Josh tells Matt that they are taking the day off to go golfing.

Cyrus is reading the manuscript to Buzz. They laugh and eat popcorn before discovering that Jenna went to the 'frog and toe'. They decide to head over to Company to use the internet so they can figure out where that is.

Lillian runs into Phillip at the library. They talk about his case and then she leaves him alone to do research. Christina comes in and finds him reading his horoscope. She talks to him about alternative medicine and miracle cures. Phillip thinks he believes in miracles and rushes off.

Phillip goes to see a healer. She offers him some herbs. He tells her that he's dying and only has a few weeks. She doesn't have what he needs, but hands him some contact information for a healer in Mexico. She also gives him a bloodstone to keep up his strength. When he walks out, he bumps into Lizzie. He lies about what he was just doing.

Phillip goes to his grave and tells it that he is going to Mexico. He's determined to find a way to keep living.

Lizzie walks into Company. Frank rants about Cyrus and how his father has gone crazy. Her father has gone crazy too, she says. Cyrus and Buzz arrive and start using Maureen's computer. Lillian shows up and explains that the 'frog and toe' is an old nickname for New York City. They decide to take a road trip. Buzz's car is dead so he is taking the restaurant's van. Frank stops him and tells him he can't take it. "Keep the damn van," Buzz says. Buzz and Cyrus try to figure out what to do and decide to take the bus.

Frank goes to see Lillian and tells her how worried he is about his father. He asks her to talk to Buzz and figure out what is wrong. She agrees but won't promise anything. She calls Buzz and asks him to come over and talk. When he arrives, she tells him that his son thinks he's crazy, but she's all for him taking the trip if it will give him closure. "You're a good woman," he says. She tells him to bring her back a present.

Lizzie runs into Cyrus at the minimart. She tells him the Coopers can't afford him running a scam on them. He's not. He owes them and wants to make up for what he's done to them. She believes him; she just can't tell where the scammer ends and the good guy beings. "I can't tell either," he says.

Buzz and Cyrus catch the bus for New York.

Daisy goes to see James after he's called her. He tells her he wants to go camping. She reminds him that he doesn't like doing that. "I like you," he says. She doesn't think she can tell her family that they are going camping together.

Christina goes to see Daisy and asks her to hang out. Daisy is going 'camping' with James for the night. James drives up and begins loading the car. They drive off to the woods and start setting up camp. They look for wood for the fire. After they get it going, they try roasting marshmallows. When it gets dark, he tells her they'll have to stay up all night together to keep the fire going and keep the bears away. They make out.

Rick runs into Olivia at the minimart. He offers her his hotdog but she turns it down. "You have no idea what you're missing," he says, stuffing his face. She walks away. When she gets to the park, she takes a nap on a bench. Matt comes by and wakes her up.

Rick and Matt sit at Company and talk about whether or not Olivia is 'still on the market'.

Phillip runs into Rick and begins asking him about spiritual healers in Mexico. Rick says they are quacks but Phillip says that's not good enough. When Rick leaves for a beer, Lillian approaches him and asks him if he is going to waste time in Mexico instead of spending time with his family. He refuses to stay and wait to die.

Rick and Frank sit with Matt in Company and laugh at Matt when he suggests that Olivia likes him. Rick begins talking about online dating and how it could even work for guys like them. They get onto the dating site and Rick begins making his highly exaggerated profile.

Phillip goes back to the mansion and begins packing. Lillian tries to convince him not to go. He refuses to give up and trudges off.

As Josh goes back to his room, he finds Olivia sitting in the hall. She's lonely and invites him in. They have drinks and decide to watch TV. She begins kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. "I need something but I don't know what it is," she says. She asks him to sleep beside her and hold her hand. They lie down together.

Next on Guiding Light:

James and Daisy are glad they went camping.

Shayne asks Bill where Dinah is.

Vanessa worries about her daughter.

Rafe and Olivia have another run-in.

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