At Company, Cyrus gets a call from Natasha. She issues more threats. He slips back to work and Christina quizzes him on how things are working out with Remy. Cyrus returns the favor and asks her how things are working out between she and Remy. She gushes about the big diamond he flashed her. Something clicks for Cyrus.

At the station, Remy and Mallet fight over the last donut. Frank walks in and teases them to get back to work. Cyrus arrives and begins asking questions about how long Remy was alone with the body. The cop gets uncomfortable. They leave to continue their investigation.

Back at Company, Marina talks to Christina about how stressed out she and Mallet are. They chat about their relationships and Christina repeats that she and Remy are only good divorced.

Jeffrey goes over to Shayne's. He tells him what happened at the morgue and how Edmund's body vanished. Shayne explains that Reva took care of everything with the body. "I gotta go," Jeffrey abruptly says. He runs off leaving Shayne and Dinah to wonder about what's going on. He's never seen Jeffrey act worried about something before. She tells him that she needs to go and take care of some things and leaves.

Outside, Jeffrey calls Josh, sure that things just got worse for Reva. Josh rushes to the parking lot and Jeffrey explains that Reva had the body disposed of. "We're going to set me up," Jeffrey announces. Josh thinks that's stupid. Jeffrey doesn't think it's any stupider than when he went to jail for Cassie. He argues that this is just a diversion to throw the cops off. Jeffrey says that they just need to focus the evidence at him instead of Reva. While the cops are looking for him, he'll go on the run and find Edmund. Josh offers to take the blame, but Jeffrey doesn't think they have time for that. Josh agrees to do whatever he has to to make this happen.

Christina is in the minimart on the phone. She's telling her grandma about how incredible Remy's diamond was. Dinah overhears and sips her slushy.

Josh and Jeffrey meet up again. Josh has done everything that Jeffrey asked. Jeffrey says he'll spend the rest of the day with Reva. Josh goes off to the woods where Edmund died and makes a boot impression in the mud. Dinah rushes over to him. They talk about how hard this is and she admits that she doesn't like what the investigation is doing to Shayne.

Cyrus and Remy stop by Company for coffee. Clayton walks in and tells Cyrus how wonderful his son is. He brags about how his son paid down his mortgage. Now his money in the fund is back and he hands his son a check. After Clayton leaves, Cyrus tells Remy that what he did for his dad was pretty incredible.

Jeffrey goes back to Cross Creek. He tells Reva how beautiful it is to watch her play with the baby. He asks her out to a picnic in the park. When he watches her pack the picnic basket, she wonders what's going on, not that she minds being the center of attention.

Shayne goes to see Marina at Company and orders her to get her husband to back off. He wonders if Mallet treats her and Henry so badly at home. She refuses to talk to him. He sits and calms down, then apologizes for taking things out on her. She turns to teasing Christina about marriage. Christina gets a call from Doyle. She wanted to talk to him about the diamond.

Mallet returns to the station and rants to Frank about how hard things are. Josh arrives and asks Mallet how things are going. Mallet blows up at him and Josh admits that the family hasn't been completely forthcoming. "I need to talk to you outside," Josh says. They walk out and Josh explains that he found something on the construction site and hands him some 'evidence'.

Cyrus and Remy are doing the rounds. Cyrus begins asking him about the diamond and all of the things he's done lately. "I have a feeling that you're going to lead us right to the diamonds," Cyrus says.

Remy calls Dinah and they meet in the park. He tells her that he's sure Cyrus has figured things out. "You're screwed," she tells him, but she thinks he still has some time.

Cyrus calls Natasha and tells her that he's close to the diamonds. When he meets up with Remy again, Remy says he knows that he's already onto him.

Dinah goes to get Shayne. He begins complaining about Mallet and then about what a jerk he's being. He keeps freaking out at people who haven't done anything to him. Shayne's afraid that he will return to being the way he used to be.

Reva and Jeffrey go to the park for their picnic.

Next on Guiding Light:

Christina goes to see Doyle.

Josh gives Mallet a rental key.

Remy wants to tell Christina the truth.

Jeffrey tells Reva he loves her and then packs his gun.

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