Josh and Cassie are by Reva's side as she stares off, telling them that she 'thought it would hurt, but there's just light.' She tells everyone that she loves them and then flatlines. Josh whispers that he loves her and kisses her. Billy begins to take Cassie away as Josh slowly follows, stopping in the doorway and turning back as he begins to cry. He thinks that he hears her breathing and calls Mel in, demanding that she check her over. As a pulse begins to return, Josh starts to yell at her to 'keep fighting.' Billy's amazed that she's still alive and gets excited. Mel warns them all that this might not be anything; she is still very fragile. Josh gets down on his knees and takes her hand while he looks up at Cassie and his brother. He tells them that it's up to them now to help her live: 'She needs all of us.'

Jonathan and Lizzie are having the sonogram done while Ava and Olivia stand at the door watching. Olivia gets upset and leaves Ava to tell Jonathan that he needs to go and see Reva. Lizzie reaches out and stops him; he can't go to her without bringing a picture of the baby. She knows what it's like to lose a parent; he needs to hold onto hope and she'll be there for him. Jonathan's phone rings: It's Cassie. Lizzie tells him to hurry and he tells her that he wants her to come with him.

Reva's life signs continue to get stronger as Josh becomes increasingly giddy. Jonathan arrives with Lizzie following behind, ecstatic to find Reva still holding on. They place the picture of the baby by her head as Josh announces that he's going to round up everyone Reva's ever known so that she'll have someone by her side non-stop until she gets better. Everyone runs off to begin making calls while Josh insists on staying by her side. Cassie, leaving slowly, overhears Josh whispering to Reva again, choking back tears and begging her to come back to him.

Ava chases Olivia down and asks her if she got upset when she saw the sonogram. Perhaps it reminded her of when she was pregnant with her? Olivia says that she only felt miserable the whole time. Ava realizes that Olivia isn't willing to even talk about things and yet, still asks if there 'was even one second when you wanted me?' Olivia insists that she felt nothing but emptiness: 'I never felt emptier than when you were inside me.' Ava's disgusted and now feels that she has to find her father for, no matter what the circumstances, any good that is in her, couldn't have come from Olivia. She leaves Olivia as she flashes back to being awoken at night by the baby's kicks while she was a pregnant teenager. Even then, she resisted any chance of attachment.

Frank is trying to set up security for the election being held tomorrow. Dinah, lurking in the shadows, calls Harley over and tells her that she could use some security. Harley gets the idea and asks Mallet to do security for her. Mallet's not thrilled about the assignment, or pretends not to be. He confesses to Gus that he's still annoyed that Jeffrey cut in on his evening with Dinah. Simultaneously, Dinah is complaining to Harley that she's been sending all of these signals to Mallet and he hasn't been acting on them. Harley and Gus gets sick of listening to this and literally drag the pair of them together to talk things over. Mallet tries to insist to Dinah that she is just another assignment; he doesn't want to weigh in on her love life. She tries to explain that she isn't really with Jeffrey, but they're interrupted by Billy while he gleefully rounds people up to visit Reva.

Cassie tries to tell Olivia what's just happened with Reva. She's amazed that Josh somehow knew that she would keep fighting, even after they thought she was gone. Olivia isn't surprised though and tells Cassie that she should start worrying about what this will mean; it's not just Reva's life that's up in the air anymore.

Jonathan and Lizzie are grabbing food for the hospital. He tells her that he 'lucked out' somehow and can now imagine Reva meeting her granddaughter. He calms down and apologizes to Lizzie; he knows this isn't what she wanted. She wanted Coop; now she's stuck with him. Lizzie says that she loves that he would say something like that and that she loves him. She's been impressed by him, by how much they are 'in this together.' At first, she just thought that it was a dumb crush, but now she knows that it's the real thing. She stops him before he tries to explain that he doesn't feel the same way. She already knows this and can't change the way she feels. He's sorry that he can't say something else to her, but he's glad that she can be honest with him.

Buzz lights another candle and tells Coop that he still has hope. He wonders if Coop has any hope for Ava and Olivia. Coop tells him that he could light a bonfire for them and it wouldn't make any difference. Ava soon arrives and begins railing to Coop about Olivia before Buzz interrupts and takes Coop to the hospital with him. As soon as they are gone, Ava receives a call from Alan-Michael. He tells her to meet him in the morning; he has news about her father. Ava excitedly rushes off, while Olivia emerges from the background having overheard everything.

Josh can't stop talking to Reva, telling her about all the people who will be coming to see her when, suddenly, a lot of noise erupts from the corridor. He rushes out to see what it is and finds most of the town and even Hawk and Rusty there waiting to visit Reva. He puts his arms around Cassie and thanks her for doing this, while apologizing for not having time for her. She tells him that it's all about Reva now. Tammy is the first to go in. She finds Lizzie's sonogram on the floor and places it back by Reva's head. Upset, she quickly kisses her aunt's cheek and walks out. The guests each come in, one by one, in a steady stream through the night. Dinah leaves her side and stands by Mallet, impressed that Josh and Reva's feelings didn't go away even though they're apart. They hold a lengthy glance in each other's eyes before he tells her that he'll see her in the morning.

Tammy has gone down to the river to be alone. Remy soon follows and tells her not to cry over Jonathan anymore. She says that she's done crying. Letting go of Jonathan is nothing compared to what Reva did when she pushed Josh and Cassie together. She's just glad that she did the right thing.

Reva opens her eyes again and Josh is there waiting for her. She asks him if she's in heaven. 'No, Springfieldwith me. I see you can't leave me. I'll never let you go.' Cassie is only a few feet away. She wraps her arms around herself.

Next on GL:Election day. Jeffrey throws Dinah out. Olivia tries to stop Ava from finding her father.