Ashlee and Christina are shocked to see Daisy mopping the floor. They invite her to the jail to see James. She looks for excuses but Buzz thinks she should go. After they leave, Frank comes through with his boxes. He's been looking for Rafe to help him move.

Matt helps Frank pack up his stuff. Frank's sure his family is relieved to get rid of him. After they get the boxes into his new place, they have a beer and Matt tells him that they should go cruising after he settles in. Frank tries calling Rafe over for help.

Ashlee and Christina go to visit James. He confesses his guilt. They want to know if the stolen money paid for their trip to Florida. It didn't. They return to Company and tell Daisy about their visit and then tease her for bringing James cake.

Rick walks in on Bill and Lizzie while they make out in the office. He needs some help from the Spauldings and doesn't know who else to turn to. After drinking a glass of water and acting melodramatic, he tells them that he needs them to look after the kids' games at the barbecue.

At The Beacon, Phillip offers to go and see James with Beth. She lashes out at him for what he's done to their son and refuses to make things any easier for him. After she storms off, he hangs out in the hall until Emma wanders over to him and invites him in. They hug and he tells her they can have fun this summer. She tells him he's a good dad.

Beth goes to Company to pick up some food for James.

When Phillip goes to visit his son, he tells him that the food in there isn't all that bad. He tries to be friendly, but James is cold and tells him how much he hates him. After Phillip leaves, Beth comes in. The prosecutor arrives and explains that he's being charged with 312 counts of fraud. Beth realizes that he could end up in jail for 850 years. She tells him that they can fight this. "But I'm guilty. I'm going to go to prison," he says.

Rick finds Phillip on the basketball court looking lost. Phillip is afraid that his son doesn't seem to be feeling anything. He scares him. "He has no rules," he explains. "I wonder where he got that from," Rick says. Beth comes out and begins laying into Phillip. Rick is called back to the hospital. Beth tells Phillip how long their son could go away for. He tries to play it down but she's furious that James could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Phillip meets with the prosecutor to talk about the case. The prosecutor is confused how, after turning him in, he can be so shocked that he's being punished. He says that James was just a spoiled rich kid who stole from people living paycheck to paycheck.

Lizzie and Bill are playing ball at the office when they start making out again. His secretary interrupts and then leaves his papers by the door. They go to the gym and Ashlee and Christina arrive to try games for the barbecue.

"You make me feel beautiful when you look at me like that," Natalia tells Olivia. They touch each other's faces and talk about how they feel. Olivia tells her that she won't love her any less if sex never happens. "It will. I want it to," Nat assures her. Rafe watches them from a distance as Natalia offers to do her 'I love Olivia dance'. Rafe wanders over and his mother tells Olivia about his new job. Natalia decides they should celebrate. He leaves to take a shower. The women are sure this will all work out.

Matt runs into Olivia while she's picking some things up. They wander down the street and he talks about riding his bike and invites her hiking. She fobs him off.

Natalia goes to visit Frank and offers him some cookies. She thanks him for helping her son.

Rafe goes looking for Olivia. He finds Emma with the babysitter. Jane slips away so he sits down with Emma. She shows him her 'My Two Mommies' paper and tells him about family day and all the time they've been spending together. She tells him that everyone knows their mothers are 'BFF's'.

Rafe drifts around and bumps into Daisy. He asks her what happened at the wedding and wonders how his mother could have just changed her mind like that. Daisy tells him it's because women are complicated and gives him a hug.

Natalia goes to Gus' grave and tells him that things have been turning around. She tells him that Olivia makes her really happy and she's sure it would make him happy.

Buzz goes to visit James and hands him dessert. He's impressed by the scam that he pulled and admits that, when he was his age, he would have done the same sort of thing.

When Buzz gets back to Company, he finds Frank working there. He tells his son that he'll miss him.

Phillip goes to see Rick in the parking lot. He complains about how ridiculous things are. He just wanted to teach his son a lesson, not ruin his life. "You set it in motion, you gotta stop it," Rick says.

Beth returns to the cells. James reminds her that he did everything he could to get his father out of jail. Phillip paid him back by sending him to jail. He's sure that he just wants to get rid of him.

Phillip goes to see the judge for a private conversation.

Matt and Rick arrive at the gym where everyone is playing tug of war.

Olivia returns to the farmhouse. As she and Natalia drink champagne, Rafe watches them getting close and then blurts out, "Ma? What the hell?"

Next on Guiding Light:

Rafe says his mother isn't the person he thought he knew.

Cyrus is under pressure from Natasha.

Jeffery suggests that they set him up to make it look like he killed Edmund.

Phillip tries bribing the judge.

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