Ed finds Phillip waiting at the clinic. Phillip needed time to process what's happening. Ed explains that his lungs have been irreversibly compromised and the contamination has spread into his bloodstream. It's a really rare disease with no cure. "How long?" Phillip asks. Ed guesses it can't be more than three months. He suggests that he call his family but Phillip wants to keep it quiet.

Phillip walks out onto the basketball court. He throws the ball in the air and screams, "Why?" Rick arrives and Ed comes out. He invites him over to Michelle's. Phillip thinks he should get home. Ed tells him to call and let him know he's okay. Rick tells his father he's never said that to him. "Maybe I should," Ed says.

Lizzie asks Bill when he will back their mothers off of the wedding committee. He thinks she should do it. They agree to tell each other's parents. She tells his mother and they head over to Company so he can take his turn.

Lillian is with Beth at Company wishing they had three months to plan the wedding. Bill sits down with them while Lizzie stands back. He tells them that they're out and then sits with Lizzie to start planning things. They decide to split the list in half.

Buzz is in the kitchen arguing with his oven. Cyrus comes in and fixes it before leaving to take a call. It's Natasha demanding her diamonds. He tells her that he knows who has them.

Remy flushes the diamonds down the toilet and then sits down with Christina. He feels relaxed and satisfied. Now he wonders how he can solve this case when there is no longer any evidence. She gets called away. Once she leaves, Cyrus arrives. He shows him the surveillance photo he got and demands the diamonds. Remy says he doesn't have them. Cyrus explains that the people who want them would kill for them. Taking him into the bathroom, Remy explains that he flushed them. They try digging in the pipes with a wire but have no luck.

Christina arrives at Cedars to see Mel. She's going to be helping her study. Mel wonders why she and Remy keep making things difficult. Christina says they are better together when they have some distance between them. They study and Mel grills her for details about Remy's life.

Remy and Cyrus head to the sewer plant. They argue about what to do and Cyrus begins stripping. Remy follows and they leap in. After they swim around, they get out and hose each other down until Mel shows up. They tell her they don't want her to know what they've been doing. She smiles at Cyrus and shakes his hand, inviting him to the barbecue. As she walks away, Cyrus says she's a beautiful woman but he'll be dead before he gets to do anything. Remy pulls out the diamonds and dangles them in his face. Remy says he's giving them to the cops. Cyrus wants them but Remy thinks he's scamming him.

A delivery guy drops off a package for Coop and Beth signs for it. She goes back inside and hands it to Buzz. Frank arrives. They wonder what could be in the package. Buzz wonders why this feels so important.

Rick calls Beth and tells her that Michelle is going to be the hostess of the barbecue. He brings up the fact that they got married at one and how he didn't want her to feel obligated. She didn't. He calls Mel next to tell her that she doesn't have to be the hostess. That's fine with her. She reminds him that they've been divorced for years. "What a moron!" she says as she hangs up. Beth overhears. They begin laughing. "What were we thinking?" they shout in unison.

Christina bumps into Lizzie and Bill in the park. They show her their wedding invites and tell her they're keeping it simple. They split up and make plans. When they get back together, she's not impressed that all he did was call Josh. Beth approaches and they show her some flowers.

When Christina gets into Company, Frank begins talking to her about Remy and Cyrus as Natasha sits in the corner and listens.

Buzz and Lillian go to the graveyard to visit Coop's grave. He tells his son that he loves him and thinks about him all the time. As he sits, he talks about how he enjoyed all the simple things and there is never enough time. When they return to Company, Frank asks his father why he hasn't opened the package yet. Buzz is afraid that if he opens it, it's over. He places it in the window.

Mel runs into Christina in the minimart and tells her that she might not want to study with Remy tonight considering how much he stinks. As she explains that she caught him coming out of the sewer, she tries to give her some air freshener but Christina runs off.

Phillip returns to town. He gets out of the car two miles from the house to walk. As he walks, he spots Lizzie with Bill and Beth. Lizzie spots her father and walks over to give him a hug. When she asks him to walk her down the aisle, he kisses her hand and tells her she'll always be his girl. The couple walks off and Beth talks about how they'll get to watch them grow old and be happy. "We have a lot to look forward to," she says.

Next on Guiding Light:

Olivia prepares to tell Emma about her relationship with Natalia.

Cyrus and Remy try to figure out how to double cross Natasha.

Ashlee wants to file a missing persons report on Dinah.

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