Mallet talks to Marina about the latest shift in the case. She gets off the phone when Nat arrives. She's looking for Frank and Rafe. Marina tells her not to take advantage of what a good guy her father is.

Frank's impressed to wake up and find Rafe making breakfast. He explains that they are going to have to lay down some house rules. Natalia calls, eager to talk to her son. Rafe's not interested so Frank covers for him. He tells her that her son is hurt and doesn't understand. She thanks him for looking out for him and he tries to reassure her. When she gets off the phone, Marina lays into her again and accuses her of never taking responsibility for anything.

More evidence comes in for Mallet at the station. He calls Josh and tells him that Reva is no longer the main suspect. He then calls Frank to talk about the latest evidence and how it all points to Jeffrey. Even the cremation order was signed for by him. "Looks like we're going after the wrong O'Neill," Frank groans. "This case sucks," Mallet says. He calls for a warrant for Jeffrey. Josh watches him from the hallway.

Olivia runs into Reva while she's at the gas station. They catch up. Olivia wanders off and looks at some flags. Father Ray wishes her a happy Fourth of July. She thanks him for supporting her relationship with Natalia. He doesn't, and he doesn't mean the church should be making choices for her either, he just thinks that with what's been happening in her life, she hasn't been making clear choices.

Dinah tells Jeffrey that he needs a partner and she is the best partner he ever had. He's doing this for Reva and their baby. She's doing it for Shayne... and his baby. She explains the story and tells him that they have to pull Edmund in. She suggests that they give him what he wants: Bring Lara back to life. "Alright, let's go get Edmund," he says.

When Dinah goes to Shayne's, she's surprised to see he's bought a new bedspread. That's his way of asking her to move in. He wants her close to him so he can protect her. She wants to protect him too. They cuddle. She asks him if he has a receipt for the bedspread and then explains that she is going to a convention in Wisconsin for a few days. The bond he has with Lara means a lot to her too, so she gives him a music box that plays the same song that Lara's did. He tells her that she's amazing.

Jeffrey wanders home and finds Reva explaining the flag to Colin. As she hangs it up, he tells her that she's a good woman. They hang flags and joke around. Josh calls to tell him that Mallet is on the way to arrest him thanks to the note they forged. Jeffrey tells Reva he's going to get some nails and leaves. She tells him to hurry back and helps Colin wave goodbye to him. As soon as he's gone, Mallet arrives and tells Reva that he has a warrant for Jeffrey's arrest. Reva orders him to leave. As she lays into him, Shayne arrives and asks what's going on. Reva threatens to call her husband and warn him.

Olivia stops by Company and Marina tells her to tell Natalia to stop letting the events in her life dictate everything. She just reacts and everyone else is left to pick up the pieces. Olivia tries to stop her and insists that she knows what she wants. Marina hopes she can talk her into taking control of her own life.

Nat goes to see Frank to ask about her son. They chat and he tells her that her son isn't okay. He tells her that she wasn't thinking; she got caught up in her own little world and has been acting in a way that confuses everyone else.

Rafe goes to see Father Ray at the church. They sit down and Rafe says he's having trouble getting past his mom and Olivia. She's lied to him about her relationship with Olivia. The priest admits that he knows about it already. Rafe thinks his mother is a hypocrite and she isn't living by the rules she taught him to live by. Father Ray tells him that he needs to help his mom right now, not turn his back on her.

Natalia goes to see Olivia. They're uncomfortable and anxious. Natalia worries that other people will think they are together just because of their situation. She retells their story and gets upset. Olivia stops her and tells her that she loves her and knows how she feels. She doesn't want anyone to believe that they love each other because of their circumstances. Olivia suggests that they take a step back so they prove that they have chosen each other. "I have to quit my job," Nat suggests. They write her a resignation. Nat can hardly believe she just quit and offers to help write her letter of recommendation.

Dinah walks into Company where Marina is playing with Henry. Dinah tells her that she's glad she's Henry's mother and gives her a copy of the music box. She thanks her for taking good care of him and walks away. Frank walks in and Marina tells him that she told Nat to stop taking advantage of him. She even told Olivia to straighten her friend out. "I don't think Olivia will ever straighten Natalia out," Frank says.

Frank brings his daughter out to dinner at Towers with Henry. Olivia walks over to them. "I'm sorry. I can't take your advice," Olivia tells Marina. She says that Nat is taking control of her life and resigned.

Josh and Jeffrey meet up. Jeffery admits that this is hard for him. They drive off to the heliport. Josh tells him to bring Edmund back in handcuffs. "One thing: Stay away from my wife," Jeffrey says. Josh gives him his word. They shake hands. As Dinah and Jeffrey get in the chopper, Mallet gets a call tipping him off that they are running.

Rafe goes home and finds his mother sitting outside. She says she doesn't work for Olivia anymore. Although she doesn't expect him not to be angry, she still deserves his respect. "You're not the mother that I thought I knew," he says.

Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah and Jeffrey are on the run in uniform.

Frank tells Rafe to go home for his birthday.

Mallet thinks that Jeffrey could be out of the country by now.

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