Josh wakes up in his car and continues keeping an eye on Cross Creek. Inside, Reva wakes up Shayne and tells him they need to head out. She has no idea where her husband is and needs to track him down. They walk out and get into her car. Josh follows. When they get to the police station, Josh stops her outside and tells her that he has a message from Jeffrey. He explains that he's gone looking for Edmund and they manufactured evidence to frame him. "He'd never leave me," she says, storming off. He follows her and argues that this was the only thing that made sense. "To hell with you!" she says, ordering him to stay away from her. "I have to find Jeffrey," she tells Shayne. When she gets in the car, her son won't let her drive while she's being irrational. He tells her to trust that her husband will make everything okay.

In Bosnia, Jeffrey and Dinah go to meet one of his old contacts, Mr. Grieci. They explain that they are setting a trap for Edmund and using his daughter Lara as bait. They are going to dig a new grave for Lara and then leak a story that she faked her death and she's a covert operative. Dinah will play Lara and this should be enough to draw Edmund out.

Olivia drops Emma off at camp and they talk about what to get Rafe for his birthday.

Natalia accidentally drops some eggs at the minimart. Matt comes over to help and offers to buy her a cup of coffee. He takes her outside and shows her his bike. Olivia arrives and Matt bikes off. "He did the bike routine for me the other day," Olivia says.

Frank and Rafe are having breakfast when Frank realizes it's his birthday. "I don't celebrate it," Rafe claims. Frank encourages him to go and see his mother but Rafe doesn't want to.

Marina goes to visit Mallet. He admits that he has no idea where Jeffrey is but he's sure that they will find him. Shayne comes in and begins taunting Mallet. The cop orders him out and threatens to arrest him for getting in the way.

Mallet goes out to check on his men and finds them playing video games instead of looking for Jeffrey. He begins ranting at them and tells them that he'll be filing a report against them.

Rafe goes home to see his mother. He wanted to see her last night but couldn't do it. She admits that this relationship with Olivia conflicts with her beliefs and she's had a lot of long talks with God about it. They miss each other and hug. When she suggests that the three of them sit down some time, he gets up and leaves.

Frank runs into Olivia at the minimart. He suggests that she give Nat and Rafe some time and space to work things out. "What if Natalia needs me?" she asks. He tells her to be careful.

Frank arrives at the station. He and Mallet work on a strategy for how to get to Jeffrey.

Reva and Shayne go to Jeffrey's office. She hacks into his computer and begins searching for where he might be. After they leave, Frank and the cops come in. They guess that Reva broke in and hacked into the computer.

Matt rides out to see Josh on the construction site. Josh is banging nails into a board as part of his anger management routine.

Olivia waits for Emma. When she comes out, they talk about what to get Rafe. Emma wants to make sure that he knows they love him.

Shayne goes to Marina's to complain about Mallet. She thinks he's really there to see Henry. She shoves the baby into his arms and then tells him to give him back. "I can't worry about this Shayne," she says, asking him to tell her that he will stop showing up like this and interfering in her life. Mallet walks in and asks for some answers. Marina covers and the men bicker. Frank walks in to grab a beer but there isn't any so he leaves. Shayne and Mallet continue arguing. Marina thinks everyone is acting crazy and they need to calm down. Shayne says it's too late to step back and walks out.

Reva goes home and searches for clues and soon discovers that Jeffrey's gun is gone. She digs around until she finds a phone number. She calls, getting a Mr. Grieci, and asks him if he's seen her husband.

Jeffrey and Dinah don uniforms and go out to dig up Lara. Grieci comes up to explain that they have already set up the leak and have a new body to dump. Reva calls him and tells him to tell Jeffrey that she loves him and wants him to come home.

Rafe goes to see Frank at the station. He tells him that he went to see his mom but he couldn't stay. Frank offers to spend some time with him later.

Olivia and Emma go to Natalia's. She tells them that Rafe was there but couldn't stay. They eat and then decide to put candles in the cake and blow them out.

Rafe goes to the baseball diamond alone.

Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah prepares to be Lara.

Alan tells James he's old enough to join the board.

Phillip flies halfway across the country to see a doctor.

Cyrus tells Remy he needs the diamonds.

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