Cassie and Josh are laying bed, but it's obvious that neither of them have slept. Josh is on edge and sits up in the bed, anxiously dialing doctors who give him nothing but bad news. He gets furious and smashes his phone into the floor. Cassie tries to calm him and tells him that Reva needs to be surrounded by things that she loves. She takes out the cameo that brought them together and Josh gets the idea to bring boxes of her stuff from Cross Creek to her hospital room. They arrive at Cross Creek and he stares at the mantle and all the pictures there. He finds the note which Reva hid in Marah's hiding spot and realizes that he wasn't supposed to read it until she died. Unable to look at it, he asks Cassie to read it to him. After she finishes reading it, she says that it's 'beautiful' and he apologizes for asking her to do this. She says it doesn't matter; she just wants to support Reva now. He says that she is the 'most selfless woman I've ever known.' She's troubled however, that Josh seems convinced that Reva will be getting better soon and blankly states that 'no matter how much you want her to get better, she's dying.' Josh doesn't want to hear this and begins running around the house refusing to acknowledge this. 'Reva is still Reva. She just has to fight.' Cassie felt the same way about Richard, even after they put him in the ground, but she was wrong. He starts crying and tells her that he can't let go of her yet.

Alan has brought Beth with him to Cedars to visit Reva. Beth suspects that this is part of some plot to weasel his way back into Lizzie's life, but Alan insists that he and Reva just have a long history together. They run into Rick who, Alan remarks, is being awfully glib for someone who slept with his wife. He's still having Beth and Rick followed and tells him that it's a good thing that he never returns Beth's calls. Alan puts his arm around Rick and takes him off for a little chat. Alan starts to wax poetic and Rick's anxiety gets the better of him as he prods Alan for answers about what his punishment will be. Alan wants to watch him squirm and won't tell him anything except that firing him would be too easy.

Jonathan has come to visit Reva. She is dreaming about driving off with Josh. Her monitors start ringing and he calls for help. Mel tells Jonathan that Reva is getting progressively weaker, but is still relatively stable. He holds her hand and she wakes up, asking him how Josh is. He tells her that Josh is shocked, the way that he and Billy were; he hasn't had time to say goodbye. Then, he promises to bring her a picture from Lizzie's sonogram later that day. She makes him promise not to let Alan come between he and the baby no matter what.

In the hallway, Jonathan finds Alan going to visit Reva and stops him. He can't understand what Alan wants to se her for, but Alan insists that they're practically family. He uses the opportunity to remind Jonathan that he can't shut his daughter off from getting to know most of her relatives; they need to start mending fences. Jonathan tells him that he and Lizzie are 'solid' and they are that way because he got sick of watching Alan manipulate her and pervert the idea of family. Alan's unimpressed and tells him that it won't last; Tammy will break it up and Lizzie will come running back to him. Jonathan tells Alan again to stay away from he and Lizzie.

Meanwhile, Beth has wandered off and found Mel. She first asks how Reva is and then how Mel is holding up. Mel says that Beth has a lot of gall and knows that she is just trying to find out if she and Rick are reconciling. Beth laughs it off and tells her she better try harder in her next marriage before doing a little pirouette and sauntering off. She finds Rick trying to call Mel for dinner and interrupts him. He says that Mel thinks she's trying to get him back in bed. Beth says that's exactly what she's trying to do. He tells her that he loves his wife and is trying to get his family back. What they had wasn't 'real.' Beth's genuinely offended and tells him that he doesn't belong with Mel. Rick asks her what will happen if Philip came back tomorrow, but Beth says that's not going to happen tomorrow.

Around the corner, Rick runs into Mel and asks her about dinner. She says that he won't have time for dinner's anytime soon: He just got a new job. He's supposed to run the new clinic in Clayton. Rick believes that Alan has done this, but Beth appears and confesses that it was her; she's going to be his new boss.

Billy has returned to AA and tells the group all about his recent fall from the wagon and how it happened. He knows now that he has to be strong for Reva, if only to let her go. He goes to the chapel to pray for Reva and lights a candle. Then he asks God for some more strength so that he can deal with all of this. He goes to her bedside and shows her their wedding photo, telling her that she's 'still a looker' and remembering all of the good times they had when they were young. He begins singing to her and she comes to, asking him not to stop. He tells her all about the AA meeting and she reminds him that he's her rock and she loves him very much. Billy realizes that she was right; she doesn't belong here with all of these tubes. He tries to convince her that, now, he will be okay when she is gone and everyone else will be too. He will stay by her side and hold her hand until the end. Josh overhears this and flies into a rage, pulling Billy away from the bed and yelling at him for saying that it was alright to go.

Next on GL:Josh tries to convince Reva that she can beat the cancer. Billy confesses Reva's plans to Cassie.