At Cross Creek, Reva's showing the baby how to make coffee. She begins shouting at the lamp in the window. She's not a patient person and doesn't know how she will be able to wait for Jeffrey.

Mallet calls Josh and asks him to meet for breakfast. When they meet up at Company, Mallet explains that the charges against Reva have been dropped and Jeffrey is now the prime suspect. Josh is relieved. Mallet wants to arrest all three of them for lying to him from the start but it's not his call. Jeffrey calls and Josh covers, claiming he is talking to Wanda. He fills him in and Jeffrey tells him again to keep his hands off of his wife. Billy arrives and orders his usual eggs and pie. Mallet warns them that this case won't be closed until he gets the truth.

Marina is feeding Henry breakfast when Reva comes to her door and asks her to babysit for a few days while she runs off. Reva claims that she is going to see her father. When she leaves, Mallet arrives and his wife informs him that Reva has run off on some errands... for a few days. He guesses she's after Jeffrey and wants to call the FBI. Marina tries stopping him and reminds him that their adoption wasn't by the book. He doesn't appreciate the comparison and walks out.

Reva goes to Cedars and picks up some meds from Rick. Before she can leave, Josh corners her and tells her she's not going anywhere. He reminds her that Jeffrey set himself up to keep her safe and she could ruin everything if she gets involved. "For once in your life, do what your husband wants," he says.

Bill and Lizzie lounge in bed. She says they should get up. As they start kissing, she bolts up and asks him for the date. Lizzie's realized they only have 21 days until the wedding. She starts looking through catalogs but has trouble making any choices. They make out.

Lillian and Beth are at Cedars wondering whether Lizzie has made any plans for her wedding yet. Beth has no idea what's going on. Lillian thinks she should take some time off to help plan things.

Alex meets with Vanessa at Towers. Vanessa's worried about whether there are actually any plans for the wedding yet. Alex says that Lizzie is being very independent these days and hasn't made any plans. "This is out of the question!" Vanessa says. They decide that they better get to work.

Lillian and Beth go to the minimart and pick up bridal magazines when Alex and Vanessa walk in. They begin discussing plans and decide that Lizzie and Bill need them. They barge into Bill and Lizzie's room, sit in the bed with them and begin dividing up the work load. Lillian and Alex start feeding them cake samples and then pulling out wedding gowns. "I have no pants on!" Bill objects when the tailor asks him to step up and be measured. He wraps himself in a sheet and escapes. The women try plotting as Lizzie stands there haplessly.

Alan walks in on Phillip and tells him that he's very proud of how he handled James. Now he's looking forward to three generations of Spaulding men working together. They go downstairs as Hilda serves breakfast for them. James tells them that he's only there because he has to be. Alan informs them that they are having a board meeting today and he needs Phillip's vote to make sure that he is the new CEO. Phillip refuses to go so Alan tells James that he can join the board. Alan begins promising him a corner office and then wanders off. Phillip tells his son that he doesn't have to do this. "I can handle Granddad," James says. Phillip warns him that Alan is treacherous. James throws that back in his face and defends Alan for at least being honest. After he storms off, Jeremy tells Phillip that the jet is ready to go.

When James walks into Company, Billy confronts him for what he did to his son and warns him that he will be watching him from now on.

James goes over to the office to see Alan. Bill arrives carrying a box of his stuff and advises James to run.

Mallet calls Josh in to the station and rants at him. He's sick of everyone lying to him. Josh walks away.

Reva returns to Marina's to get Colin. She explains that she can't go on the run and walks away. When she takes the baby home, she cries and explains that she doesn't know what to do. She wishes that Jeffrey had explained things before he ran off. As she puts the lamp in the window, her phone rings. It's Josh. She shouts at him.

Marina goes to the station to see Mallet and tell him that Reva isn't going anywhere. She worries about Reva and how she doesn't know who to trust. "Join the club," he says.

When Bill returns to his room, he finds Lizzie in a dress and painted up. "We can't let those four women plan our wedding," she tells him. They eat cake and she asks him if they can plan things together.

Vanessa and Billy are at Company talking about weddings.

Alex, Lillian and Beth go drinking. Lillian thinks that they got a lot done. Alan arrives and talks about his day with his son and grandson.

As Rick and James shoot hoops, the doctor tells him that he doesn't have the market cornered on hating his father. After Rick leaves, Alan arrives and plays with him.

Phillip goes to see Dr. Ed Bauer.

Next on Guiding Light:

Alan bonds with James.

Beth gets angry at Alan.

Phillip tells Ed that something could be seriously wrong with him.

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