Reva stands outside of Cross Creek. When she spots Josh, she screams at him, demanding that he leave. "I need my husband!" she yells. When she goes inside, Blake arrives. Reva rants at her and vows to go and find Jeffrey. She orders Blake to go. Instead of leaving, Blake begins folding her laundry and making tea. Reva eventually breaks down and tells her how helpless she feels now that her husband is gone. Blake knows how that feels, but reminds Reva that Jeffrey isn't dead. "What man would walk away from all this?" Blake asks.

In Bosnia, Dinah stands at Lara's grave and tells her that they are doing what they are for a good reason. She tells her about what's happened with her baby and the trouble that Edmund has caused. She also tells her about getting Shayne a new music box after he broke the last one. Dinah worries that he's losing everything. While Jeffrey's associates take her grave marker away, Dinah explains that they are trying to make it look like she's alive so they can grab Edmund. Jeffrey returns and they prepare for the next step. She gets annoyed when she sees that he's sending Reva a text message. He lets her use a disposable cell phone.

Shayne wakes up and finds Lara in his bed. She tells him how happy she is to be pregnant. As he touches her belly, he gushes about what a great kid Henry is. When she asks him who Henry is, Shayne wakes up. It was all a dream.

Frank walks into Company and Daisy asks for some answers about what's going on. He tells her what he can and admits that they now have two suspects. He gets a beer and tells her about Rafe's birthday. When Frank leaves, Josh arrives and tells Daisy that Reva could use a visit. She offers to head over there now. He suggests she give her some time.

Natalia, Olivia and Emma stare at the birthday cake. The women wonder if Rafe will come back and begin to forgive them. Emma starts sneaking icing so Natalia suggests that she light the candles and blow them out. They all make wishes and blow out the candles. Natalia talks about how she's always made her son's cakes from scratch and Olivia tells her what a good mother she is. Natalia is skeptical but Olivia tells her that they won't let her lose her son. Their relationship can't survive without Rafe. Olivia leaves to take her daughter to camp.

Natalia tracks Frank down and tells him it's Rafe's birthday. He already got him a card and Daisy will be taking him to the movies. She thanks him for looking out for her son. When she leaves, Frank and Marina play with Henry.

"Between your mom's anger and my anger I'm surprised you and your sister aren't a helluva lot more screwed up than you are," Josh tells Shayne as he sits with him. Shayne guesses this is about Jeffrey's plan to set himself up. Josh tells him to 'wear a cup' when he goes to visit his mother later. He doesn't want him giving up his life to look after her. Shayne has plenty of time on his hands and tells him about his dream. Marina comes over with the baby.

Blake is shocked when she finds Natalia getting a shot of vodka at Towers. Blake sits down with her and Nat complains about her day and how she just had a bad job interview. Blake informs her that she is going back into publishing and could use an assistant.

Daisy goes to visit Reva. After grumbling at the granddaughter, she calls Lillian and asks her to look after Colin for a few more hours. A text message comes in for Reva. She's overjoyed to see it's from Jeffrey. He asks her to leave a light on for him because he will be back soon. Reva searches the cabinets for her grandmother's lantern. When she finds it, she sees Jeffrey's ring is on it. She freaks out but Daisy calms her down. Reva decides to leave it lit all night and day.

Olivia and Emma are gardening in the park. Natalia arrives and tells Olivia that Blake offered her a job. She helps them plant flowers and they kid around. Nat tries calling her son and tempting him home with cake. She wishes there was more she could do. Olivia tells her that he's a grown man and will have to find a way to make himself happy. Natalia worries that she may never be able to make things okay for her and Rafe. Olivia tells her they can wait until he comes around, but Natalia is sick of waiting for other people to accept them. Before they can kiss, Emma interrupts and asks them what they're waiting for.

Dinah calls Shayne, still pretending that she is in Wisconsin. He tells her how crazy things have been and how he has been dreaming of Lara again. "You're the one I want to be dreaming about," he tells her. When he goes back into Company, he finds his father playing with Henry and takes him outside. He admits that he's worried about Dinah.

In Bosnia, Jeffrey and Dinah are bickering. She just wants to get this done and go home.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie only has 21 days until her wedding.

Olivia plans her talk with Emma.

"I'm not a patient person. I don't wait," Reva rants.

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