Olivia runs into Doris and Ashlee at Company. Ashlee tells her that she's looking for work and then rushes off. Olivia sits down and asks Doris for some advice. She wonders how long it takes for ex-cons to adjust. Doris doubts Rafe will ever be in a good enough place to be okay with their secret. She guesses that Olivia is afraid that if something doesn't happen soon between her and Nat, it never will. This isn't what Olivia wants to hear. She walks away.

Rafe goes to his father's grave. He says a prayer and leaves some flowers. His mother approaches and offers to take him on a picnic. He'd rather go home. She notices some papers in his pocket. As she looks them over, she guesses that he is applying to be a cop, just like his dad. He's still skeptical that he can put all of his mistakes behind him.

Rafe puts on one of his father's ties and his mother hands him Gus' badge for luck. He goes into the station for his interview and Nat waits outside. Olivia surprises her and Nat explains that her son is now at a job interview. She thinks he's trying to make up for disappointing her. "There's nothing worse than disappointing the person you love the most," Olivia says. She offers to give him a reference and walks away. Nat goes inside and finds her son waiting. Frank walks out to meet him and they're all uncomfortable. Frank wishes they'd talked to him before, but he takes Rafe upstairs to speak in private. He reminds him that he has a felony record and that means he can't be a cop. "I'm so sorry. You really would have made a good cop," Frank tells him. When Rafe goes downstairs, he tells his mother that there's a waiting list.

Olivia is sitting in her office when Nat calls to tell her that Rafe is on the waiting list but needs something to tide him over in the meantime. Olivia tells her to send him over so she can help. Nat thanks her.

At the mansion, Beth walks in on Phillip as he calls his lawyer to set up a meeting with the SEC. She's proud of him for wanting to protect his kids but thinks he should find another way to do it. They walk out and they surprise Bill and Lizzie while they make out on the steps. Phillip announces that he wants to throw them a party while they all have the chance.

Daisy walks home and finds James sitting on her doorstep. He needs a new ID, one without his name on it. He's starting a new life and a new fund. They sit down and he explains what his father is doing. She thinks he's being very 'Spauldingish' about this. He wants his new name to be 'Robin Hood' and asks her to be his partner. She turns him down, pointing out that she doesn't have a father who would go to jail for her. He talks her around. She makes his new ID but thinks this is a terrible idea. He gets a call and then tells her to get changed and meet him at Towers in an hour.

Alan bumps into Billy at Towers. Billy thinks there will be all sorts of Lewis-Spaulding adventures once Bill and Lizzie get married. Alan walks across the room to sit alone. Billy follows him with pie and tries to put a positive spin on the wedding. Alan thinks that Bill has turned Lizzie against her family. Vanessa arrives and asks Alan to be happy. "You're all happy because you've won," Alan says. Billy and Vanessa walk away and he calls Phillip and tells him that they have to talk.

Lizzie and Bill join his parents at Towers to talk over wedding plans. Billy thinks they should bring Oklahoma to Springfield. They chuckle through different plans and Billy tells Lizzie that she's the best thing to happen to the family in a long time. After his parents leaves, Doris pops up and takes a jab at them for firing her daughter.

At the mansion, Alan tells Phillip that everything is going to hell in a hand basket. Phillip informs him that he's setting up an engagement party. Alan is sure that they have already lost Lizzie to 'the square dancing Lewis clan'. They need to concentrate on the future – James. Phillip doesn't think that either of them are good teachers for James.

Natalia arrives at the mansion to see Alan. She tells him that her son is trying hard to adjust to the outside world. Alan would like to help him out. Nat asks him not to help him with a job, or money, or anything else. "Is he aware that I'm not allowed to help him?" he asks. Nat claims that they talk about everything. Alan promises not to corrupt her son.

Rafe goes to see Olivia. She offers him a job as a busboy. He's looking for a career. Before he can walk out, she asks him to stay and talk. He admits that he can't be a cop. She tells him he owes his mother the truth. "Who do you think you are? This has nothing to do with you?" he asks.

Lizzie tells Bill that they should call her father and thank him for everything he's done.

Ashlee startles Daisy in her basement and asks her to the movies. James calls Daisy and urges her over to Towers. Ashlee tells her friend that she's looking for a job. Daisy offers her the ID business but Ashlee would rather avoid prison. Daisy gets changed, but continues to insist that she and James are not dating. Ashlee thinks it's okay for her to like him. "Unlike Grady, James is not a criminal," Ashlee says.

At The Beacon, James is surprised to have his father turn up at his door. James escapes by claiming that he's going on a blind date. When he gets to Towers, Daisy arrives. She's worried about his plan but he's confident that it's foolproof. The investor arrives and James gives him his spiel. When the man leaves to make a call, Daisy tells James how impressed she is. The man returns and agrees to go in on the deal. Phillip arrives. "Sounds like a good deal. Where do I sign up?" he asks his son.

Next on Guiding Light:

Natasha drops Cyrus off in Springfield.

Clayton tells Remy that the bank is going to foreclose on his house.

Phillip confronts his son for jumping into another disaster.

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