As Remy and Cyrus walk, the Australian tells him not to be so hard on himself for giving in to temptation. Remy leads him not to the diamonds, but to a secret card game. Remy introduces him around and then tells Cyrus that he got the money to help his father from gambling. They sit down and play. They have a good time and Cyrus tells Remy that he can teach him how to cheat. Remy goes back to his friends alone and thanks them; he's sure that Cyrus bought their charade. He pays them back and leaves.

Christina goes to see Doyle and asks him if she still has the diamond. He doesn't. He tells her that diamonds like that are usually part of a set. She thanks him and leaves.

Josh calls Jeffrey to tell him that he's planted all of the evidence as asked. Jeffrey thanks him as he watches Reva take their son down to the water. She sits down with him and he tells her that he loves her and Colin more than anything in the world.

When they get home, he begins packing up his stuff from his black ops box: A stack of cash, a passport, and a gun and then hides it outside. Reva comes down after putting Colin to sleep and asks him why he is always staring at her. "Are you trying to get laid?" she asks. After they have sex on the floor, he thanks her for giving him such a wonderful day. She squirts him with the sink hose. He splashes her back and then rushes off.

Marina goes to see her husband at work. He tells her that he may have just got a break in the case. They leave together and he checks out the rental tag Josh gave him. He discovers that it was signed for by an 'O'Neill'.

At Company, Dinah feeds Shayne fries. She likes watching him eat. As they cuddle, Josh comes in and tells them that he and Jeffrey think that Edmund is still alive and framing Reva. Shayne thinks that's a crazy idea. Josh tells them not to do anything crazy and leaves. Shayne is baffled. Dinah wants to go. When they walk out, they run into Marina, tell her Josh's theory and suggest that they try and lure Edmund out with Henry. "You're not using my son as bait," she objects.

Christina goes to the station and tells Mallet that Remy asked her to pick up the inventory. He explains that the diamonds are very rare and royal. Josh calls to ask if the rental tag helped. Mallet claims it hasn't changed anything. When he goes outside, Marina is waiting for him.

When Remy gets home, he's startled to find Christina there. He tells her that he now knows he can control Cyrus. "I guess that means he doesn't know you have the diamonds," she says. He storms out. She follows him. He confesses and tells her that they're now in a safety deposit box. She drags him to the bank. He takes them out and then she looks at them gleefully, telling him never to lie to her again. He wouldn't sell them for himself; he only did it to help her and his father. Since they can't sell them or take them to the cops, they flush them down the toilet.

Cyrus sits in Company wondering what to do next. Natasha calls to threaten him again. He sighs and wonders what to do. He goes to the bank and asks them to let him check out security tapes. He soon discovers footage of Remy with the diamonds.

Josh goes to Cross Creek and plants more evidence. Jeffrey comes out after setting up a helicopter flight. They shake hands and agree to meet up later.

"What are you doing out here? I could slit your throat?" Shayne asks his mother as she sits in the driveway. She's not worried about Edmund and tells him to go hover over Dinah. She says that being inside won't help protect her. She's sick of waiting for this to be over so she can move on with her life. "My drama meter is tapped out! Wow... I never thought that day would come!" she says. He doubts it; that well runs deep. He offers to play Monopoly with her. The baby starts crying.

Dinah goes to the heliport and discovers that Jeffrey has already booked the chopper. She goes to Jeffrey's office and confronts him. She demands to know where he is going. He explains what he's done and how he will catch Edmund. "I'm coming with ya," she says.

Mallet arrives at Cross Creek and discovers the shoes that Josh planted. He and Marina go to the construction site and look for matching footprints. He soon finds one. "If the shoe fits," he quips.

Shayne runs into his father at Company. They talk about their worries for Reva.

Next on Guiding Light:

Frank tells Natalia that Rafe is confused and she should have thought things through more.

The cops accept the new evidence. "I think we got the wrong O'Neill," Frank says.

Dinah suggests that they make it look like Lara is still alive.

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