At Universal Studios, Bill tells Phillip what he has planned for Lizzie and asks him to keep Alan away. Phillip is glad that someone loves his daughter as much as Bill does. Ashlee overhears this and then runs to Remy and Christina to tell them that they need to go to the Sinbad Show. She then runs off to find Daisy and James. The couple walks off and gets sprayed by a fountain.

James explains to Daisy why roller coasters scare him. They get on one anyway. She holds his hand so he won't throw up. When they get off, Ashlee runs over to them and tells them about Bill's proposal plan. She drags them along, though James doesn't seem interested.

Alan is complaining about getting splashed. Lizzie keeps laughing at him. Bill and Phillip return with beer and mock him. Father and son walk off while Bill suggests that they split up and look for food. He tries getting Lizzie back to the Sinbad Show again. When they get over there, Bill is surprised to see that half of the town seems to have shown up.

When the show starts, they're shocked to see Bill in costume as Sinbad. He runs around the set performing stunts while everyone laughs. Ashlee takes Beth aside and explains what's going on. Everyone tells Lizzie to stay and wait for Bill and then they run off. Bill comes out and she tells him how impressed she was. He takes her by the hand and they walk down by the water. She finds a picnic waiting with all of her favorite foods prepared. Lizzie's amazed and tells him that he has rescued her. "You saved me too," he says. They kiss and then make love. She never thought she would find everything she was looking for in one person. He wants to be everything for her. "I need to marry you," he says. He slips a ring onto her finger. She laughs and says she'll marry him. After they get dressed, he asks for the ring back and then gets down on his knee to ask her again. He asks her to let him spend the rest of his life making her happy. She says 'yes' again.

Alan gets changed. He feels ridiculous. Phillip tells him he looks like he fits in. Alan's still not happy. His son challenges him to play some games. Alan wins a Woody Woodpecker doll. Phillip had no idea he was good at this sort of thing. Beth approaches them and takes Phillip aside. They talk about Bill's proposal and agree to do whatever they have to to keep Alan away from Bill and Lizzie. As they walk away, they talk about when they ran off to New York together. She wanted to create something simple and perfect. He says they did - their children. She thinks they're perfect but their lives are far from simple. They eat ice cream and wonder if Lizzie and Bill are engaged yet. He's sure that they have a better shot than most at making it work.

Daisy, Ashlee, Christina, Remy and James debate what to do next. They end up splitting into groups and going in different directions. Daisy looks for something that won't scare James. He tells her that he flies down there all the time and was lying about being afraid so that she would hold his hand.

Remy and Christina go on the Jaws ride.

Alan is continuing to win prizes at the games. He gives a stuffed animal to a child. When he sits on the stairs, Ashlee comes by with her new friend. She asks him along with them to a show.

At home, Natalia rehearses what she wants to say to Olivia. Olivia calls her before she can and asks her for information about secret sandwiches. They miss each other and agree to meet up. When Olivia arrives, they make sandwiches. Neither of them knows how to act around the other anymore. Olivia wishes they could get away together to figure it out. Emma has an overnight field trip so they could leave town to spend some time together. Olivia doesn't want to push her. Nat says she can't figure out where she is with God until she figures out where she is with her. Olivia suggests that they go to a place in the mountains and hands her a brochure. Since it's near where Frank wanted to take her, it sort of ruins the mood. Nat worries about how she will tell Frank the truth. They decide to go anyway.

Doris runs into Frank at the bar. She says sorry about the wedding. He notices she has security guards and asks her why she doesn't try being more likable. "Obviously you were the last to know," she says. Frank isn't following this and says he isn't finished with Natalia. Olivia explained to him that she still isn't over Gus. Doris can't stay silent anymore. "You gotta wake up detective. Your ex-finacee, she has the hots for Olivia," she says. As she walks out, Frank runs after her and tells her to stop spreading lies about Natalia. He begins fighting with her guards and they beat him up.

Frank shows up at Natalia's door. She and Olivia are shocked to see that he's been beaten up. She takes him to Cedars to get checked out. Frank insists that he's fine. Natalia asks what happened. He tells her not to worry about it. When the women step out to get a doctor, Natalia wonders what to do. "I'm not even through breaking his heart yet," she worries. Olivia hugs her as Frank comes out the door and sees them.

Next on Guiding Light:

James confronts his father about Grady.

Shayne brings Dinah down to Universal Studios to talk to her brother.

Lizzie tells Bill she's changed her mind.

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