Natalia gets sick in the bathroom at Company and wonders what's wrong with her. Outside, Blake asks Buzz what stinks. He's having trouble with his oven. Natalia comes out and tells them that she feels a little sick. Blake brings some water and talks about how great Nat is.

Natalia goes home to get some cookies and brownies ready for Father Ray. They pack them up and she tells him she isn't feeling well and then talks about her problems with her son. "Maybe that's why you're not feeling well," he suggests. He tells her that her lifestyle is putting her in conflict with the church and her son. He thinks this won't go away. She refuses to believe that God is judging her because she loves someone and refuses to lie about how she feels. "Just because something is easier, doesn't make it right," she argues.

At Towers, Ashlee throws a fit at her mother after she tells her she's using the wrong fork. When she leaves, Olivia arrives and sits down. Doris is upset; she feels like she can't be herself around her daughter because she's been lying about who she is. Olivia suggests that she tell her daughter the truth. Doris tried once but she couldn't. "I hope you handle it better than I have," she tells Olivia.

Frank tells Rafe that he's proud of him for going to see his mother. Rafe can't believe how cool he is being about everything and asks him who he blames for ruining the wedding. Frank tells him he's disappointed but that's life and there's no one to blame. He thinks that he should be talking to his mother about this. Rafe tells him to stop lying to himself about how he really feels.

When he arrives at Company, Blake hugs Frank when he comes in and tells him what a good man he is.

In the park, Mallet questions Marina and Shayne and orders him and his family not to leave town. They argue and the cop tells him that his family is playing a dangerous game. They argue some more. Shayne has no idea what's going on with Dinah and Jeffrey and why she lied to him. "Because she's Dinah," Mallet glosses. He gets a call and then informs them that there were shots fired at Dinah and Jeffrey. When he pushes Shayne some more, Shayne starts to blow up. Marina stops him and tells him he needs to walk away. "You are very lucky that I'm a friend," Shayne says, walking off. Mallet asks what that was supposed to mean and then asks her what she meant when she said 'our son' to Shayne earlier. She babbles through an excuse. He finally tells her to stop. "I know Henry is Shayne's son," he says. She tries to deny it but he tells her to stop lying. "I'm sorry!" she cries. He can't believe that he didn't figure this out sooner. As she shakes, she tells him that Shayne doesn't want to be Henry's dad and Lara's dead so she didn't see the point in telling him the truth. After she thanks him for being so understanding, he hugs her.

Reva looks out her window and sees Josh sitting in his car. She goes outside with a note and a cup of coffee, leaving them in the driveway. He wanders over to pick them up. The note says, "Where's my husband?" Josh tells her that this was all Jeffrey's idea. She accuses him of going along with this just so he could spy on her. He tells her to trust her husband and walks away. Lillian and Buzz arrive to pick up Reva. She tells them that Josh follows her everywhere and then they take the baby and leave for lunch. As they drive off, Reva shouts to Josh that they are going to Towers.

"I like naked stories just as much as the next person, but we can talk about Jeffrey," Reva tells Lillian and Buzz as they try to cheer her up. Reva sneers at Josh as he sits across the room while they eat lunch. She's sure he's exploiting Jeffrey's absence to get closer to her. After lunch, they take her home.

Shayne runs into his father in the parking lot and confronts him about Dinah leaving with Jeffrey. He accuses him of making things worse and wishes that the family would stop making things worse by trying to protect each other. Josh doesn't know when the lies will stop. "That answer sucks!" Shayne shouts.

At Company, Lillian and Buzz are debating whether Reva is miserable or not. Josh comes in and starts ranting about the danger Reva is in. He takes a refill of his coffee and storms off. Frank says that family brings their troubles on themselves. Without them, most of the town's problems wouldn't exist. Across the room, Ashlee apologizes to her mother for storming off before. Doris gets teary and hugs her tight. She has something she wants to tell her, but, before she can, Ashlee leaves.

Olivia runs into Rafe in the minimart. As she tries talking to him, he tells her not to pretend they're friends. They each accuse the other of doing something wrong to Nat. She tells him to grow up and put his mom ahead of him. He claims he always has. She's dragged him to church his whole life and now he's worried what will happened to her when she has to answer to God. She thinks he'll have to find a way to get past this and help his mom instead of judging her. He walks away. She calls Phillip and tells him they need to talk.

Blake and Natalia are working but Blake can't stop talking about Natalia's relationship. She's never seen Olivia so happy, she claims. When she leaves to take a call, Nat gets nauseous again and wonders what's wrong. Blake returns and Nat tells her her symptoms. Blake thinks it sounds like she's pregnant.

Shayne goes to see his mother and tells her the latest about Dinah and Jeffrey. He even tells her that they got shot at today and Dinah's life is in her husband's hands. They don't want to sit around and wait. She spots Josh outside and complains. Shayne walks out and confronts his father.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lillian discovers that she will be treating Phillip for a terminal disease.

Natalia worries that Phillip will disagree with them telling Emma the truth.

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