Olivia calls Natalia and leaves her a message, telling her what a good time she had with her yesterday. She goes to Company and interrupts Blake while she reads a romance novel. Olivia orders some coffee and Blake admits that she's thinking of going back to writing. When Olivia wanders off, Frank comes in and Blake tells him something is off with her.

Rafe and Natalia are meeting with his parole officer. He doesn't say much. His mother explains that he's been doing volunteer work and meeting with his mentor. The officer reminds them that the parole mandates that he be employed. When they walk out, Nat is disappointed that her son didn't try harder in the interview. She orders him to show his parole officer that he has potential. Rafe isn't sure he does.

Natalia walks into Company. Frank asks her how the hearing went. She tells him that Rafe doesn't seem to care about anything and now he's drifted off. She worries that he'll do something stupid. Frank offers to help her find him.

Natalia bumps into Matt at the minimart. They talk about Rafe and he tries to reassure her. She calls her son and leaves him a message to say that she's angry.

Rafe arrives at the bar. As he orders a beer, Frank surprises him. Rafe complains about how he can't even get a job interview. Natalia stands in the doorway and listens while Frank tries to reassure him. She walks over and decides to join them for a drink.

Josh is jogging in the park. He stops and sits down with Marina. They talk about Shayne and Josh admits that Edmund seems to be causing more pain dead than he did when he was alive.

Olivia tries to start her car. When it's not working, she pops the hood just as Josh arrives. He offers to help. "I fixed a stroller yesterday. Maybe I'm on a roll," he says. They engage in a lot of mechanical double entendres and then begin kissing. She pulls away and apologizes. "But you did it so well," he says. He teases her and offers to fix her car. After he does, she drives off.

Shayne goes to Cross Creek for lunch with his mother. As they begin talking about the case against her, she asks him what he wants. He wants to talk about confessing. Shayne blames himself for Edmund's death because he brought him back to town. Although he believes his mother is innocent, he wouldn't blame her if she did it. A bit of her wonders if he is guilty too.

Jeffrey drops in to see Dinah at WSPR. They begin talking about murder theories and he wonders if Mallet is leaving someone off the list. Someone who happens to be his ex and has a history of blaming other people; someone like Dinah who let her own brother be blamed for Lizzie's kidnapping. "You do not come to my place of business and push me around," she warns. He continues questioning her and she thinks he's crazy. "Who are you? Is this your new self? I don't believe that people can change," he says. While he continues confronting her. Shayne arrives and stands up for her. He claims that he trusts Dinah with his life. Jeffrey doesn't trust anyone. He walks off.

Jeffrey calls Josh and asks him if he wants to come and see a dead body. Josh isn't busy so he goes to the morgue to see him. The mortician comes out and tells them that they can't find the body. "I'm afraid there was a misunderstanding," he explains. Edmund was cremated that morning.

Marina and the baby go to Cross Creek to see Reva and ask her for a walk. They stroll away to the park.

Shayne brings Dinah outside and shows her a pair of bikes. She talks about how a clown taught her to ride and then they discuss her backside. They ride around town and he thanks her for being the only uncomplicated part of his life. They ride up to Marina and Reva and chat. The topic turns to Edmund again. Shayne wants to look for another distraction.

Olivia goes home and does yoga to relax. It's not working. She rushes off to the lingerie store. As she looks around, Blake surprises her. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," Blake tells her.

Dinah is sneaking around the evidence barn when a cop catches her. She claims that she is just doing journalistic work. When he walks off, she pulls out a Molotov cocktail.

Reva goes home and catches vandals attacking her house. She rushes to the station and begins ranting to Mallet about it. They painted 'murderer' on her house. After they argue, he offers to put her under protective watch.

Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah contemplates setting a fire.

"What if that body wasn't his?" Jeffrey wonders to Josh.

Reva asks Mallet what would happen if she confessed.

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