Olivia walks into Company and orders a muffin when Josh calls her over. "I'm not interested in your muffin at the moment. I just want your company," he tells her. She asks him how Reva is. He dreams of a day when no one will ask him that. They talk about their lives and he asks her if she's looking for a way to fill her time. He's never seen her at loose ends like this. They talk about being alone and their needs. Josh gives her suggestions on how to let her energy out.

Natalia goes home with groceries and tries to get her son to come to church with her. She's the head of the cookie committee and needs his help. He wants to stay in bed but she drags him out. They go over to the church and she harasses a smile out of him. After he's helped unpack her groceries, he leaves. When Nat starts baking, the woman who was supposed to help her calls to say she can't come. Suddenly, Olivia arrives. Nat tells her she needs to make 50 dozen cookies. Emma leaps in and offers to help. Olivia tells her how much she loves baking cookies with her and the three of them play around in the kitchen.

Jeffrey wakes up to find Reva making pancakes. She doesn't want to go outside because there are journalists out there. He's disturbed when he sees that she's put faces on the pancakes. After breakfast, she sends him off to work while she stays there to look after Colin. "We're going to get through this," she says.

Marina comes downstairs and says good morning to Mallet before noticing that he has evidence on the kitchen table. He feels like he's overlooking something. She still doesn't want murder weapons on the table. He asks her to talk Shayne into convincing his mother to confess. That sounds like spying to her, but she eventually agrees to help.

Dinah runs into Shayne at the minimart. He's confused by clothing detergent and begins muttering about Mallet. She hints that this must be about the detective raising his son but he claims that's not the case. He stomps out of the store and she trails after him. Shayne accuses her of never being rational when it comes to Mallet. As he blows up at her, he finally admits that he needs to know he made the right choice by letting Mallet have his son. Dinah tells him that Mallet would walk through fire for Henry. Shayne apologizes for taking things out on her.

When Shayne goes into Company, he lashes out at Marina. She suggests that there is a way for his mom to avoid prison. If Reva confessed, she could claim self-defense and likely get off easy. This only makes him angrier.

Jeffrey calls to request a leave of absence from work and then dusts Reva's car for fingerprints.

Rafe runs up to Mallet in the parking lot. He admits that he's having a hard time adjusting to the outside world. Mallet offers to play catch with him. As they play, Rafe admits that something seems wrong, but he doesn't know if it's with him or his mother. Frank interrupts and tells Mallet that Marina needs him to call her. When he does, she tells him that things didn't go well with Shayne.

Jeffrey brings Mallet the prints he pulled from Reva's car. Mallet tells him that they have confirmation the blood on the pipe was Edmund's. They begin arguing about the evidence and Jeffrey asserts that his wife is being set up. "We can't rule out Josh or Shayne," Jeffrey says.

Dinah goes over to Cross Creek and finds Reva gardening. She offers to help her pull weeds and gets down to work. When they take a break, Dinah tells Reva how much she admires her and how she loves her children. She tells her not to admit to anything she didn't do. Jeffrey arrives and Dinah departs. Reva tells him that she's surprised that Dinah cares so much about her feelings.

When Frank gets to Company, he finds his daughter scraping the gum off of chairs. He updates her on the town's criminal activity.

Shayne meets his father at the baseball diamond. He asks him if he thinks there's any chance Reva killed Edmund. Josh says there isn't, but he wouldn't blame her if she did it. "I guess any of us could have done it," Shayne admits. He asks his father if he would confess if he'd done it. Josh says he would have.

Mallet goes home and finds his wife doing lawn work. He apologizes for dragging her into the case. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore and suggests they go upstairs before the babysitter comes back with the baby. He starts spraying her with a hose.

Rafe goes over to the church and offers to help the women bake. A few dozen batches of cookies later, Rafe says it's time for him to go. As he hops outside, he finds Frank waiting. They discuss what to do and eat cookies.

Next on Guiding Light:

Shayne talks to his mother about confessing.

Jeffrey lays into Dinah.

Olivia and Josh share a close moment.

Jeffrey asks Josh to come with him to see a dead body.

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