Buzz tries to convince Olivia to go with him to talk to Coop. She says that she'd better go alone. Quickly, she finds him and tries to apologize for all the tension she's been causing between him and his father. She let's slip that Alan-Michael is helping Ava track down her father and asks him how he feels about her spending so much time with him. Coop puts on a face, but when she tells him that Ava is with Alan-Michael right now, he tries to pretend that he's just forgotten they had a meeting and runs off to find her.

Ava rushes into Alan-Michael's room, eager to find out everything that he's learned about her father. He informs her that it hasn't been easy to find a name. Instead, they've uncovered a great deal of information that still has to be sorted through. He produces several bulky folders of documents spanning Ava's entire life, from her adoption to all her school records. She thanks him for all the information. Alan-Michael says that he's had Olivia's story checked out and she might be telling the truth for once. He hands her the guest list for the party where Olivia was attacked. Her father must be one of these hundreds of men or, maybe, he was just a party crasher like Olivia. As she pours over the list, Coop knocks on the door and pushes his way in. Ava apologizes for not letting him know what she was up to. He tells her that this is a bad idea but that, if anyone is going to help her, it will be him. Coop escorts her out and then makes an excuse to go back in for a second. He tries to confront Alan-Michael who just seems bemused by Coop's territorial behavior and tells him that 'the tighter you hold onto someone; the more you push them away.' Ava may find out that she has more in common with him than she suspects. Coop says that she may just find out that Alan-Michael is more like Alan than she suspects. He grabs all of the folders and walks out, promising Ava that he will help her go through everything. Alan-Michael instantly begins calling his people, making sure they block any inquiries that Coop tries to make.

Blake is standing outside Comfort talking to her daughter on the phone when Jeffrey cuts in. He snidely wishes her luck while she wonders where all his friends are. 'I travel light,' he quips to her. She finds his sense of disconnection unnerving. He asks her to celebrate his victory with him later in his room and strides away, leaving her with a look of disbelief. Frank walks up behind her and asks her to come in for a coffee with him. She begins to tell him how much she needs this job so that Ross would be proud of her; her children can be proud of her; the town will finally taker her seriously and her life will mean something. Frank tries to comfort her by giving her a hug. They're both lonely.

Mallet and Marina are still asking Ashlee questions about her relationship with the blogger, but she insists that she's already told them anything. Mallet lets her go and tells Marina that pushing only goes so far. Besides, he has someone following her every move. Marina is annoyed that he hasn't been keeping her informed about his plans and begins poking at him about Dinah. Mallet finally confesses that he can't be around her anymore; he can't trust himself and Marina should help keep her away from him.

Jeffrey is in his room having his locks changed when Dinah arrives. He tells her that he's confident today will be his 'last day as a private citizenand other things.' He's throwing Dinah out; he's going to be mayor and will have an image to uphold. He can't shack up with just anyone. Dinah's not impressed but tries to contain her anger. It doesn't help that Jeffrey, rather patronizingly, tells her that he's 'setting her free' so that she can go back to Mallet. He feigns incomprehension at her annoyance and escorts her out the door. A moment later, there is a knock: It is Jeffrey's keeper from the agency who demands that he drop out of the election. If he becomes mayor now, he will be burning all of his bridges and all of his secrets will be coming out. Jeffrey refuses and tells him that he's close to putting the past behind him, putting all of the things that he was forced to do behind him so that he'll be able to look at himself in the mirror again. He doesn't owe them anything; he's not their slave anymore. Now, he's going to live his own life, not the one that was made for him.

Mallet and Marina go in to see Blake about security but she tells them that she's hired someone. Mallet's annoyed that he wasn't told earlier and then Blake presents the woman looking after her security: Natalie. Mallet instantly becomes more open to this and eagerly sits down to talk with her. Their flirting nauseates Marina and she wanders outside to play with her gun. Dinah approaches her and apologizes from making things tense with Mallet. Marina just wants to know what she wants. Dinah needs to know that Marina and Mallet are just partners. Marina assures her this is so, and then sends her in to see Mallet, knowing that Natalie is with him. Dinah walks in and spots Mallet flirting before biting her tongue and walking out. She begins to play with her ears in an agitated manner while quizzing Marina on who the woman is. Marina is less than helpful and Dinah strides off again. Mallet comes out and Marina teases him about Natalie before telling him that Dinah stopped by. She tells him that she suggested to Dinah that there was something between he and Natalie. Mallet tries to tell himself this is a good thing, but seems unconvinced.

Later, Jeffrey is alone to rehearsing his speech when Dinah returns. She tells him that he owes her for everything that she's done for him and she's there to collect.

Olivia is wandering around when she begins to have flashes of the party. Finally, the agent bumps into her and she glares up at his face. She remembers him: He was the man the ambassador sent to get rid of her all those years ago. She grabs him and tells him that she knows who he is. He reluctantly admits that he remembers her and she demands to know the name of the man who attacked her. 'He's right behind you,' he says as Olivia turns around to see Jeffrey's face on a poster smiling at her.

Next on GL:The details of Jeffrey's life come out.