After finding his father dead by the water, Phillip sits down by his side. He calls Rick, who rushes over. After the doctor confirms that he's gone, they call the paramedics to take him away. Phillip says that he will tell the family. His friend hugs him. Phillip walks down to the pier alone and stares off at the water.

The wedding guests are leaving the party. Alex wonders where her brother is. Beth tells her that Alan is busy talking to Phillip.

Phillip goes home and tells Alex that Alan isn't coming home. "We lost him," he explains. "No... no no no," Alex says, shaking. Phillip puts his arms around her as she stops herself from crying. After Alex gets up and walks around the room, Beth breaks into tears as she wonders what to tell Peyton. Phillip offers to help her but she needs to do it on her own. When she walks off, Alex tells Phillip she will start making calls. He leaves to tell Lizzie and James. Left alone, Alex throws the phone down and picks up a photo of her brother.

Beth goes upstairs and sits with her daughter. Holding her on her lap, she slowly tells her what happened.

Jonathan agrees to let Bill and Lizzie take Sarah home so he can pick her up later. Bill assures him that Sarah will be protected. Bill and Lizzie take Sarah to their place and talk about what games to play. They play tag. As they run around the lawn, Phillip arrives. Lizzie tells him that her little girl is the greatest thing. He asks her to take a walk with him. When they reach the end of the lawn, he tells her and they embrace.

Jonathan and Reva go home. He paces and complains that there is nothing to eat. She thinks he's just afraid to be away from his daughter and hugs him. As they play cards, he gets a call informing him that Alan died and asking him to pick Sarah up. After he leaves, she sits down. "It's too much loss," she says to herself. She takes all of the photos off the mantle.

Daisy and James wake up under a blanket in the field. She gets a text reminding her of Rafe's goodbye party.

Natalia and Olivia are packing things up for Rafe.

Rafe packs his bags. Frank goes through the list of stuff he needs. They hug and Rafe thanks him. Frank tells him he's a good man.

At Company, everyone gathers to say goodbye to Rafe. A call comes in. Lillian takes it and walks away in shock. Olivia takes the phone and then announces that Alan died. Everyone is silent. James walks out. Everyone is in shock. Blake can't believe he died when he seemed so good. Rafe wonders if this means he's making a mistake. Buzz tells him that he should still go into the army; it's what his grandfather would have wanted. Emma and Rafe talk about their granddad dying. He takes out his two magical quarters and gives her one. Whenever she gets lonely, she can look at it and think of him because he'll be thinking of her.

Jonathan arrives to pick up Sarah. He and Bill talk about the situation. Lizzie comes out and asks Jon to watch Sarah while they're at the mansion.

At the mansion, Alex gives instructions to the staff. She tells Bruno and Hilda that Alan loved them both in his own way. "We loved him too," Hilda says.

Beth and Phillip stand in the garden. She tells him she had a complicated relationship with Alan. She can't imagine the world without him. After she walks away, James wanders over to his father and they embrace.

Inside the mansion, Rick explains to the family that Alan died of a heart attack. Alex thanks him for coming. After he leaves, they start to wonder about the funeral. Alex says that her brother wanted to be cremated and didn't want any big ordeal. "He wanted to be just with the family and he wanted us to know that he loves us all," she says.

Billy and Josh drive up to meet Reva at Lizzie's. Jonathan and Sarah come out and they play skip rope. Lizzie and Bill return. She takes her daughter and daintily steps over the rope.

Frank, Ashlee, Daisy, Nat, Olivia and Blake take Rafe to the bus stop. He hugs them each as they stand in line. His mother weeps. He tells her he's got to go and asks Olivia to take care of his mom. He gets on the bus and Nat cries on Olivia's shoulder.

James and Daisy walk by the road.

Lillian goes into Company and throws her arms around Buzz. They tell each other how glad they are to have each other.

Alex goes to Cedars, sits by her brother's body and weeps.

"You saved me Dad... but you saved all of us," Phillip says to himself in the garden.

Next on Guiding Light:

Christina tells Frank he needs a lady.

Jeffrey tells Jonathan that he's going to take a shot at Edmund.

Billy wonders if Reva knows that she's the light of Josh's life.

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