The Coopers go back to Company to swallow everything that's happened. A man from the bank comes in to serve Buzz some papers. He calls Marina over and the man explains that they are going to foreclose on their mortgages before they can declare bankruptcy.

Outside, Cyrus, Ashlee and Blake talk about Coop's book. She tells him that they can't get the money they need unless they hand in a finished manuscript by tonight. Cyrus urges them to try and help him save the Coopers. Blake says they can't do it without her so they run off to start.

Natalia drops by Olivia's office to let her know that tomorrow is her sonogram. "I know you're going to want to come with me," she says. Olivia wants her to leave this alone. Nat tells her to get over being afraid so she won't miss any more family moments. Olivia still refuses.

At Cedars, James confronts Ed about the procedure that could save Phillip. Ed insists it's untested and risky. In the corridor, Lizzie can't believe her father is dying. Alan rants about how his son has kept this from them. Lillian, Beth and Rick gather around Phillip and try to convince him to stay in the hospital. He refuses. James rushes in and tells them all that there is a cure and Dr. Bauer wasn't going to tell them. Ed explains that this would require an extreme operation that would likely kill both people involved. No doctor would do it because it's so risky. Lizzie wonders if one of them is a match. Phillip refuses to let anyone in his family take this chance. James and Lizzie still want to be tested. Phillip forbids it and leaves to talk to Emma.

James begs Rick to give him the test. Rick refuses but James won't back down. "I love my dad... we just never... I need him to know it," he stutters. The nurse is brought in and James is tested.

Natalia walks into Company. "Welcome to the morgue," Buzz says. The family is moping. Nat walks over to Frank to remind him about the sonogram tomorrow. Shayne sits with Henry and tells him what a crazy family he has.

Frank walks out and runs into Olivia across the street. She tells him she's not going to the appointment tomorrow because it's not her place. He doesn't know what anyone's place is anymore. He lists everything that's happened. She tries to ignore him but he says that in the broader scheme of things, it's not that bad. "Just do what you need to do," he tells her.

At the Beacon, Ashlee, Blake and Cyrus have three hours to write thirty five pages about his adventures in Australia. As they start, Doris comes in and asks what they're doing. When Ashlee tells her they're writing a book about Jenna, Doris jokes that she should write a book about her. "I can't. I don't know anything about you," Ashlee admits to her mother. As time runs down, they finish it and Blake calls the publisher as Cyrus hacks into the publisher's website to get it in on time. The publisher agrees to give Blake the advance. They jump up and down and yell for joy.

Phillip tells Olivia his news in the park. She cries. Emma runs up to them and he takes her for a walk and tells her by the water. She hugs him. After he leaves, Emma asks her mother if they can say goodbye to him again later. She wants to go to Nat's and bake cookies for him.

Nat runs into Alan at Cedars. She tells him how much she loves her new job. He tells her about Phillip and he thinks that Rafe should know. When he asks after her son, she tells him that he enlisted in the army. He drifts over to Lillian and she reminds him he has a cardio test. Alan says he's skipping it. "No one needs me anymore," he says morosely.

Doris runs into Natalia at the minimart. Nat tells her that Olivia is the love of her life and she's not letting go of her.

Olivia and Emma go to Nat's to bake cookies. Olivia leaves her daughter there and stays outside. As they bake, Nat stares out the window as Olivia stands on the lawn. Emma asks Nat about her baby and feels her belly. "It's a girl," Emma says.

Alan meets Phillip in the park.

Rick walks out to James and tells him he's a match. James is eager to take the next step. Phillip walks up and stops them, furious with both of them. He screams at James until he walks away. He lashes out at Rick. The doctor tells him that his son is a grown man and he just put his life on the line for him. "Just because you're dying, doesn't mean you can control what everybody feels. Let him be your son," he says.

At Company, Daisy and Frank push the peppershaker around until Blake, Ashlee and Cyrus come in with news. Blake tells them that the book is published and they are being sent an advance. It's enough to pay both mortgages and everything else. They're shocked and decide to have booze and milkshakes.

Daisy runs out and tells James her good news. She notices he's not okay. They take a walk.

Doris catches up with Olivia in the park. Doris tells her that she wishes she'd taken more risks in her life. Maybe it's time for her to risk everything and reach out for what's important, she says.

Ed meets with Alan and tells him that he is a potential match. He leaves him alone to think it over.

Next on Guiding Light:

Rafe tells Alan that he's enlisted. Alan thinks Gus would be proud.

Doris comes out to her daughter.

Ed warns Alan that the risk of the operation is extremely high.

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