Shayne goes to WSPR looking for Dinah. He questions Ashlee about where she could be. Ashlee tiptoes over to The Beacon and he follows. She suggests that Dinah could be having an affair. They go into Dinah's room but no one is there.

Marina brings Henry into Company to see Buzz when Blake and Christina come in. Christina worries about where Remy is. Blake begins asking Christina all about the diamond case until she gets called away to work. Buzz takes Henry to see the package that came for Coop. He tells him how he's afraid to unwrap it. He knows it's crazy, but he'll keep waiting. Shayne comes in and Buzz asks him to take care of Henry for a few minutes.

At the station, Frank and Mallet are going over tips they've got on Jeffrey. They guess he must be working some plot in Bosnia. Frank wonders about how weird it is that Springfield can have so many connections to Bosnia. Marina drops by and then Ashlee comes in to tell them that Dinah has gone missing. "This isn't good Frank," Mallet says. A fax comes in. It's a picture of Jeffrey and Dinah in Bosnia.

Cyrus tells Remy how ruthless the people who want the diamonds are and how much danger they are both in. Remy still wants to go to the cops but Cyrus is sure they'll both end up dead or in jail. Remy gets an idea for how to catch Natasha. Cyrus is impressed. "You'd make an excellent criminal," he says. They cuff Remy, who then asks Cyrus to punch him. He laughs and does it. "How often do I get the chance to punch a cop?" he asks. Remy gets into the back and they drive off as Christina watches in the distance. She panics and follows them.

Cyrus takes Remy to Natasha. She's happy to see the diamonds and tells him to kill the cop. Cyrus pulls a gun on her and Remy slips the cuffs off but Christina runs in before they can arrest Natasha. She grabs Christina. They tell her that they're under surveillance and then Cyrus and Remy begin arguing. Cyrus grabs Remy and then all four of them struggle until Cyrus throws Natasha against the wall. They arrest her. Frank comes and takes her away. He tells them that the case is closed and Cyrus covers for Remy. Christina tells them to take a shower. As they walk away, Cyrus stands back to count the diamonds he swiped.

Natalia tells Olivia that she's excited about her first day in her new job. They hold hands and tell each other that they choose each other. Olivia says she is going to tell Emma about them when she gets home from school. Natalia wonders if she's ready for that and suggests they rehearse and do it together. Olivia thinks she should do it alone.

Olivia paces in her room as she waits for Emma to come home. When the little girl gets home, she goes into the washroom while her nanny explains that she had a rough day at camp because she wasn't wearing a pink shirt like her friends. "Kids don't like to be different. Today, she felt different. Like an outsider," she explains. After she leaves, Olivia tells Emma that the most important thing is that she is who she is. "Different is fine," Olivia tells her. Emma doesn't want to be different. She asks her mother what she wants to talk about. "Not today," Olivia decides.

Blake and Natalia are meeting at Towers and talking business. Blake asks her why Olivia let her go. "We needed some time apart," Natalia says. Blake keeps probing. "Oh my gosh! Why didn't I see this before?" she blurts out. She wants to throw a luncheon for Nat and Olivia to announce their relationship to everyone. Nat's shocked. Blake tells her how lucky she is to find someone to love and thinks she should be screaming it from the rooftops. Nat can't do that.

Mallet runs into Ashlee at Cedars and questions her about Dinah. They talk about the blood drive. When she hands him the donator's list, he notices Shayne's name and blood type.

As Shayne sits with Henry in the park, Marina runs up and tears the child from his arms. She accuses him of trying to use the baby to lure Edmund out. She lets it slip that Dinah is in Bosnia with Jeffrey. He explains that Dinah lied to him and they aren't using Henry as bait. Marina starts to worry that Edmund will find out and come after the baby. He refuses to let Edmund take him away from them. She begs him not to go to Bosnia looking for Dinah. "I need you to help protect our son," she says. Mallet walks over as they argue.

Natalia runs into Olivia at Company and tells her that Blake knows their secret, but promised to keep it a secret. Olivia worries and admits that she chickened out on coming clean with her daughter. She doesn't want Emma to find out the way that Rafe did. Olivia thinks they should go to the barbecue as a couple and explain everything to Emma together. Natalia goes into the washroom, feeling hot and ill. "What's wrong with me?" she wonders.

Next on Guiding Light:

"If I didn't know you were with Olivia, I'd probably say you were pregnant," Blake says to Natalia.

Shayne argues with Mallet.

Phillip tells Lillian that he's terminal.

The Bauer barbecue brings people back to town.

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