In the hospital, Alan tells Lizzie to get as much rest as possible and tells her she'll be taken care of. When he walks into the hallway, Beth has finally arrived and he tells her that 'she's starting to come around.' Beth rushes in to Lizzie's side and tells her that she should never be left alone again. Lillian comes in and announces that the baby is out of danger and Lizzie can go home. When she looks at her mother and grandmother, she insists that she wants to stay put and wait for Jonathan, though it's also because she doesn't want to go home with them. Soon, Lillian is yelling at Lizzie because she seems more concerned about Jonathan than the baby. Beth tells Lillian that she should go, but, once she is out of the room, starts yelling at Lizzie herself. She tells Lizzie that Jonathan is a loser and 'is not coming back.' For a long time, she's worked to try and get Lizzie whatever she wants, first Coop and then Jonathan, but Lizzie needs to admit now that she wants something that she can't have. Lizzie starts to cry and say that she knows Jonathan will never love her and she'll be left all alone. Beth assures her that she won't be alone.

Tammy tells Jonathan that she can see things have changed between him and Lizzie. She thinks that he feels guilty for what he's doing to Lizzie and can't admit that things won't continue the way they have been. Jonathan doesn't want to hear any of this and finds it hard to accept that she's giving up on everything. She tries to explain herself, and tells him that he's proven to everyone that he can be the man she always thought he was capable of being. Yet, she realizes that the baby would never be the end of this whole mess; it would just be the beginning. He begins to blame her for everything, telling her that she pushed him to be with Lizzie and to want to be a father. She's a liar and is backing out of all the promises that she's made to him. Tammy can only answer by insisting that Lizzie will be a good mother and, at least, he has Reva. She, on the other hand, has no idea what her future has in store for her. Now, he finally realizes that he has no choice but to do what he doesn't want to do. He thinks Tammy will be fine without him, just as she was before him, but he doesn't know who he is anymore. They decide to leave the shack together and then part company when they reach town. He enters a building and watches her walk away through the window as he receives a phone call from the hospital.

Tammy returns home and takes off all of the jewelry that Jonathan has given her. Remy walks in and she climbs into his arms in tears, but only for a moment before they continue packing up her things. Jonathan arrives outside Lizzie's room and puts his wedding ring back on his finger. Inside, Lizzie still waits while Lillian is skeptical. When he finally appears in the doorway, her face light up. He announces that he's come to take her home; Tammy's gone. Lizzie is unconvinced, but he assures her that it's over. Beth tries to convince Lizzie not to go back with him, but Lizzie says 'he came back' and asks him if he's okay. He insists that this is it: She's his wife, having his baby and he's with her now, for good.

Coop is eavesdropping on Olivia and Buzz while she tells him how Ava was conceived by rape. Buzz tries to convince her to put it behind her, but she can't let it go. Buzz reminds her that, when she found out Ava was her daughter, she saved her life. This must mean that, deep down, she doesn't hate her. Just then, Emma runs in and Olivia sits her down to explain to her that she has another sister. Buzz tells Olivia that she needs to forgive Ava for the sake of both of her daughters and assures her that he'll be there to help her. He asks her to come home with him. What really worries him is that she's getting herself in debt to Alan. Alan-Michael walks in at this point and tells them that they have a lot more to worry about than that. He tells them to get out: It's his home, but one day it will be Emma's. Alan returns and cuts him off, claiming that Alan-Michael is just angry and trying to take things out on him. Buzz tries to get Olivia to leave with him, but she decides to leave with Alan to see his lawyer. She knows that Buzz can't protect her.

Coop is anxiously waiting for Ava when Remy and Marina find him. He tells them that he's not sure that he can fix the mistake he's made. They tease Coop like usual, as he worries about how to track down Ava. Marina tells Remy that she's moving out of the Cooper house precisely because she doesn't want to have to deal with men's problems. She also reminds him that, now Tammy will be looking for a stable guy who will just be able to look after her.

Alan-Michael is trying to stop a drunken Ava from getting into his mini-bar. He says that he's responsible for her and she tries to crawl into his arms. She clearly makes a pass at him, but he rejects her, telling her that he didn't bring her into his room, she brought herself. He stands up and calls Coop. When Coop arrives, Ava has become dejected and Alan-Michael tells him to look after her. Coop begins apologizing to Ava as she stares blankly. Alan-Michael gets off the phone and tells them that he has tracked down Gillespie (the hitman Olivia hired) and will be bringing him to the courthouse. Ava excitedly hugs Alan-Michael while Coop begrudgingly shakes his hand in gratitude. He takes her away, apologizing again and trying to explain everything he overheard earlier. Ava's appalled to hear what happened to Olivia, but unsure how to take it. Alan interrupts them to ask Ava what the point of all this is. Olivia obviously won't come after her again since she knows that she's her daughter; the only thing left is revenge. Ava asks him if he wants to tag a threat on just 'for kicks.' Alan claims that he never does anything just for kicks, 'do you?' Once Alan leaves, Coop says that he has a good point, Ava however, is less sure.

In the courthouse, Alan tells a worried Olivia to relax because she is making herself look guilty and assures her that he has everything under control. He smugly imagines that he's convinced Ava to stay away. Then, Alan-Michael walks in with Gillespie and they sit across from Olivia with Ava soon following behind.

Next on GL: Olivia's trial. Reva only has a few loose ends to tie up for her sayonara.