Josh is bringing Christmas decorations to Cross Creek. He thanks Reva for letting him come over to help her out and begins to reminisce about all their Christmases before she presses a pair of keys into his hands and tells him that he has to help her. This is all a dream. He wakes up and tells it to Cassie, though neither of them can figure out if it means anything. Cassie leaves to have a talk with Reva. She's not at the cabin so she goes to Billy's and gets in by swiping the key from the maid service. Looking around the room, she finds pictures of Josh everywhere and a large bag of marijuana that she puts in her purse. She gets out of the room and tries calling Jonathan; since he's the only person she can think of who would know anything about this. Just then, the pot falls out of her bag as two cops walk by and easily spot it.

Matt comes to visit Josh while he's building new shelves for Cassie. Josh insists that this doesn't mean that they're moving in together. Matt asks him what happened with Reva, but Josh won't talk about it and 'it doesn't matter anymore because she's leaving.' Then, he tells him about the dream he had. Matt wonders if he'd go back to Reva if he has the chance, after all, they've already been divorced three times. Josh says that there's no way, he finally feels like he's part of a family with Cassie.

Billy is showing Reva her new convertible. She tries to imagine her end in it, with the wind blowing in her hair, but Billy thinks she should drive it over to the hospital first. Reva insists that she's done with all of that; this car has only one purpose. He tries to convince her to stick around for Jonathan, but she says he'll already have enough to deal with. What really worries her is leaving Billy alone, but he insists he won't be and that tells her he has a surprise for her. They climb into the car and head back to Cross Creek. Inside, she discovers that Billy has decked the place out for Christmas. They exchange gifts and kiss under the mistletoe as Reva becomes ever more nostalgic. She wants to go for a drive, but collapses in the doorway so Billy lays her down to rest before pocketing the keys and leaving.

Josh shows up to get Cassie at the police station and begins giggling when he finds out why she's there. He vouches for her when says that she just found a bag of marijuana on the ground and was taking it to the police when they found her first. They let her off with a warning and Josh begins asking her what's really going on. Cassie will only say that it belonged to a friend of hers, who Josh assumes is Blake, before Cassie runs off to track down the 'friend' and tell her. She finds Reva at Cross Creek and, after a moment of confusion from the Christmas decor, she tells her that she's worried about her. She goes on to say that she was at Billy's and found things which told her why Reva was being so secretive and looked pale all the time. 'I know everything.'

Alan is trying to assure Olivia that Ava won't show up for the trial and she'll get off. When they turn around, Ava walks in with Coop behind her. As soon as the trial begins, she is called to the stand. She confirms that she understands the charges against Olivia and points to Gillespie as the man who abducted her. Ava relates the whole story of her bad relationship with Olivia and their confrontations over Emma. But she insists, to everyone's shock, that Olivia was just trying to scare her and not actually harm her. 'Olivia may be a lot of things, but she's not a killer.' The prosecutor is thrown off and tries to make Ava say that it's obvious Olivia was out to get her, but Ava refuses and says that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. With that, Gillespie walks out of the courtroom, leaving the prosecution with no more witnesses. The judge dismisses the charges and Ava steps down, running into Coop's arms before telling him to go; she needs to talk to Olivia in private. Olivia thanks Ava and takes this to mean that she must finally believe that she really is her mother. Ava tells her that the only reason she didn't have her thrown in prison was because that would connect them for life. When Olivia suggests that they already have a connection, Ava rejects it: They were never connected before; they don't need to be now. The only reason she is letting this go is because it isn't what Olivia would do.

Coop tells Ava that he's proud of her for being so forgiving. Ava says that the only reason she's like that is because she was adopted by someone who knew how to be a good person. Meanwhile, Buzz asks if Olivia if she was impressed by Ava. Olivia tells him that, when they were alone, she just ripped into her in exactly the same way she would have done. Buzz assures her that Ava will be back with more questions. 'Everyone wants to know where they're from, even if it's horrible.'

Mallet and Marina are slumming around the courthouse in the off chance the blogger will be present at Olivia's trail. When the trail's over and everyone is gone, Marina is disappointed that nothing has happened. Mallet finds a bored reporter and offers him an interview about the blogger. He suspects that this will be the best way to draw him out into the open.

Next on GL:The blogger gets angry. Reva and Cassie have it out. Billy tries to get Colin's help.