Olivia demands to know the name of the man who attacked her. 'He's right behind you,' the mysterious agent says as Olivia turns around to see Jeffrey's face on a poster. She's in a state of disbelief. As she flashes back to the night of her attack, she can't match the face of the man who attacked her to Jeffrey. That man didn't look anything like Prince Richard. 'Yes,' the agent says. 'Back then, O'Neill looked like O'Neill.' Olivia flashes back to when she was young, demanding help at the hotel after she discovered that she was pregnant. She tells the agent she was assaulted and he tries to get rid of her. He tells her that Jeffrey was the sort of person that they look for: A smart, resourceful young con with no conscience. Since they knew what Jeffrey was guilty of, they'd own him and could make him do whatever they wanted. Olivia is disgusted to hear all of this. She can't believe that they helped Jeffrey get away with what he did. 'He was lucky. Luckier than you,' the agent tells her before he walks away washing his hands of everything.

Jeffrey is in his room with his election team, excitedly waiting for the numbers to start coming in. He goes into the bathroom to wash his face and Dinah is already extending premature congratulations. Jeffery thinks she'll jinx him. She wants to know who he really is and what he did to land in jail; he's safe telling her. How many lives did he ruin, who did he kill? she wonders, but he only tells her that it was 'something like that.'

Outside of the Company polling station, Jeffrey is doing last minute campaigning while Dinah is getting drunk on champagne. She tells him that, even though she still has hard feelings towards him, she still voted for him. At least he's not Blake and he's not riding the widow ticket and exploiting the memory of her dead father. Later, Cassie comes out from voting and tells Jeffrey that she voted for him. She sees his necklace and asks him what it is. It's St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. He lost the original and just got a new one. Cassie tells him that he's not a lost cause anymore.

Olivia is clinging to her St. Jude's necklace, the one she found in the bed with her the morning after the attack. She tries calling Jeffrey and demanding that he meet with her right now; he won't get another chance. But Jeffrey can't hear her, he's at a small rally and the cheering has drowned her out.

Blake is with her tiny election team, disappointed at the results so far. She can't understand why anyone would take Jeffrey's fake sincerity seriously. Ashlee reminds her that she did and fell into bed with him. Blake's not amused but Harley and Frank interrupt her worried meanderings. They say that they're there on official business in case there's a threat, but Blake is just worried that they don't take her seriously. Frank confesses that he voted for her before he and Harley head outside. Blake retreats to her room and gets onto her computer. She logs into the Springfield Burns website and opens up Jeffrey's file, posting all the sordid details of his life. Ashlee interrupts and almost catches her, Blake tells her to wait a moment: She's just finishing her victory speech.

Jeffrey and Blake are on the podium waiting for the results to come in. He tells her that he hopes that everything is okay between them and that she's been a worthy opponent. 'You have no idea,' she smiles. Meanwhile, Olivia has been trying to get through security to talk to Jeffrey. Finally, Marina lets her through as Jeffrey is opening a bottle of champagne and 'tempting fate.' He believes that she's there to solidify plans for his victory party, but she launches into an attack on him, saying that he took her life away from her and that there's no way that he can win. He can't really hear her though; the crowd has started cheering and drowned her out again. He gets called up to the front with Blake, telling Remy to keep Olivia away from him: She's not being herself.

The announcement is made: Blake is the new mayor. Jeffrey is shocked but congratulates her and hands her a glass of champagne. She takes a swig and begins making her victory speech before collapsing in mid-sentence as the police department flies into action. Frank begins collecting the shards of the champagne glass, saying that there was the scent of poison on her breath. He sends Remy and Marina out to search Blake's room for clues while she is rushed to the hospital. When they begin collecting evidence in her room, Marina opens up Blake's computer and discovers all of the source files for the blogsite; she knows that Blake is the blogger. She calls Harley and tells her that Blake has been the blogger all along. Harley is stunned and realizes that this has made things even more complicated. How many people were hurt by the blogger? Almost everyone had a motive to poison her.

Amid the panic, Jeffrey has taken the podium and announces that there's been an accident. He will assume the position of mayor until Blake is ready to take her rightful place. Olivia is horrified while she stares directly at Jeffrey's St. Jude's necklace. She's sure that he is the man.

Next on GL:Rick has news for Reva. Olivia makes a public charge against Jeffrey. Marina suspects Dinah poisoned Blake.