Beth and Phillip are surprised to see Alex and Alan arrive at the pier as wedding ceremony ends. Phillip runs into Daisy and James. His son is still annoyed that he let Alan go through with the operation instead of him. James plods off and Phillip sighs. James runs into his grandfather down the boardwalk. Alan tells him that parents are supposed to save their children.

Beth finds Phillip staring into the water. He tells her how lucky he feels. She reminds him of what he said about loving her, but she won't hold him to it. He insists that he will always love her.

Marina and Shayne look at a picture of Henry and giggle. Reva and Josh happily watch their son smile. Bill and Josh join up and watch the crowd. Bill talks about how good life is looking right now.
The brides and grooms step up and thank everyone for coming to the ceremony and then compete to see who can kiss the bride better. Buzz and Lillian chat with Alex and Alan. Buzz takes Alex for a dance and Lillian tells Alan how proud she is of what he did for his son.

Jonathan and Lizzie talk by the water. He tells her that he visited Alan. She says that he's really changed. He leaves and meets Mel in the parking lot with his daughter. They walk back to the party. When everyone sees them, the dancing stops. Jonathan says that his daughter needs her mom and they will be staying. Everyone promises to help keep her safe. Jonathan takes out the custody papers he had drawn up.

Matt arrives to pick up Maureen. She's reluctant to go. He wants to leave. Vanessa asks him to stick around. He searches for beer. As he drinks, his daughter tells him he should be looking for a pretty girl. He doesn't think Vanessa's wedding is the place for that. Bridget and Nola come over and drag him onto the dance floor.

Frank and Blake talk by the water. She tells him never to give up on women. He explains that he invited someone but she claimed she was busy. "That's an 'ask me again'," she explains.

Josh congratulates his brother on marrying the girl of his dreams. "You didn't even have to kidnap her," he jokes. Josh wonders at how wonderful and good things are. Billy says everyone is where they are supposed to be. "Except for me," Josh says. He's always taken care of other people, but there is no one to take care of now so he's been thinking of leaving. Billy tells him how much he'll miss him.

Alan tells Rafe that he is a braver man than he is for joining the army. He's glad that a Spaulding will finally serve the country. After they hug, Alan wanders over to Reva. Billy approaches them and then makes an announcement to the guests. He tells them all about Alan saving Phillip and how he became a hero by making them believe in heroes again. Everyone toasts to him.

Josh tells Nat and Olivia how happy he is to see them happy. He thanks Olivia for being his friend and tells her that he is leaving. After he walks away from them, he sits with Shayne and tells him he's glad to see him happy. His son tells him what a great time he's having being a father. "I had a great example," Shayne tells him. Josh explains that he is leaving for Venezuela to work from the office down there. After a tender moment, they decide to go back to the party and drink.

Cyrus and Mel stand by the water and kiss.

Jonathan and Lizzie bring Sarah to her family. He introduces them to the Spauldings. Beth has trouble saying that she's a grandmother. Alan tells Sarah he's sorry it wasn't safe before but she's safe now.

Alan and Phillip talk by the water. He thanks his father for giving him a second chance. Alan says he only did what any parent who loves their child would do. He asks him to live this second chance to its fullest. Phillip promises that he will.

Shayne and Marina call the babysitter to check on Henry. He talks about how all-consuming being a parent is. He doesn't even recognize himself. They excitedly sneak away to see the baby.

Phillip walks up on Beth as she picks up sea shells from the beach. They talk about her painting and he encourages her to go back to it. He tells her that he will be great again if she will be with him for the rest of his life. He's in love with her and wants to be with her. "Marry me?" he asks. She sobs and agrees. They kiss. He feels like a kid again.

Alan and Buzz congratulate each other. Buzz is sure that he always had the courage to do it. Alan tells him how much he values their friendship. "You being happy for me means more to me than you'll ever know," Alan says. Buzz tells him how lucky they are and asks him to come back and dance with all of the women he's made love to. Alan wants a few minutes alone with the view. "I did it," he says to himself.

Josh dances with Reva. They talk about how she has her sons back. She thinks she'll be okay. He's decided it's the right time to move on. "If that's what you need," she says.

James and Daisy have a picnic and he tells her what a cool guy his grandfather is. He thinks his father owes Alan a lot. She wonders if Alan finally did what he was supposed to do.

Josh and Frank begin the best men toasts. Josh talks about how much he admires his brother and how Vanessa brings out the best in him. Frank is next. He tells his father that he loves him and Coop is watching and happy for them.

Phillip finds his father sitting on a bench. He tells him what just happened with Beth and how he never wants to waste another second of his life. He's tired of trying to fix things and just wants to appreciate things for what they are. It took having Alan saving him to teach him that. "You've given me more than my life... you've given me happiness," he says. When Alan doesn't respond, Phillip realizes that he's dead.

Next on Guiding Light:

Alan's body is taken away.

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