Phillip goes to see the judge and asks him what he can do to help James. He claims that his son will stay in line, he will refinance the fund and will insure the judge's 'integrity' by giving him an offshore account. Phillip slips him a note and tells him that he can add some zeros to the number on the paper if things go the way he wants. The judge nods.

James tells him mom to chill as she paces outside of his cell. She wonders where the rest of his family is. He reminds her that they've all been to prison so this is no big deal for them. Alex and Alan come in. When they go upstairs, Phillip arrives, eager to see his son. James is brought in and Alan warns him that people will always try to take them down. They walk into the courtroom and the judge announces that most of the charges are no longer valid because the money has been returned. The judge questions James, who tells him that he would choose a better path in the future. He's found guilty of fraud and sentenced to a year of community service. James is relieved and Alex runs off to call the cook to prepare his dinner. As the family files out, Phillip tells the judge that his son will live up to his expectations. Beth overhears this. "I couldn't let our son go to jail," he admits to her. She begs him to tell James what he did for him.

At the gym, Lizzie is telling Bill that she doesn't want to go back to work. They joke around about all of their business battles. Nothing about working at the company appeals to her anymore. He tells her that they can quit and walk away. He thinks that they should have a press conference and announce it to the world. They call Ashlee over and ask her if she can make it happen.

They go over to WSPR and start their press conference, declaring that they are resigning immediately. Alex and Alan are watching. She's baffled. Alan thinks they are being fools. As they watch, Bill pressures Lizzie to announce a wedding date. She can't think of one so they ask Ashlee to suggest one. She says July 13. When the broadcast ends, Alex laughs. So does her brother. "It's my time again. My time to sit in the big chair," he says with a smirk.

Rafe walks up to his mother and Olivia and asks them what they are doing. He begins arguing with them. "What the heck was going on just now?" he demands. His mother realizes he's figured things out. Olivia tells him they didn't expect any of this to happen. When Emma comes out, her mother tells her that they're going home. After they leave, Rafe begs his mother to tell him Olivia forced her into this. Nat can't say that. "What does that say about you and Gus... just tell me this is some kind of weird itch you have to scratch," he begs. She can't say that either; she's in love with Olivia. He walks away. She follows. He refuses to accept that she loves Olivia. "When I'm with her, it feels right," she explains. He thinks that she can end it all now that he's back. She wants them to be a family. He doesn't know how she can be serious after everything she's taught him to believe in. "Both of you can go to Hell. That's where you're going to go anyway!" he declares, storming away.

Frank walks into Company and Billy asks him to sit down for some pie. When Frank sits down, he talks about his new apartment and then they chat about Bill and Lizzie.

When Alan gets home, he calls the board to recommend himself as the new CEO. Lizzie comes in and offers to sell him her share of stock. She wants her life to only be about her and Bill. He thinks her life will always be about being a Spaulding whether she likes it or not. She's been trying to leave the family for years and she knows that he wants her to be happy. He agrees to keep the stocks for her until she comes to her senses. She pulls out the briefcase he gave her when she was little and promises to keep it with her always.

Billy is at Towers when he bumps into Olivia. She's not in the mood to talk. Later, Vanessa arrives and then Bill. They've heard his news and tell him that he's too young to be retired. His father offers him a job at Lewis. They discuss when Bill will come back to work. He hints that he'll be gone for quite a while after the wedding... right now he just wants to pin down a best man. He asks his father to do it. "I'd love to," he says. Lizzie joins them and they joke around about who will be the most handsome man at the wedding. Bill's parents leave and the couple make out.

Beth goes to see her son and tells him that Phillip paid off the judge. Outside, Alex tells Phillip that she's already figured things out. He's becoming more like Alan everyday and James will probably end up just like him. Beth and James come out and he tells his father that he's a hypocrite. "I know what you did Dad and now I hate you even more," he says. After he leaves with his mother, Alex says, "It's hard when it's your turn." He thinks his son is right; he is a hypocrite.

When James gets outside, his mother tells him they will spend more time together now. Some of his friends drive up in a limo. He jumps in and they drive off yelling.

Natalia drops by Frank's looking for Rafe. He asks her what's wrong. She explains and then runs off. When she's gone, Rafe arrives. He asks him if he can stay with him for awhile. "Yeah," Frank says. They share a beer and stare out at the rain.

Olivia tracks down Doris at the courthouse and interrupts her 'alone time'. She explains that Rafe got a job today. Doris knows because she got it for him. Olivia explains that Rafe figured things out and didn't take it well. Doris suggests that he may come around to understanding. She tried waiting for the perfect moment to tell her daughter the truth about her but it never came, so maybe this is for the best... Ashlee rushes in and tells her mother about the press conference.

Olivia returns to Natalia's. She's sorry that Rafe found out like this. "So what does this mean for us?" she asks. Nat doesn't know.

Next on Guiding Light:

Jeffrey suggests that Reva got rid of the body.

Cyrus hears all about Remy's diamond from Christina.

Reva asks Mallet for a favor: Drop the charges.

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