Harley is trying to finish sewing Zach's Halloween costume together on the sewing machine. Gus peeks in to tell her that they seem to be having electrical problems and the lights are flickering. Marina and Mallet arrive just in time for the lights to go out. A frustrated Harley insists on going out to the electrical box to fix it. While there, she complains to herself about how much she wishes she could have superpowers to fix all the problems she sees around her. She can't even get pregnant or catch the blogger. Then, a pair of teenagers, angry for being turned away at the door, throws water balloons at her, soaking her as she stomps after them. She return and grabs hold of a fuse before being instantly electrocuted.

Gus rushes her to the hospital where Rick says that she seems to have some sort of electrical charge in her. When he tries to resuscitate her, she sends a shock through his equipment and it throws him against the wall. Instantly, she pops up and tells Gus it's time for them to go. He's startled at her narrow and beaming eyes, but she takes no notice. When they get out to their car, it turns on with her merely touching the door. When they get home, she cooks dinner entirely by touch. She can hear Frank approaching the house and answers the door before he arrives. He tells her to lay off the eye drops and then informs her and Gus that the Carnage twins (who she had captured and sent to prison) have escaped. She and Gus go out looking for them. She slips into Comfort to get some coffee even though the power is out. When she turns around, the twins are already there waiting for her. She mock surrenders herself to them before setting all the lights on and leaping around the room to their bafflement and numerous puns. She captures them with ease and cuffs them to the wall before calling Gus to come and pick them up.

She goes out on the town, looking to see what she can do and finds Buzz in a pensive mood. She asks him if it's possible to change people's lives. Buzz tells her that people everywhere are looking for someone to find them in the dark and lead them to the light. Harley has sped off before he could even finish his sentence. After speeding around town, she gathers up the fabric to make a costume and declares herself the Guiding Light.

That night, she covers the whole town, fighting various crimes and still goes to work in the morning. At the station, she and Gus are trying to stay awake when Mallet walks in and tells them that Frank has put him in charge of finding 'the wacko.' Some 'freak' in a silver sports bra has been running all over town zapping people. Marina chimes in that she thinks it's pretty cool, but Harley, with her super hearing hears a distant scream and disappears. Marina and Mallet are left in the office, bored that there is no crime left to fight. They wrestle for the phone every time a wrong number rings up. They finally get a call that there's been a jewel heist, but before they can get to the door, the robber has already been dropped off with a note saying that he's a gift for Mallet from the Guiding Light. They hear a noise in the next room and find the Guiding Light there. Marina tells her that she likes her boots and Mallet bemoans the fact that his uniform doesn't let him show off his stomach the way hers does. She says that hers is nicer anyway and they ask her to come in for some question before she vanishes yet again.

Harley tries to spend the evening with Gus, but keeps her distance. While he tries to tell her how they should keep trying for the baby, she hears screaming and runs off. After another night of crime fighting, she goes to see Coop for some coffee to keep her awake. She asks him if the Fantastic Four ever got bored and he says that's impossible: They always have work to do and there are always super villains to fight. Just then, she gets a lead on the blogger and flies off to find him at the lighthouse. When she arrives, it's only Gus who has called her to talk. He already figured out that she was the Guiding light. He tries to touch her, but she says that he better not because it might shock him. This is going to make it difficult if they want to have a baby. She tells him that she loves him and the kids more than ever, but now she has the chance to do things she never could of before. He tells her that he wants to bring her to see an 'expert' and takes her to see Rick. They put her pinky finger in a glass of water and when it comes out, it no longer conducts electricity. They realize that they can 'cure' her by giving her a bath. She is reluctant about this prospect though and, sensing that the blogger is sending out signals, speeds off in pursuit.

She arrives at the waterfront, spotting what she thinks is the blogger across the water, she's afraid to get wet though and stops cold. Gus runs past her and leaps in, grabbing the figure and dragging them across the water. When they are unmasked, they realize that it's Ashlee. She insists that she isn't the blogger; she just sends gossip to him that she overhears at work. They send her to the station for questioning.

Gus and Harley return to the lighthouse. He tells her that she doesn't need to be a superhero; they're a team and he doesn't want to be a sidekick. Together, they can be a super couple. She likes being a superhero though. Maybe, with superpowers, she can get Coop and Buzz back together and find a girlfriend for Frank. Gus reminds her that none of that is her job; she can't make people happy with magic powers. She realizes that he's right and decides to leap down into the water. Before she does, he asks for a kiss and the shock sends him flying. When she gets out of the water, they go home and begin planning for their future. She asks if it was all a dream and he says that it doesn't matter: They're there now.