Cyrus is stumbling around Company with dishes. Marina tells him that he's the worst busboy in history. Natasha knocks on the window and he runs outside. "Busy day at burger land?" she asks. She wants her diamonds and if she doesn't get them, he'll be the next person to be fished out of the river. She offers to help relieve his stress. "I try not to get involved with women who threaten to kill me," he says. Frank walks by and goes inside. He asks his daughter how Cyrus is working out. He gets a call to say that Bill has been arrested. Cyrus comes back in and Marina shakes her head as he cleans the floor.

Remy goes down to the water with his bag of diamonds. He wonders what he should do. Christina comes down and tells him that Reva was just arrested. She feels bad since she identified her voice, but it was the right thing to do. "But what if..." he objects. She says that honesty is the only thing that's right. The topic turns to what he will do with the money he got for selling the diamond. He tells her the money is already gone; he paid down his father's mortgage. "You're amazing," she says, kissing him.

Frank goes to see Cyrus in the kitchen. He tells him how busy the department is these days and how Mallet's workload is driving Marina nuts. Cyrus rushes back out to the dining room to fill the sugar shakers. Christina comes in and Remy soon follows. Marina complains about how hectic her life is and Cyrus tries to get information about the latest case. She's not helpful. As they head into the kitchen, Frank sits down with Remy and asks him if he's found any leads on the jewels. He gets a call from his dad and hurries off.

Remy meets his father in the park. Clayton tells him that he's saved his house. He doesn't know how he can ever pay him back for the way that he's protected the family. "I am very proud of you son," he tells him.

Remy returns to Company and Frank hands him the latest information he got about the stolen diamonds. Marina suggests that they ask Cyrus for help. Frank likes that idea and offers to put Cyrus on retainer. Remy objects but Frank is sure that this is a good idea and tells Remy to shake hands with his new partner. Cyrus smiles.

At Towers, everyone is shocked when Bill is suddenly arrested. The authorities explain that Bill set up a scam. As Bill struggles with them, Phillip stops them and declares that the man they want is his son, James. Beth begs him not to do this but Phillip won't back down. James throws his hands up and confesses. They cuff James and lead him off with Bill. Beth is left hyperventilating while Vanessa asks Matt to go and take care of Maureen. Daisy admits to Ashlee that she knew about all of this. Beth confronts Phillip for breaking his word, saying that turning himself in would have been better than this. Lizzie wants some answers but she won't get them from her father. Ashlee offers to drive her to the police station. Everyone is left gabbing. Beth runs off. Phillip tries to explain things to Billy and Vanessa. After they walk away, Daisy confronts Phillip and tells him that his son will never forgive him. As Phillip steps into the elevator, Alan looks in at him. "It's not easy having a son... is it, Son?" he asks.

At the station, James apologizes to Bill. He tells him to take a vacation next time he wants to get away from his family. The cops come to talk to James. Lizzie arrives and tells him to wait for a lawyer. "Why? I did it," he says.

Phillip is on the roof screaming. "Sucks doesn't it? Fatherhood?" Buzz tells him. He gets philosophical. Phillip claims he only wants his son to be okay. Buzz is sure he wants his son to be a better man than he is, but he can't make him one. Sons are what they are and it's their job as fathers to be able to see what their dreams are. "But what do I know? I'm just an old man," he says.

Back at the station, Bill tells Lizzie that James must be a chip off the old block. The cop comes in and says that James confessed to everything. Lizzie goes down to the cells to see her brother. She'd like to say something to put him in his place, but she can't think of anything. "That's because you don't know anything about me," he says. She lays into him but he doesn't see why he should care about hurting her, although that wasn't his intention. He just wanted out of the family. She understands, but she doesn't forgive him.

Beth argues with the authorities until Daisy arrives. Beth tells her to go home. When Bill comes out, Beth begins apologizing. Alan calls her and offers his support. Getting off the phone, Alex accuses him of exploiting this situation. Alan doesn't see why he shouldn't be reaping the benefits of this disaster.

Phillip is in the graveyard looking at his tombstone. He's starting to think his family may have been better off when they thought he was dead. Lizzie's happy, but everything else is broken and they'd all be better off without him.

Beth goes down to the cells to see her son. He assumes that his father is out celebrating. When she goes outside, she runs into Phillip and begins ranting at him for putting their son in jail. Phillip wouldn't let his son turn into Alan.

At Towers, the families are arguing about everything. Billy is too tired to fight. They wonder if their kids will learn from their mistakes. They toast to the next generation.

Next on Guiding Light:

Shayne and Josh wonder if Reva could be guilty.

Cyrus hears about Remy's diamond.

Reva's house is attacked.

Beth and Phillip argue about James.

Jeffrey looks at Dinah as a suspect.

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