Mallet's newspaper interview has gotten the blogger angry. Now, he wants to take this opportunity to pull together all the information he can about the case. To do this, he and Marina decide to contact everyone that the blog has attacked. Marina has to remind him however, not to forget to put Dinah at the top of the list. They set up a conference call to everyone from Gus and Harley to Jeffrey and Dinah to Blake and inform them all that they have to meet together at the courthouse. They all try to weasel out, but Mallet insists. Once the call ends, Marina remarks that she's never seen anyone go so far to 'woo a girl.' Mallet tells her that he doesn't have top call a meeting to see Dinah.

When everyone arrives, they almost instantly gravitate to the door. Jeffrey announces that the whole thing is a waste of time and tries to feed Mallet some false leads. Dinah walks out and Mallet follows her while Marina stands back watching them closely. He tells her that she's lucky she only got a bump on her head from the other night. She asks him to admit that he just set all of this up to see her. He admits that he's worried about her being back in Jeffrey's orbit, but, as they get more agitated, Marina interrupts and offers them a pair of concert tickets. Dinah is annoyed, but before she can fly off at Marina, Mallet asks her to leave them alone. Dinah tells Mallet to just take Marina and then walks away, kicking herself for what she just did. Marina apologizes for being such a horrible matchmaker, but Mallet says they may just be a horrible match. He knows that the tip Jeffrey gave him was wrong and gets even more worried about Dinah's involvement with him. He and Marina will go to the concert together, but there's something they have to do first.

Harley gets a call from the doctor; it's official, she's pregnant, but Gus has to keep it secret. As they quietly rejoice in a corner, Blake asks Jeffrey to come over that night. Blake then asks Harley is she wants to go shopping, but Harley is busy with secret baby plans and can't. Blake misses having a man in her life and walks off. Harley lovingly berates Gus for taking up all her time with sex when she could be with her girlfriends. Meanwhile, Blake has met up with one of her security guards to get a handgun that she seems to expect to use.

Jeffrey is still annoyed by Dinah's antics regarding the blogger. He accuses her of acting up just so she can trap Mallet back into her life and assures her that he won't let her personal life get on his way. Dinah goes back to the apartment and asks Jeffrey why he's been giving false leads to the police, he doesn't offer an answer, but she climbs on top of him and offers him sex. Before he can get his tie off, she's bored and says that she's not into it. At that time, Marina and Mallet emerge in the hallway just outside the room waiting.

Josh has come to Billy's to drop off the spare keys to Cross Creek. He finds Billy walking out the door and, after an awkward moment, Josh asks Billy about Reva's trip. Billy invites him in to watch the football game. Josh says that they should set up a family reunion, in order to get everyone together and help them adjust to the way things are now. Billy likes this idea and they talk about how much they hate the way things have been between them lately. Josh tells Billy that he has more strength than he thinks and that he's glad that he's there to look after Reva, if anyone is going to be. When Josh is heading out the door, Billy asks if Cassie really 'does it' for him and Josh says 'yes.' Billy tells him that he's glad and that he deserves to be happy, but once he's gone, Billy is obviously frustrated and angry.

Cassie tells Reva that she shouldn't be keeping things from her since they're sisters. Cassie just wants to help her deal with her problems, but Reva, believing Cassie really knows everything, tells her that there is no cure and things can only get worse. Reva continues to try explaining herself, but it becomes clear Cassie doesn't know what she's talking about when she asks if she's addicted to something 'stronger than pot.' She asks this because she found medications all over Reva's room. Reva says that she's addicted to pills and gambling, so Cassie assumes that she's 'going away' to rehab. However, Reva says that's not where she's going; she can take care of herself with Billy's help. Cassie wonders if Reva will want Josh back when she's well again, but Reva says no, they have her blessing. While Reva hides her face, Cassie tells her that the way that she loves her family is truly 'inspiring' before leaving.

A moment later, Billy returns and tells Reva that everything is 'totally nuts.' Reva goes over her plan to end it again, but Billy finally stops her and says 'no, I'm not going to let you go.' He continues to refuse while she insists that, once her mind is made up, it's impossible to change. She decides that she needs a party for everyone she's ever known and says that once she's 'put on a little red dress and memorized every face of everyone I've ever known' she can go 'full speed ahead.' They make invitations to the party and Reva stops with Josh's invitation and lovingly caresses his name on the envelope.

When Cassie returns home, she finds Josh doing more repairs. He asks her if he can 'make your house our house?' He tells her that he just wants to wake up next to her everyday for the rest of time. That's his way of asking if he can move in and she answers yes.

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