Alan walks into Company. Daisy tells him to get out. He ignores her and orders a cup of coffee, she asks for twenty dollars and threatens to poison his food. He pays and smiles, walking out. Christina and Ashlee have been listening in. Daisy tells them that she wants to go searching for Grady again. They refuse and say it's a bad idea. She asks them to cover her shift while she leaves. They agree. Ashlee warns her to be careful.

Remy runs into Mallet at Cedars. He came there to see the baby but he's already gone home. Remy explains that he has been working long shifts to try and avoid his family since it's his birthday. Mallet wishes him a happy birthday. "Doesn't look like that's going to happen," Remy says under his breath.

Mel runs into Remy at the mini mart and asks him what he's doing today. He wants to go home to bed. She tells him to say 'hello' to Christina.

Alan finds Beth working in his office. She tells him to go see Peyton. Seeing her working on Phillip's case, he warns her not to let her passion override her logic. He offers to protect her while Phillip stays locked up where he belongs.

Bill finds Lizzie sitting on the grounds. She keeps thinking of her father being locked up. Even if he deserves it, having him locked up won't make things any better. He tells her that they are invincible together and sets up another date. She wants to get her nails done. He doesn't and soon realizes there is almost nothing to do in Springfield. Beth calls Bill and tells him she is worried about Lizzie and Phillip. She needs to meet him right away. He tells Lizzie but thinks her mom is just being dramatic. She teases him some more about his willpower and sends him off.

Daisy goes back to her old school and breaks into a dorm room. "Not bad, but I could have broken in faster," Grady says as he pops up. She cries because he left her without saying goodbye after everything they had been through together. She tells him that everything between them was a lie. He claims it wasn't. "I picked you," he says. She weeps and says there is no room for him in her heart or her head anymore. She's knocked out of this fantasy when a young man walks in. He asks her why she broke into his room and then opens the door for her to leave. She doesn't go away. She explains that she met someone there and had to come back to finalize things. They chat and she thanks him before walking away.

Christina goes down to the courthouse to file for divorce.

Remy arrives at Company. Ashlee tells him that Christina doesn't want to talk to him. He has a beer. His mother and sisters sneak in and yell 'surprise'. They pull out the party hats and Felicia tells the story of Remy's birth. This year, he has shown her what a wonderful man he is. They offer him cake. He's sad. As they sit him down and ask him to make a wish, Christina arrives, followed by Mallet and Lizzie. Remy and Christina step aside. Neither of them has told anyone they are splitting up. Mel begins handing Remy gifts. She got him some concert tickets but put Christina's name on the envelope.

Remy and Christina are left to clean up. He feeds her some cake and they talk about the tickets. As they smile at each other, Ashlee walks in with a letter that's been sent over. Christina tries to stop him but he opens the envelope and discovers divorce papers inside.

Mallet asks Ashlee how she got conned into taking Daisy's shift. She tells him that Daisy will be back.

Bill meets with Beth at Towers. She needs his help freeing Phillip. Governor Young arrives with his daughter, Amy. She leaves to text to her boyfriend while the governor tears into Bill for dragging him through a scandal. Beth and Bill ask him to consider pardoning Phillip. He refuses.

Bill meets up with Lizzie and tells her what just happened. She's sure that Beth is trying to get Phillip out for herself. She tells him that they are going skydiving.

Phillip is taken from the courtroom to a police cruiser and driven away. He's brought to the prison and processed. He sits in his cell and writes a letter to his children about his regrets and promises to prove that he is the father they deserve. A guard comes and announces that he already has a visitor – it's Alan. Alan thinks it's good that he's in there. While the family is glad he's back, they still don't know if he is better. Phillip is sure that his father is just looking to take complete control of the family again. Alan admits that he bribed the judge to keep him in there. "I thought I had learned so much from you but I'm just a rank amateur," Phillip says. He wonders if they can ever stop playing this terrible game, or if they would even know how. "It's sad to see you in this place. I always thought I had created my equal," Alan says before leaving. Alan gives the guard a bribe as he leaves. The guard returns to Phillip and opens the door.

Beth returns to the mansion in a bad mood. She finds Alan standing in the office. He tells her not to waste her time because Phillip will be in prison for a long time. Bill and Lizzie walk in. Lizzie rushes upstairs to change. They tell Alan that they tried to set Beth up with the governor. Alan tells them all that they need to adjust to Phillip being gone. Phillip suddenly walks in laughing and explains that someone convinced the governor to pardon him. "Looks like the game continues," he says.

Back at Towers, the governor's daughter calls James and tells him that he owes her for getting his father pardoned. James is the young man that Daisy met earlier.

Next on Guiding Light:

Remy offers to sign the divorce papers.

Daisy helps James dump the governor's daughter.

James brings Daisy to a family dinner.

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