James is picking up trash as part of his community service. Alan pulls up and announces he is there to rescue him. He's hired someone to finish his sentence for him. After putting in the ringer and buying off the witnesses, they leave. Alan explains that the Spaulding men always bail each other out and announces that he is taking him out to play basketball.

Beth is at the mansion looking for her son. Alex is drinking and laughing. She tells her that Alan just left to buy James out of his situation. Beth sits down to join her in a drink, complaining about how well her son was doing before Phillip came back, while things seem better than ever for Lizzie. She can only hope that this doesn't lead to the same pattern that Alan has had with his son.

Ed is surprised to see Phillip in his office. They sit down and talk about Rick and the barbecue, but Ed is sure that he isn't there to talk about this. Phillip admits that something is wrong with him and it could be serious. He explains that he developed different symptoms when he was living in seclusion. A doctor told him he may have been infected while living in the woods. Ed gets some more details and takes blood. He shows him pictures of Danny and Michelle and their kids. They catch up some more and then Ed tells Phillip to get some air while he waits for the test results.

Phillip wanders outside and suddenly bumps into Rick. "What in the world are you doing here?" the doctor asks him. He claims that he's only there to convince Ed to come to the barbecue. Rick says they'll have to go in together and talk him into it. They go in and start nagging Ed to come. Phillip walks out to take a call from Beth. She tells him what Alan did and worries that history is repeating itself. He's quiet. When he looks back inside, he watches Ed and Rick reminiscing.

Rick and Phillip walk the grounds and talk about the barbecue. The topic turns to when Rick married Beth. Phillip doesn't want to talk about it, but Rick continues and tells him that he needs to learn to forgive everyone else like they've forgiven him. They argue and Rick wonders why he's really there. Phillip walks away.

When Phillip wanders onto a basketball court, Rick follows and begins mocking him to the two young men there. Rick and Phillip taunt each other into a game. As the four of them play, the old friends continue to mock each other and bicker. Phillip has trouble breathing and has to take a break. Rick soon follows him. They're kicking themselves for taking on people half their age. Rick says it feels like a hundred years since he thought anything was possible. Phillip tells him that their friendship hasn't changed. When the boys call them 'geriatric' they decide to teach them a lesson. They go back, beat them and laugh. A call comes in for Phillip from Ed.

Beth tracks down Alan and James in Company. She confronts Alan and James wanders off. Beth accuses Alan of trying to anger Phillip and keep control of the family. James watches from the bar and tries to sneak a beer. Buzz catches him and hands him a root beer. James is tired of all the rules. Buzz warns him that it only gets worse. Beth and Alan continue to argue. She's afraid her son will never learn there are consequences to his actions. He thinks she's having a hard time with the fact that Phillip hasn't made her the center of his world since he got back. When he mocks her relationship with Coop, she threatens him and storms off. Alan walks over to the bar to collect his grandson.

Lillian finds her daughter sitting on the bench. Beth tells her that Lizzie is finally happy because she found a way to separate herself from the family. Now James is stuck in the middle and she doesn't know what to do. Lillian tells her daughter that she can learn to be independent too. She guesses that her daughter is upset about more than James though. Beth admits that there is still something between her and Phillip. Lillian already knew that. "I'm not very lucky in love," Beth sobs. Her mother tells her that they have plenty of time to let things happen.

When Phillip returns to Ed's office, Ed tells him the results are not good. "What you have is untreatable and, I'm sorry, it's terminal," he says. Phillip leaps up and walks out.

James and Alan return to the mansion to play chess. Alan tells him how much his father loves him and that their relationship will get easier in time. James wishes they were more normal. Alan tells him they aren't normal – they battle, that's part of their heritage. It's what brings them together and makes them stronger.

Next on Guiding Light:

Bill offers to help Lizzie.

Phillip doesn't want to tell his family about what's wrong with him.

Natasha badgers Cyrus.

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