Natasha and Cyrus arrive about three miles from Springfield. She throws him his jacket and tells him he can walk the rest of the way. She drives away.

At home, Frank is looking at real estate ads when Marina and Buzz come in. They're arguing about the murder investigation. After Marina stomps away, Buzz notices his son has been looking for a place to live and asks him if he wants him to move with him. Blake arrives, eager to take Frank apartment shopping. Rafe trails after her. "You need a roommate?" he asks. Frank takes Blake aside and tells her that he's old enough to live on his own now. Marina returns and Frank tells her he's moving out. "You're a big boy now," she says enthusiastically. Buzz steps up and says he's moving out too. Frank tells him he needs his own space. "He needs to get a life," the women say in unison. Rafe sits at the table laughing and Marina offers to pack the bags. When they leave, Buzz tells Marina that he was just teasing Frank.

Nat goes to see Olivia at work. Olivia explains that Rafe didn't take a job and he can't become a cop because he's a convicted felon. "My poor baby," Natalia says. Olivia accuses her of coddling her son. "That's not good for him and it's not good for us," Olivia says. Nat's annoyed by her attitude. Olivia doesn't think that with a criminal record and the bad economy, Rafe will have many chances. Nat tells her that she needs to look out for her son right now and she hopes that Olivia will be kinder to her daughter when she needs help.

Remy runs into his father outside of the bank. Clayton explains that the bank is going forward with the foreclosure. He still hasn't been able to tell Felecia. "I've let down the entire family," he admits. They sit down and talk. Remy asks his father to wait on telling Felecia until later. After Clayton leaves, Remy calls Mr. Doyle about the diamonds. As he walks down the street, he looks inside Company and sees Christina and Marina. He goes in anyway. Christina tells him that Marina has been complaining about being involved with a cop, but she's sure this will keep him on the right side of the law.

Buzz is in the graveyard talking to Coop's gravestone. Cyrus approaches and surprises him. He explains that he hasn't found a trace of Grady but he's come back to regroup. Cyrus admits that Springfield is the only place he's been that felt like home. Buzz welcomes him home.

Natalia runs into Father Ray at the minimart. He asks her why she hasn't been coming to mass. She's been going to a different church. He wonders if she's told her son her news. She's afraid of upsetting him right now. The priest suggests that she is avoiding telling Rafe just like she's avoiding him because, deep down, she realizes this isn't what God wants. Nat thinks God just wants her to be loving and happy. Father Ray suggests that her feelings for Olivia aren't nearly as strong as she thinks.

At Towers, Phillip confronts his son as he talks to an investor. After sending the investor off, Phillip asks his son how he can jump into another disaster immediately after he's been bailed out. Daisy tries defending James. His father confronts them about the fake ID and tells Daisy to leave. When she's gone, he lays into his son for his lousy decisions and asks him if he'll let his mother go to jail for him next time.

Phillip takes his son outside and tells him that he doesn't want them adding to the misery of the Coopers. James just wants out of the family. His father thinks that he's going about it all wrong. Nonetheless, he will still be going to jail for him. James thinks his father owes him. Phillip says this should make them even. "Maybe," James shrugs. He promises to give up his scheme and thanks him again, although he makes it clear that this doesn't fix everything.

Daisy goes to see Olivia and complains about how much she hates the Spauldings and how they make their own rules. She complains about Phillip and Olivia thinks he'll wind up just like Alan the way he's going. Daisy isn't sure what James is yet, but Rafe certainly isn't a normal Spaulding. Olivia suggests that she reach out to him now that he's back.

Frank, Marina, Blake, Christina, Rafe and Remy sit around in Company and talk about money and Reva's arrest. Remy gets a call and runs off. When Marina and Christina are alone, Christina admits that she's worried about Remy becoming a cop again. He already seems stressed out. Marina is sure that he must be under a lot of pressure. She notices that he left something behind and leaves to bring it to him.

At his place, Remy calls his contact to set up a meeting. Christina comes to the door and asks him if he believes in curses. "I believe in solutions," he says. She hurries off and he sits down to stare at the diamonds. He calls his father and tells him that he's working on his problem.

Cyrus shows up at the Coopers'. He tells Daisy that he hasn't found Grady, but he's sure that she's better off without him. Natalia walks in and welcomes Cyrus back before asking where Rafe is. "He's with Uncle Frank," Daisy says.

As Cyrus walks down the street, Natasha calls him and urges him to hurry up with their plan. He needs more time, he claims.

Rafe shows up at the mansion looking for Alan. He bumps into James who tries making small talk. James tells him that their grandfather is in the market for a new best friend. Rafe's uncomfortable. James wants him to stick around and tell him about Daisy. She calls and James tells her that he's hanging out with Rafe. The cousins discuss Rafe's mother and he tells James that his mother doesn't understand that people change and she needs to get a life. "Zoolander?" James asks.

Phillip runs into Olivia in the hall at The Beacon. They talk about Emma and Olivia admits she may be the one right thing she's ever done. She agrees to let Phillip take her to lunch tomorrow.

Olivia goes to see Nat and tells her that she will give her her space with her son. She will only come back when she is invited. "I know that if I wait, you will be there and you are so worth waiting for," Olivia says. Nat asks her in for coffee, but Olivia repeats that she should be with her son.

Next on Guiding Light:

Natasha continues badgering Cyrus about the diamonds.

Cyrus goes looking for a job at Company.

Christina finds the diamonds and tells Remy she knows what he's up to.

Mallet searches Cross Creek.

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