At his place, Remy is looking at a diamond. He leaves it on the table and jumps in the shower. When Christina walks in, she spots it. When he comes out, he drops his towel to distract her and claims that he's excited to see her. She says the evidence contradicts him. She claims that she knows what he's really up to. He begins stuttering. "The fact that you want to marry me again is wonderful," she says. He pulls on a towel and gets down on his knees to propose. She tells him that it's not easy to say no, but they are better the way they are. She hopes he's not mad. He's not.

Josh and Frank are taking out the trash. They catch up and Frank wonders what Josh wants. Josh admits that he's worried about Reva. Frank can't tell him anything about the case. He tells Josh to stay low and co-operate.

Marina finds her husband arguing with a vending machine. He tells her that he only has two hours left before he'll have to charge Reva or let her go. The problem with this case is that he knows everyone involved. Shayne and Dinah approach. Shayne begins mocking Mallet who warns him that he'll be watching him. As the two men walk off, Dinah asks Marina if Mallet would be handling things this way if she knew that Reva was the baby's grandmother.

Cyrus is on the phone with Natasha. She's eager to get Edmund's diamonds. Cyrus assures that they will but he has to work on his cover right now. He walks into Company to see Buzz. He's looking for a job. Buzz tells him that Marina's the new boss and starts laughing. They see Marina come in. Cyrus slowly walks over and tells her that he needs a job. She agrees to take him on. Buzz is shocked. Cyrus calls Natasha to tell her the news.

Jeffrey arrives in the cells to see Reva. They joke around and talk about Colin. She tells him that she isn't completely innocent; she dug herself into a hole. Jeffrey walks off and asks Dinah to keep an eye on Shayne and Reva. He needs someone to make sure they don't get too hotheaded. When he walks outside, Josh is arriving. They catch up and Jeffry rushes off.

Cyrus shows up outside the station to say hello to Frank and offers to try and make up for the past. When he tells him that he's working at Company now, Frank isn't too thrilled. Cyrus begins asking him about the murder case but Frank won't say anything. Cyrus walks into the station and bumps into Dinah. She paces around the station. She begins badgering Mallet for details. He tells her that he just got a search warrant.

Shayne is in the cells visiting his mother. He begins teasing her about the food and how she smells. Josh arrives and says that he was baking her a cake with a file in it. Dinah comes down and takes Shayne away. Josh sits down to play cards with Reva before going upstairs to get an update.

Back at Company, Marina tells Buzz that hiring Cyrus may have been the stupidest thing she's ever done, but she felt sorry for him.

Mallet drives out to Cross Creek. He shows Jeffrey his search warrant. Josh calls and worries. The cops have no luck in the house. As time runs down, Mallet goes outside and checks in the back of Reva's car. He finds a piece of PVC pipe.

Remy and Christina go over to Towers. She asks to see the diamond again and smiles at it. Doyle arrives to buy the diamond. Doyle checks it out and talks about how exquisite it is. They hand off cash and Doyle leaves. The couple is thrilled to see how much cash it is. Frank surprises them. Remy panics, but Frank doesn't actually know what's going on. He asks for a minute alone with Remy and tells him that San Cristobal are saying that Edmund stole the crown jewels and they have to be on the lookout for them. "Your job is to go out and find those gems," Frank tells him. As they walk out, they bump into Cyrus and then hop into the elevator.

Cyrus meets with Natasha. He tells her that he's got a job and is sure to find the jewels. She doesn't seem impressed.

At Company, Christina tells Marina about Remy's naked proposal.

Remy calls his father and tells him that he's at the bank and may have found a way to save the house.

Shayne and Dinah go back to her room. She tells him his mother will be fine. Dinah worries about what will happen when Reva is released. "I told you that I didn't kill Edmund," Shayne says. She believes him. He tells her that she can tell him anything and they can fix it together. "There's nothing to fix," she says. When she leaves to get ice, he paces and tells himself she couldn't have done it.

Next on Guiding Light:

Bill wants to get married tonight.

Mallet says Reva has some explaining to do.

Bill is arrested and Phillip stands up for him.

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