Natasha cat calls at Cyrus when he takes his shirt off in the park. They flirtily taunt each other and she repeats her demand that he find her diamonds. He tells her that the SPD has hired him to help find the diamonds. She finds that odd since he's a criminal. "I can be very persuasive," he says.

Remy is nervously standing in his room when Doyle calls and asks him if he has any more diamonds he'd like to unload. Remy tells him it was a one time thing and hangs up. Christina walks in and starts talking about Cyrus, wondering what kind of sexy adventures he must have had. Frank calls and asks him to meet up in the park.

At Company, Daisy tells her grandfather that she feels like it's her fault that James is in jail. With some probing, she explains that she made James a fake ID and helped him out. Buzz warns her that this is bigger than she understands, but James is a Spaulding so he should be out of jail in a few days.

Outside of the station, Beth blames Phillip for their son being arrested. Phillip points out that he committed calculated criminal acts. He offered to take the fall for him but then he caught him doing it again. He thinks that his son has to face the consequences. "I'm afraid that if the consequences aren't big, it won't shake him enough," he says. Beth is afraid that prison will change who he is. "You don't want him to be the kind of man he is," Phillip says.

Bill and Lizzie return to Towers. Alan tells her that he will be taking a firm hand with her brother. She admits that she's angry with James but wouldn't wish Alan on him. Lizzie wants to go home. As the couple gets in the elevator, Alan leaps in with them. Lizzie tells him that going after Beth right now is really wrong.

Phillip goes down to the cells to ask his son some questions. He tells him that everything he is going through is exactly the same as what he went through. "I made mistakes with all my kids," Phillip admits, but his son still needs to take responsibility for what he's done. As Phillip analyzes him, James blows up, yelling at him and promising that he won't have to deal with him for a long time. Phillip is happy to see that he can actually feel something. "I don't want anything to do with you. Go!" James demands.

As Remy walks to the park, his father calls him to thank him again and offers to set up a way to pay him back. He runs over to Frank and Cyrus. Frank gives them a list of pawnshops and gem dealers in town. Cyrus picks through the list and knocks half the names off. Frank thinks this could work out after all. After Frank leaves, Cyrus makes suggestions and thinks that they should go after Doyle. Remy nervously says they should split up. As Remy wanders off alone, Lizzie walks by. She sits down and tells him about her brother being arrested and he tells her that his dad was one of the people James ripped off.

Cyrus goes to see Doyle. He tells Cyrus that he got an unusual stone the other day from someone who had no idea of what he had. After giving him all of the details except for Remy's name, he says he's sure that there must be more of those stones around.

Christina shows up at Company and asks Daisy to the movies. Daisy fills her in on what happened with James.

Phillip finds his father at the station and asks him to go home. Alan promises not to ruin the 'bonding opportunity' between Phillip and his son. He knows what it's like to have a son spiraling out of control too. "You take care of James and I'll take care of Beth," Alan offers.

Bill goes to see James. He understands what he did. If he was a member of his family, he probably would have done the same thing. Although Bill can get over this, he's not sure that Lizzie can. "Don't hurt your sister ever again because, next time, I might not be so forgiving," he warns.

Alan and Beth are in the courthouse. She's in tears; she feels like she has failed her son. Alan tells her that Phillip has his own agenda, but they can keep the family together.

Clayton runs into Phillip outside of the station. He tells him that he is one of the people who James stole money from. Phillip offers to get him the money back as soon as possible. Clayton urges him to take a stronger hand with his son while he still has a chance.

Daisy goes to visit James with cake. He wonders if she'll bring him cake in prison. After she's gone, his father goes down and continues to rant at him, furious that he can be so indifferent about everything. Beth runs in and drags him out. They go upstairs and argue. He thinks that his son is turning into Alan. "That would be you," she accuses. Alan comes in as the lawyer arrives. The cops are bringing James up for his arraignment. Alan promises Beth that he will help her and James though this.

Cyrus shows up at Company. Christina chats with him and begins quizzing him about how he used to steal from people. He demonstrates by putting his hands on her face and steals her earrings. While she smiles, Remy comes in and interrupts. She walks off to the kitchen and Cyrus tells him what he got from Doyle. Frank calls and tells Remy that he can cut Cyrus loose. Remy's decided that it would be best if he kept his eyes on Cyrus from now on.

Outside, Buzz asks Daisy how James was. She complains about his family.

In the park, Bill is massaging Lizzie's leg. Her mother calls. Bill answers the phone. She asks them to come down to the courthouse and show some support for James. They won't go.

Beth goes into the courtroom as the judge begins questioning James. He agrees to send him home with his family, but, before he can, Phillip speaks up and tells the judge that releasing him would be a mistake. The judge thanks him, denies bail and orders James remanded to jail. Alan and Beth promise to help.

Next on Guiding Light:

Mallet asks Marina to talk to Shayne.

Shayne is angry when Marina tries to pressure him to pressure his mother to confess.

Jeffrey tells Mallet that Josh and Shayne should still be suspects.

"Any of us could have done it," Shayne says. His father can't deny it.

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