dinah. Mallet then surprises him again by suggesting that he found out that Blake was the blogger before anyone and decided to take care of her.

Buzz is trying to calm Olivia down. He thinks that she's worried about Ava finding her father and tells her that people can change; he has. What doe she need from him? 'Something that you can't give me; something that I have to do by myself.' She walks away from him and follows Jeffrey back to his room. After entering, she tells him that she hasn't forgotten who he is.

Dinah comes to visit Blake in her hospital room. Blake is still unconscious, but this doesn't prevent Dinah from lashing out. 'You were always jealous of me and daddy and how close we were. You decided to turn things around and come after me. I can hit too and I can do it a hell of a lot harder than you.' Dinah blames Blake the blogger for destroying her plans with Mallet and taking away her chance at happiness. 'You deserve to die,' she says into her face as Blake's heart rate monitor becomes more erratic. Dinah continues to berate her until Marina interrupts and asks her if she's come to 'finish the job.' Dinah defends herself by saying that half the town was hurt by Blake's site. Marina wonders how she could have known that Blake was the blogger; it isn't public knowledge. Dinah says she heard some nurses chatting and then pushes her way out of the room.

Marina returns to the station and begins checking surveillance videos. She stares at the screen before exclaiming: 'O my God! My job would be so much tougher if the bad guys weren't so dumb.' She calls Mallet in to view the tape with her. They can see Dinah sneaking into Blake's room and then leaving with a bundle of Springfield Burns document and an angry look. 'She knew before any of us,' Marina says. Mallet doesn't want to believe it and sits, staring off. Marina offers to keep a lid on it for a few hours while he decides what he wants to do.

Next in GL: Mallet accuses Dinah of the poisoning. Billy wonders if Reva is waiting for Josh to come back to her. Marian realizes that Jeffrey was the target.